Las Vegas Is Making Our Son Sick | Admitted In The Hospital

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hey guys welcome back to the vlog
Channel so we have an update Enzo was in the hospital and that’s exactly why we
were not posting on our channel I’m so sorry
but he’s doing well he’s out of the hospital now he has to be on daily
medication so he doesn’t have it again since moving here and so has been having
really hard issues breathing here because it’s so dry and I come to find
out it’s not uncommon a lot of people here have breathing issues or asthma or
allergies and I’m talking about Las Vegas if you’re new here hi I live in
Las Vegas and I do a lot of Las Vegas walks so-and-so was in the hospital for
almost three days his oxygen level was 88% he was not doing good at all and
they had him on continuous oxygen and albuterol to open up his Airways and now
he’s on a daily inhaler with steroids and he has to take an allergy medication
like it’s air attack or claritin you know something like that and the doctors
pretty much told me that it’s because he’s allergic to living here and it’s
gonna cause him to have asthma attacks so with that being said because we were
going to stay here for another year and get a house and rent a house and all
that it looks like we’re going to be heading out early our lease is up next
month March 31st I could not be happier if you watch some of my other vlogs
about Las Vegas you would know that Las Vegas is not for me it’s it’s a nice
place to come in like visit on vacation and do all that stuff but to live here
it is hell for me at least and then for my son for 11 months straight he has
been sick and non-stop and a huge trigger is the dry air here it’s not
good for him so with that being said I don’t know where we’re going to be going
but probably either back home into Chicago Florida or California California
is right next to us Riverside California we would be paying the same amount
amount of rent money than we do here in Las Vegas because we pay 1477 a month
for a two-bedroom and Riverside we’d be paying around like
$1,800 for a two-bedroom so it’s pretty much the same and then the jobs pay a
lot higher so that would make me happy because here in Vegas they don’t pay
very well BB’s what’s he doing hey yeah he likes
to sit right here next to me but yeah that’s just a little update about Enzo
and what’s been going on he okay so long story short he if he gets a simple cold
I have a cold right now this is why I look so bad if he gets a simple cold a
cold could literally hurt him or you know I don’t want to say it but it could
make him very sick and for most people a simple cold won’t do anything but for
him it lands him in the hospital and he’ll be on breathing machines he’ll be
on oxygen and he’ll be in really bad shape
his oxygen was 88% when we took him in the other day so it’s just not good for
his breathing here they said Vegas has a lot of stuff in the air from the desert
that blows in here that’s really not good for asthmatic people or people with
lung issues or breathing issues so just just keep that in mind if you’re moving
here and your your kids have asthma you have asthma it will be worse here maybe
for you I know for my son he never had breathing issues or anything like that
until we came here and we don’t live in the middle of the desert we lived like
17 minutes from the strip so that I don’t I don’t know I don’t know what’s
going on but as his mother I need to protect him and I need to do what’s
right and if living here is not doing him good that I need to leave and that
goes for it anywhere like if we go anywhere and he’s not breathing right
there and he’s not good and he’s having non-stop asthma attacks you better know
that we will be moving again because that’s his life and if he knee if he was
gonna live here every time he gets sick he has to go to the hospital
that’s not fair to him right so and it’s also not fair to him to take five
medications a day just to stay alive to live somewhere I’m not going to do that
to a six-year-old but yeah I guess that’s kind of what I
wanted to talk about in this vlog and let you guys know like he’s okay
he’s doing all right but that’s kind of where we’re at right now I don’t think
we’re gonna stay here it’s not good for him there’s no humidity here even when I
get sick like I have a cold right now I feel like I’m dying because I it’s hard
to breathe and it just don’t feel good and I’ve never had lung issues I’ve
never had wheezing or anything like that but here I do I don’t know I think it’s
just this place but we had about nine different doctors on his case at the
hospital and they all said the same thing that they see kids all the time
every day of the day with kids coming in with asthma and asthma attacks from
living here and people that even move here they’re in the hospital a lot with
breathing issues it’s terrifying like I don’t want to lose my baby so the best
thing to do is just get up and leave and thank God we’re able to do that because
if we weren’t able to do that I would be freaking out so yeah guys thank you guys
so much for all your prayers and everything for Enzo and just keep him in
your prayers because we need a lot of them he’s doing good right now he’s out
there eating but he is on different medications and doesn’t make me feel
comfortable so alright guys don’t forget to subscribe if you’re new to the
channel and as always guys we will see you in the next video

5 thoughts on “Las Vegas Is Making Our Son Sick | Admitted In The Hospital

  1. Omg Danielle, I'm so sorry you have had to go through this. I'm sorry about Enzo's health issues but so glad that he's doing better! I would say leave Vegas as soon as you can. I remember watching your previous videos about Vegas and how unhappy you were living there, so I think this change will be great for you and him!

  2. I’m sorry to hear he is so sick. My brother, son and grandson have asthma. I know it can be hard to deal with and scary

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