Lavender Oil-Lavanta Yağı

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Hello, this is Pytotherapist Halis Ertaş I am Chairman of the Board of Talya brand As we are all aware of, we are not getting enough nutrition from the food we consume because they are not nutritious enough for our body Business life is so stressful and exhausting for all of us. Irreversible time effect is also added to these factors.. Useful substances in our body are decreasing over time and our bodies are losing its vitality Nature offers us many useful substances to restore the vitality lost by our hair, skin and organs. Today we are going to talk about a curative oil, lavender oil. Lavender oil, shine amongst other flowers with its smell,hold in high esteem for the bath rituals in Ancient Rome and Greece. The word lavender is thought to come from the Latin word Lavare , which means washing, cleanliness and become clear. In ancient times, Egyptians and Arabs used lavender as mummification and perfume. As you know, lavender oil can suppress bad odors with its sweet aroma smell and you can even make your own room spray and parfume from lavender oil. At the same time, inhaling lavender oil helps suppress allergic diseases of respiratory systems inflammation and treat bronchial asthma. One of the most effective properties of lavender oil is to cope with stress and insomnia. Dripping a few drops of lavender oil on the pillowcase before going to bed is good for getting a better night’s sleep. According to the informations in many scientific publications, lavender oil has pain relieving properties. You can massage with lavender oil to the area which has pain in muscles caused by fatigue, headaches, sprains. Use herbal products consciously and with a doctor’s advice. Love yourself, stay healthy…

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