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221 can tell you about cholesterol inside the video. What is the cause of clarification because
of what causes and symptoms, if cholesterol is inaccessible inside the body. It can be removed or abused; What damages
cause that I may be traveling with you within today’s video, the video may be long but watch
this video full It is very beneficial for you to see or not. The teacher must have heard that there is
a thousand thousand blessings. Doing fitness
Thousands of people have money, but they do not have health, then the greatest blessing
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when eating hungry and eating something Leave all the diseases that will end to us. Today we eat food on time it consumes food
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fellow What is cholesterol? Why does it happen Preventive prevention and
treatment …=_=_=_=_=^=_=_=_=_=_=_
=_=_=_ Cholesterol wax is a lubricating substance
that is manufactured in our liver, and comes from our diet and forms blood particles. Minor amount of cholesterol is very important
for the growth and health of cells in our body structure. This is a major component of the preparation
of different hormones and system hygiene performance. In addition, it is also used to produce heat
in the body. Cholesterol in blood remains at a certain
level, everything works normally. If we increase this level, then many problems
arise and the various organs of the body, especially the heart, the brain and the dead,
have a very negative effect. Where does blood cholesterol come from? The amount of cholesterol in blood, depending
on our diet. But most of its dependence (80%) depends on
its productivity in our liver. Understand that the liver is a factory of
cholesterol production. In some people, this factor increases the
amount of cholesterol in the blood by increasingly practicing excessive amounts. Increasing this quantity combines the inner
layers of cholesterol but nucleus and become cholesterol reservoirs. Due to which a decrease in blood circulation
or nose nails completely shut down and various organs are not harmed. Cholesterol is found in food items? Cholesterol is found in animal-made food. The following items are prominent in this
diet. * Small and large meat
* Egg of eggs * Dairy items like triangular, dairy, butter,
cheese. Cholesterol is very high in the neck, key,
mug, etc. * Quantity of cholesterol in chicken and fish
meat is relatively low. * Foods obtained from the plant, such as fruits,
vegetables, pulses, cereals, reduce cholesterol significantly. What are the types of cholesterol? * HDL: High Density Lipoprotein cholesterol
* LDL: Low Density Lipoprotein cholesterol * Triglycerides
Cholesterol particles do not rotate automatically, but they follow a particular protein. This protein is called Lipoprotein. The example of Lipoprotein is a vehicle that
is running on the road and the equipment is covered and it is of different types of cholesterol
that reaches different organs through blood. HDL cholesterol
This cholesterol is considered as “good”. It is because it takes cholesterol to blood
liver and muscle liver and since the liver is like a factory, then cholesterol flows
there. In this way, the amount of cholesterol in
the blood helps to maintain the limit and the organs specially protect the heart. LDL cholesterol
This cholesterol is considered as “bad” because it is the type of blood that reduces blood
circulation by obliterating them in the inner layers of blood vessels and causes diseases
related to lymph. Triglycerides
This is the fat which is stored in the form of particles at this time. When excessive kilos are reached in the body. In case of excess energy requirement (eg exercising,
fatigue work etc.), tie-glacidide is required. However, in case of abortion in the blood,
it causes diseases due to the disease. These amounts increase in diabetes such as
diabetes. What is the level of cholesterol in blood
and the amount of high cholesterol? * The normal or normal amount of tooth cholesterol is 180 mm or less as per the current rating. * The amount of borderline high cholesterol
is 181 to 199 mm. * The amount of high cholesterol is 200 millimeters
or more. What are the causes of cholesterol growth
in blood? * Hereditary effects are very important. Cholesterol is present in some families. Even under mythological effects, cholesterol
is also found in children and young people. * Abundance of fat in the diet also increases
cholesterol. Pearl eggs, poultry nuts, fried objects, coconut,
nausea, neck, nail, pie, beef are a few examples, constantly and frequently used cholesterol
in the blood. Especially those people whose family has a
tendency to grow cholesterol. Alcoholic use also increases cholesterol. * There are some diseases in which cholesterol
increases. For example, Thai-born thyroid disease, kidney
disease, diabetes, etc. * Obesity is an important factor in increasing
cholesterol. * Exercise reduction and smoking. What are the symptoms of high cholesterol? Generally, there are no symptoms of high cholesterol. Its address can only be done by testing for
the amount of cholesterol in blood only. However, cholesterol in some people combines
yellow eyes on the skin, in the skin, and on the joints. The thing to remember is that cholesterol
gradually keeps falling in the inner layers of blood drainage for several years. As a result, the tubes become tight and tough. The amount of blood circulation decreases
and in this way harm various organs. What are the negative effects of cholesterol
on bleeding trains? Due to the low intake of blood tubes, various
organs can affect the following negative effects:
in the legs of
the legs

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