Learn Buteyko Presentation Part 1

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Today we are going to attempt to present
what we think is one of the greatest discoveries ever made and an
extraordinary approach to reversing chronic disease. In contemporary terms it has become
known as the Buteyko method a system of breath training which so far has been
proven to reverse asthma and many other chronic diseases. it started in the former Soviet Union
more than fifty years ago when an outspoken medical scientist claimed he
could treat all kinds of diseases with a breathing method, his name was Dr.
Buteyko and he and his method became legendary as tens of thousands of people
all over the country learned his method, often claiming spectacular results. It
came to the west in the early 1990s when Dr. Buteyko’s protege and chief
practitioner Alexander Stalmatski began teaching it in Sydney Australia. Since then profoundly positive results
have been reported in media all over the world. The Buteyko practice has featured
positively in major newspaper articles, television documentaries and published
medical journals in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States,
Asia. These days there are Buteyko
practitioners all over the world, most sufficiently skilled to treat simple
conditions such as mild asthma, but only a small number who are qualified and
experienced to treat severe and complex conditions. Learn Buteyko has amongst the most qualified and experienced practitioners in the world and we
specialize in treating the most severe and complex conditions. But before
explaining the approach perhaps we should try to understand a little about
the man who invented it and the monumental discovery upon which it is
based. Dr. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko was an
elite Russian medical scientist who was actively engaged in high-level research,
for the Russian military space and sports programs, his specialties included
high-altitude environments, respiration, the cardiovascular system, physiological
measurements and the development of diagnostic equipment. Suffice it to say that Dr. Buteyko was
not your average family doctor who is stumbled on a simple health concept in
fact, he claimed to have made a discovery so vast that it would one day turn the
whole of modern medicine on its head and his obsession with it led him from being
an elite and privileged scientist in the Soviet system, to becoming a medical
dissident. What was it that he discovered having an intense interest in
sophisticated diagnostics. Dr.. Buteyko began an exhaustive investigation into
the physiological and biochemical delineations between healthy and
chronically ill people. The institute of clinical experimental medicine enabled
him to use and develop facilities and equipment on a scale and sophistication
that is usually reserved for high-priority military research. Before going any further we should
clarify something, there are different categories of disease, there are
contagious or infectious diseases, such as hepatitis and there are diseases
which are congenital ,such as birth defects and there are chronic diseases. Chronic diseases used to be called the
diseases of civilization, because they occurred with greater frequency in
urbanized or more civilized communities and have grown with the so called
modernizing of human society. Chronic diseases are conditions such as
asthma, allergies, bronchitis, cancer, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes type
2, emphysema, high blood pressure, hormonal problems, migraine and systemic problems,
such as MS and lupus. In fact some 200 conditions fit
into the category of chronic disease, There are some 30,000 diseases known to modern medicine, but chronic diseases only number around 200, but by far they
are the most prevalent and caused the most suffering for contemporary human
beings. Dr. Buteyko’s research and subsequent
method mainly applies to chronic disease coming back to Dr.Buteyko’s discovery
what was it that he discovered ? It was that one particular parameter indicated
chronic disease more than any other and that parameter was the level of carbon
dioxide within the human organism. Carbon dioxide, but isn’t carbon dioxide a
deadly pollutant no that’s carbon monoxide a different substance entirely. But there are claims that carbon dioxide
is a pollutant because it occurs in industry, when in fact most of it occurs
naturally and is a vital part of all organic life. Dr. Buteyko’s research showed that when a subject had an optimal level of carbon dioxide, they never suffered with any
chronic disease whatsoever, but all subjects that sustained any one of the
several hundred chronic disease permutations, all shared one attribute a
lower than optimal level of carbon dioxide, furthermore the greater the
deficiency of carbon dioxide the worse or more severe their disease, and/or
subsequent level of health. In other words Dr.Buteyko discovered a linear
relationship between chronic disease and the level of carbon dioxide within the
human organism. This discovery stunned him and gave him
the direction for his future research according to established medical
textbooks the physiological norm or optimal level of carbon dioxide in the
human organism is around 7%, a very sharp contrast to the level in our atmosphere
of around point zero three five percent. Roughly speaking the human organism
requires around a 200 times greater concentration of carbon dioxide than
what is in the air that we breathe.

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