Learn How To Cure Your Asthma On Sharad Purnima | Sharad Purnima Puja Will Cure Asthmatic Bronchitis

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Are you Tired of depending on your inhaler
and medications for asthma treatment? You may be considering trying a natural remedy
to manage your asthma. In addition to the expense of asthma prescriptions,
keeping track of different inhalers and medications can also be a pain. If you’re seeking more natural methods of
asthma treatment and have belief in the power of mantra’s and herbs this remedy is for you. Getting rid of asthma is not a simple task,
but it is possible. If you’re ready to get rid of asthma once
and for all, and you don’t want to use risky drugs, here is the remedy which requires a
simple puja procedure and mantra recitation. Follow it correctly and secretly and get rid
of asthma forever please pay attention and watch the entire
video till end On the night of kojagiri purnima also known
as sharad purnima and ashwin purnima between 10 to 11 pm In the puja room of your house
keep a picture of Lord Shiva wearing the moon crescent on His head as you can see in this
video. Put a white cloth in front of lord shiva’s
picture. fold your hands and pray to lord shiva to
cure your asthma. Now Place over the cloth 2 pearl shells, 1
silver coin, 2 gomti chakras, 6 pinches of apamarga seeds/Achyranthes aspera. Now keep a new and clean bowl of glass filled
with 200ml of cows milk over that cloth, keep very small 6 pieces of rock candy also known
as mishri on that cloth on pearl shells, silver coin and gomti chakras
put some rice, turmeric powder, sandalwood powder and kumkum powder . Now using rudraksh rosary recite the mantra
om vam devaye namah one round of japa after that recite om som somaye namah 5 rounds of
japa then om hring namah shivay 1 round of japa, In the last om vam devaye namah 1 round
of japa Here one round of japa means you have to recite
the mantra 108 times. After completing the mantra’s take another
glass boowl and put pearl shells, silver coin and gomti chakra into it and keep it in your
puja place Now put apamarga seeds and pieces of rock
candy in that milk cook it and make kheer i.e pudding. After the kheer cools down take that out in
the same glass bowl and cover it with a whilte muslin cloth and keep it in your puja place. In the morning before sunrise after completing
morning chores take bath and in empty stomach sit in your puja room take that bowl of kheer
in your hands and pray to lord shiva to cure your ashthma and eat that kheer. You have to repeat the same process in the
next two purnima’s i.e kartik and margshirsh purnima. By doing this process with full faith and
belief and of course you have to do it secretly, you will difinetedly get rid of asthma, and
all other cough related diseases. If you find our video useful then please like
it, share it with your friends and relatives. For any queries write in the comment section. We would be glad to assist you. And for many more videos covering powerful
puja procedures and mantra’s for the benefit of individuals subscribe to the vamtantra
channel. Thanks for watching.

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