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Asthma is a chronic condition of the
lungs that affects how you feel and breathe it’s not contagious you can’t
get asthma from someone else like a cold and you can’t pass it on to anyone else
you can have symptoms that occur every day weekly every few months or hardly at
all some children seem to outgrow it but
most teens with asthma will continue to have symptoms as an adult most
importantly with the proper treatment people with asthma can have normal and
active lives what exactly happens when I have asthma symptoms when you have
asthma the Airways in your lungs are swollen and inflamed the airways are the
tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs when you are exposed to something
that irritates the Airways they start to narrow getting smaller with less air
able to move in and out muscles in and around the swollen Airways get tight and
more mucus is made this causes you to have trouble breathing with chest
tightness coughing and sometimes wheezing or a whistling sound when you
breathe what are the most common symptoms of asthma
coughing especially during the night will I always have asthma studies have
shown that asthma usually does not go away and that the swelling in your lungs
actually stays there even when your asthma is not bothering you
this is important to know because you need to pay attention to how you feel
and if your breathing changes it’s true that some people only have asthma as a
child and never seem to have symptoms again others can have symptoms their
whole lives finally there are other people who have no symptoms for years
and then have it bothered them again many years later it’s important to
remember that asthma is a chronic condition which means it can keep coming
back unlike a common cold which is temporary as a teen with asthma you will
probably have it as you grow into adulthood
remember asthma is very treatable and you should be able to live a normal
healthy life and be as active as you would like
in fact some teens forget to mention they have asthma or a history of asthma
to a new healthcare provider their school nurse it is very important to
remember to your health care provider or someone
else involved in your health about your asthma and what medications you are
taking even if you have not had any symptoms
for a long time learn the name and dosage strength of your asthma
medications as many medications come in different strengths it’s not enough to
just identify asthma medications by the color of the inhaler and always use a
spacer device you

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