#LEC Match of the Week: Origen vs Fnatic

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Always when you have historical matchups
like this these always matter. It might be just one point on the
board but it sets a precident for what is to come. When it comes to Origen they have a lot of
redeeming to do. In a world where the support pool in Europe
has been dwindling I’m happy that Origen took a risk. Bot lane… Pullback is there… CC and the follow up on the Gravitum. Carzzy now looking to turn this one, has a
lot of safety. Destiny gonna Flash forward. Is it gonna be enough to take down Carzzy?
The ultimate coming out from the Karthus. Doesn’t even need it.
First Blood for Upset. This game against Fnatic, it’s my chance
to prove that I’m one of the best supports in Europe. I think a lot of people have doubted me in
the past and I wanna prove them all wrong. This is just a chance to prove
that we are better than Fnatic even though a lot of people have been
ranking us below them. I think we’re gonna show that we’re better
and shut them up. And now Alphari being healed up by Soraka
is back on the hunt. The Hookshot comes out but it’s not gonna
be needed. Alphari with the 1-2-3! At his peak, he looks like he’s playing the champion the way it’s supposed to be
played. Bwipo’s biggest nightmare is a player like
Alphari. When players make mistakes he can punish, but against Alphari, he doesn’t show any problems in his armor at all. He is iron-clad. Well you either crack the armor or you just scale harder. There’s the big engage. They’ve knocked
back and kicked everyone through but there’s nothing you can do. Comp gonna get flipped back. He’s runnin’ you down! You can, like, nearly always know they’re
gonna fight you for, like, anything. If someone burns a summoner spell it’s
like, ‘X marks the spot’. That’s where we wanna be. Somebody wants to fight, you will take the
fight knowing that the fight is bad, right? See champion, kill champion? Anyone can do
it if you’ve got the skills. You just have to, like, put yourself on
enemy vision and get inside, smack a few. Oh no Jactroll, he thought he had a chance
to back but this is not that opportunity, now has to run away. Comp watching his support
die for the second time. If we wanna beat Origen, you pick champions
that scale harder because they’re not gonna try to beat you, they’re trying to beat the map. They play just, very, very aggressive. Too aggressive, I would say, especially
Hylissang. They’re going to look to the backline
here. This should be a good fight! Orome’s got no ultimate either. The kickback up to Hylissang, he stays
alive for a few seconds longer. Just, like, try not to
die to the psycho plays. and… should be good. About to make their way
to the inner turret. It’s Nemesis that goes in,
puts the ultimate down. The barrel from Xerxe comes out.
That’s a great interrupt! Nicely done by Selfmade, preventing the
engage from Destiny. But it’s Upset on a rampage with a double. Turns to Bwipo who goes golden and stays
alive just a few seconds longer. I think Origen is type of team that do nothing and at some point they win the
game automatically, right? Like they did even versus us. Every win matters. And if you manage to clinch the second
place or even the first place, then, you’re going to be set up for

64 thoughts on “#LEC Match of the Week: Origen vs Fnatic

  1. Alphari and Destiny read the almost identical sentences from the script, Hylissang inting clip is in, Bwipo's 200 IQ speeches..

    It's all set up.

  2. In this game we don't care about top matchup because Alphari will stomp bwipo hard
    the Mid/jgl matchup will be close so the draft will tell
    Bot matchup will be a coin flip or really passive with some hyli roams
    My prediction will be OG winning less than 30 minutes

  3. Everybody: the LEC is so stacked, even the bottom 3 can put great matchs (but VIT ? y I know, but wait til' Milica join them, it will be a blast for sure)
    LoL Esports: match of the week with FnAtiC

  4. Really nice hype up vid as usual

    Og in my opinion is better than Fnatic
    If you look at the performances overall this past 4 weeks, you have to give it to Origen

  5. Now if the game lost lets blame hyli, rekkles best boosted overrrated that who dont feed. Afk farm farm farm and getting carried in late. If team not ahead he will die also 🤣🤣. More drama🤣🤣

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