29 thoughts on “‘Left-over people’ in Mueller investigation are vindictive: McFarland

  1. ‘Protect Democracy’ group? Are you kidding? Can’t they get sued for false advertising? They don’t know the meaning of the word in the American sense!

  2. The skill with which the FBI and DOJ pulled every rabbit out of the hat to weaponize their agency lets my spidy sense know it wasn't the first time, being dirty cops was a way of life for them.

  3. That is why they are after Barr. You get the most flack when your over the target. Mueller is a dirty cop and his ENTIRE conviction record should be reviewed. I'll bet the mortgage he's knowingly got innocent people in prison.

  4. Whos Gonna investigate the investigators 😂😂😂Well who's gonna investigate those investigators investigating investigators investigating?

  5. 'Left over people'… have you noticed they are all LAWYERS? How many people in America understand the 'Exempt status' that DOJ lawyers enjoy- no oversight?!! What happens in any sector or group of people that has no actual oversight for …?40 years?We have new legislation, bi-partisan now being introduced to solve that little problem… LAWYERS not having oversight in the DOJ… the only place in America where it exists for Lawyers.Think there maybe a few lawyers hating this idea in the 100,000 employees of the DOJ?Would have Obama gotten away with handing out DOJ dollars illegally without this working model where DOJ lawyers don't have oversight?Think Comey would have been able to say, 'He could have never gotten away with…' if DOJ lawyers could be challenged…'Left over people', are lawyers losing a exempt status… and yes, they are not happy

  6. Yea right , not one person is going to go to jail. Also I’m guessing the Durham investigation is going to come out right before the election. That’s not good enough.

  7. At the video 3:28 mark is a misspelling….it is not "Democratic staffers" it is democrat staffers The difference in spelling is huge.

  8. Both of y’all just talk for over 5 minutes and didn’t say anything that normal Americans say every day. We want new news not some opinions

  9. Bloomberg !
    Just another example of how much we DON'T want him !
    Just look at who he wants as his running mate HILLARY CLINTON ! THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST

  10. we just got 2000 names of people that are dissentious against the administration and need to be vetted and pushed out , the prosecutors need to be fired and then put on trial

  11. McFarland was asked if she took part in any phone calls with Russian officials during the transition. She answered that she served as a note-taker during transition phone calls with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and the Russianforeign minister, Sergey Lavrov. After the interview, she was fact checked and found only one call, in November, between Trump and Putin, which was before McFarland joined the transition, and no call with Lavrov. McFarland had botched her answers. She was forced to send a clarification letter to the committee, acknowledging that her recollections of the calls were mistaken.

    Her credibility is suspect. Another Trumper pedaling their wares in a book deal and Fox news jobs.

  12. Can't anybody see that the Democrats starting with the clintons Pelosi an on down the chain is embezzling money from the help we give other countries. This is taxpayers money and they're feeling the pockets full and trying desperately to cover their tracks now to the point they'll do anything they've had military aircraft to deliver even some of their drugs other countries now are looking for them to pay up because their head is on a block. Even the drug cartels in Mexico and Honduras was paid together up people you come across the border now if we have any kind of conflict there's like a good size Army in the US and I'm not talkin about Americans why do you think they want to do the gun grab from the u.s. citizens

  13. Barr ignored subpoenas so he can legally be jailed for that. What about trump's secret server where he hides his phone calls? How about Barr altering the Mueller report with his fake summary? all of these can get Barr impeached, and jailed for his felony of ignoring legal subpoenas.

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