Lelakimu Yang Dulu (2019) | Episod 27

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When did you arrive? I planned
to come home tomorrow. But I have a lot of work to do.
So I had to come back today. Why didn’t you lodge
a police report? Your house was broken in
and Ibu was beaten to death. That’s horrible, you should lodge
a report and let police handle it. I know who did that. That’s good then. Tell the police
and let them investigate. We can put our mind at ease. It’s Zana. Zana? So, Zana hired people
to attack Liya? Yes, exactly. Somehow, their plan has failed
and Zana didn’t want to pay them. So, Ibu became the victim. Naz. If you heard from Zana,
call me right away. I want to thank you
because you’ve helped me a lot. No worries. I’m doing this because
I wanted to help you and Zana… …and also the late Ibu. I hope we can settle this quickly
for the sake of everyone. Smell so good! Why did you cook
all these delicious meals? Are you expecting
the other wife? I cooked these for Idlan. What time will he arrive? Call him. Your mother seldom cooks
these kind of meals. I missed my Idlan so much. I have to serve mouth-watering meals
to my soon to be son-in-law. After you get married
with Idlan… …I think she will
prioritize him over me. Iqa, what are you staring at? I asked you just now,
what time will he arrive? I was talking to him
through telepathy. Why don’t you call him? Okay, I’ll call him. But that’s my drink.
– Let me have a sip. Are you going to prioritize
your son-in-law over me? Why can’t I do that? Maybe I’ll get another wife. I’m just joking. Zana, open the door. Zana! What do you want?
– Open the door. What’s wrong? Where’s Liya? What have you done to her?
– What have I done? Don’t pretend anymore,
I know you’ve kidnapped Liya. What is this nonsense?
– You’re saying I’m talking nonsense? I know you have bad intentions
towards Liya. You came here, screamed like a freak
and accused me, what’s wrong with you? I’m a freak?
Okay, fine. Stop!
– Why? Why did you stop me?
Why are you scared? Because you’ve done
something bad to her. What are you rambling about? It’s true, I don’t like her. But I wouldn’t do that. Just because of that woman, you’ve
accused me of things that I didn’t do. What are they planning to do? Where is he? What should I say to them
if he’s not coming? Where are you now? I’m at home. My home. My parents are waiting for you. I’m sorry. I can’t make it tonight. Don’t be like this. I called you for so many times
but you didn’t pick up. Papa called you,
but you said you have work to do. They are waiting for you. What should I say to them? My mother cooked a lot,
who’s going to eat them all? Please come. It’s not that I purposely don’t want
to go to your house. But I have work to do. I’m really sorry. Okay. This is my fault. You’re dragged into my problem. I don’t know
what to do right now. Please just come,
have pity on my parents. Iqa.
– Please come, I’ll wait for you. Come to my house,
I’ll be waiting. This is making me stressed. Peace be upon you. And unto you be peace. I’m not forcing you. I’m not. But if you’re truly my friend,
you’ll come with me. If you think I’m not important
in your life, you can stay here. So, think about it.
I won’t force you. Are you thinking about it? I’ll wait for you in the car. You might want to come. I’ll open the door for you. He’s not picking up. Voicemail. Abang, where are you? Ish is having a high fever. He’s throwing a tantrum,
I don’t know what to do. Please call me. Call me back. His temperature is so high. My dear son. Sweetie. Don’t worry,
we’ll wait for your father. I’m asking you a question.
Why are you so quiet? I waited for Idlan yesterday,
but he didn’t answer my calls. What is happening to you two? He asked you a question,
say something. I don’t know what to say.
– Are you two quarrelling? No.
– Then? What’s wrong with you?
Why won’t you answer the question? Let’s just talk about this later. It hurts. Is Idlan abandoning you? Iqa! Can we talk about this later? It hurts! I’m asking you,
is Idlan breaking up with you? Iqa.
– Okay, fine! We are not a couple. We lied to you
because I don’t want to get married. That’s why he didn’t want
to come yesterday. How could you do this to us? She lied to us, Abang. That’s brilliant. Superb, Iqa. If toying with our feelings could
make you happy, then carry on. I don’t know what to do with you anymore.
I’m so disappointed in you! But you forced me
to get married! Mama, you too.
– Enough! There’s an infection
in his respiratory tract. We called it
as acute bronchitis. I’ve done a few tests to him. At this early stage,
mucus is produced in his lungs. So, he’s going to encounter
difficulties in breathing. But you don’t have to worry. I’m sure his condition
will be stabilized. You just have to be patient because
I have to perform a few treatments to him. One of the treatments is through
nebulizer, it can be done at home. Under our surveillance. The medication used in nebulizer
will loosen the mucus in the lungs. So, no worries. Ishraf is now in stable condition. Any follow-up treatments? We’ll observe his condition
from time to time. Thank you, doctor. How could she do this to me? What did I do wrong
in raising her… …until she became hardhearted enough
to lie to me? Darling. Did you bring the things
that I told you to? Yes, I did. How was he when
you did the nebulizer? He was such a good boy. I just couldn’t bear
to see him so weak. I asked Mak Som
to look after him for a while. We have to accept
that this is a test for us. While Mak Som is looking after him,
you can take a shower. Abang.
– Yes? I’m grateful to have you by my side
when this happened. If you’re not here with me,
I don’t know how to deal with it. I promise you. I will never leave you. Okay. No, it’s not you. I’ll call you back. Goodness me. What’s wrong with you? I cannot think right now. Why? I cannot think right now. What do you mean? I cannot think right now.
– I know, because you have no brain. What’s wrong? I cannot think right now. I just want to know. Have you met Papa recently? I haven’t. That’s good. What’s going on? What’s going on with you? Okay, tell me. What happened? I’ve admitted to Papa that we lied to him
about our relationship. What? Your father. I’m tearing up. I’m so dead. Wait here. Stay seated. Hello. Do you know
why I’m calling you? Why are you calling me? Let me tell you the truth. I think you’ve been watching
a lot of horror movies. Truthfully, I didn’t lie to you. In fact, you and your wife
don’t know the true story. Do you have anything to say? Come to the office tomorrow… …and you’ll be given
a termination letter. The company will compensate you. Oh, I see.
What?! You’ve known me and worked for me
for a long time. I hate it
when I’m being lied to. It involves my family
and I can’t accept it. From now on, you are no longer
an employee in FnD Holdings. What did he say? This is your fault. I’m fired! No! Yes! This is all your fault. Are you happy now? No, it’s Abang Haz’s fault. That was his idea,
not mine. Don’t try to put the blame on me. What did you say
to your father? Who knows?
Maybe you’re making up stories… …so that you’re off the hook
and I’ll suffer the consequences. I’d rather you just kill me
than slander me like this. I really want to kill you
right now. I’ve had enough of this. What should I do? What’s the issue?
It’s not that hard. Just be patient,
will you? You want me to be patient? Would you rather
they know about our plan? Do you think
it’s easy to kill someone? I’ve paid you already. I know. But you can’t put the pressure on me.
Do you want me to get arrested? Remember,
you’re involved in this too. I can’t wait any longer. Just wait for it. I will still keep an eye on them. We have to do this plan thoroughly.
I don’t want us to get caught. I don’t want to listen
to any of that. I want you to do something
and I want to be a part of it. I want to kill them
with my own hands. Okay, you’re the boss. Why did Papa fire Idlan? It’s not his fault. Why did he do this? Calm down, Iqa. You know how your father is. Tell him that it’s my fault,
not Idlan’s. I’ll try to talk to him. Don’t worry.
How’s Idlan now? He doesn’t want
to see me anymore. I still want to be friends with him
albeit he’s short and ugly. Your father just wants
to make Idlan panic. But Idlan doesn’t want to look at my face.
You have to help me. Does Hazrul know about this? I’ll go to his house tonight. Talk to Hazrul. He can try to persuade Papa. That’s right. I don’t have any friends now. Iqa, take care of yourself. You’re about to get engaged soon. What are you talking about? I don’t want to be engaged
with that Ik guy. What are you doing?
Slow down your voice. He’s asleep. I was so shocked,
my heart’s about to explode. Don’t die, please. I only have you now. Why are you here? I missed him. I wanted to see your baby.
– Other than that? I’m hurt and
I don’t want to feel sad. Where’s Idlan? Why didn’t he come with you? You must be bickering again.
– No. They know the truth,
Papa has fired him. Where is Abang? I can’t deal with this.
Where is he? Okay, he’s in the other room. Can I talk to him? I want to tell him everything. If you want to know about it,
you can ask him later. Can I kiss him? Just a peck. Wake up. Abang! Toys nowadays are so weird. Suri? Suri! I really missed you. Kak Peah,
I missed you too. It’s been a long time since
we’ve gossiped together. Since Kak Yam passed away… …we’ve stopped working there. Kak Peah,
I always pray… …so that the tailor shop
will reopen. Poor Nazli. He’s still in grief. We should give him time to heal. Let’s pray for him. I always pray for the best
for Zana and Nazli. We’re among the first workers
in Kak Yam’s shop. That’s true. I know a lot of Nazli’s secrets
but I kept them from Kak Yam. Kak Peah, let’s not talk
about the past. We should just move on
with our lives. Let’s have a drink. Let’s go. Where are you? I’m going out for a while. I’ll go home later. It’s stressful to deal
with you at home. But you went out
without my permission. You should be dealing
the stress with me. We have a problem now. I’m sorry.
I’ll go home after this. Why are you calling me? I wanted to tell you… …I’ve fired Idlan
because he lied to us. Why are you so hasty? It wasn’t his fault. I can’t support your decision. You should talk to him first. The young always think rashly. I just want to give him a lesson. Marriage is not something
to be made fun of. You should calm down. I’ll go home after this. Okay, I’ll be waiting. Suri, have you seen
Daliya recently? How’s she doing? She’s happily married
with Hazrul. She is such a nice girl. Hazrul is lucky to have her. Praise be to Allah,
they’re happy now. She’s happy with the sweet
and handsome Haz. Drink up. Ibu. You seem miles away. Are you thinking about Abang? If you don’t forgive him,
you’ll continue to feel like this. I know you missed him.
I know that you love him. But your ego
makes you deny all that. He really loves you. He listens to your words. He has repented. Now, he just wants us to be happy
like we used to. That’s all. A happy family. But if you continue
to be like this… …we won’t become
a happy family. Wan.
– Yes, Ibu. Let’s go to KL this weekend. I really missed my grandson. Okay. Let’s head inside. He sleeps soundly.
– He drank a lot of milk earlier. You must be tired. You must be tired too. I’m fine. Where’s Ibu? Downstairs. Did you talk to her? Please pray for me so that… …she’ll accept me
as her son again. I always pray for you
and your family. My family is yours too. Whatever happens,
I’m always going to be by your side. I saw Iqa just now. She seemed so stressed.
What’s wrong? You didn’t know?
– What happened? I forgot to tell you. She told me
that Idlan was fired. Papa knew about our plan. He was fired?
– What should we do now? Poor Iqa. Okay. I’ll try to think of a solution. While Ish is sleeping,
you should get some rest too. Okay? I’m sorry, Idlan. You have sacrificed
a lot for me. For Hazrul. For the company. Forgive me. I’m sorry. Let’s go and see Papa,
I’ll tell him that it’s not your fault. There’s nothing else that
we can say to him. I’m fired! Please stop bothering me.
I don’t want to deal with this anymore. Please forgive me.
– I don’t want to. Because you have such a foul heart. Why did you say that? I’m sorry. If you don’t want me to make a scene,
let’s go play some games. Hold my hands. We’ll play the usual game. One times one is equal to? One. Two times two..
Turn Ibu. Where is Wan? He went out to buy food. I wanted to cook but I don’t know
how your stove works. I’m afraid I might
make them go haywire. Don’t worry too much. The things here belong to you
and Wan too. You’re still planning
to go back tomorrow? Why? You don’t want me
in your house anymore? I will go home once
my grandson has recovered. Ibu. I will try
until the end of the world… …to ask for your forgiveness. Please forgive me, Ibu. You won’t understand. A mother would
never hate her children… …even though they’ve hurt
her feelings. I know, Ibu. I have sinned. But I only live for you, Ibu. Ibu… If your late father
is still alive… …he must be proud
seeing you now. This is all due to your prayers. I became who I am today… …because of how you raised me. Are you proud of me? Haz, you won’t understand. To understand your parent’s love,
you must raise children yourself. For example, Liya. She’s willing to do anything
for Ishraf. The same goes to me, Haz. I would do anything
for my children. Even though I was devastated
by your wrongdoings. Oh Allah the Almighty. Please forgive my sins. My wife and children’s sins… …and our parents’ sins. Oh Allah, the Most Gracious,
the Most Loving. Protect us from the bad. Give us your blessings. Provide good health to us. Allah the Almighty. Please ease our hearts. Give only good things
to my daughter. Protect her from the bad things. Only to You
I seek mercy, Allah. Ibu. I have nothing else to ask for. I just… I hope you can give me
just one more chance. Whatever sin that I have done… …I hope you can accept me
the way I am as your son. I’m pleading at your feet,
as the paradise lies beneath it. Please forgive me, Ibu. To be continued…

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