Les allergies alimentaires au restaurant

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Food allergies at the restaurant Emy is a teenager who is allergic to peanuts With her friends, she decides to celebrate Phil’s birthday at the restaurant after school Hey guys! Its Phil’s birthday today! Do you guys want to do something special? How do you guys feel about going to the restaurant? Bad idea… Oh yes! Let’s go to the restaurant around the corner. The french fries are so good! Moreover, dishes are served with sides of peanuts. Emy, make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction. Ok then… I’ll leave you guys now. Why are you doing this Emy? It’s my birthday! Come with us, don’t be a party pooper. Ah, you guys are making me rethink… Ok, fine, I’ll come anyways. Good idea! Yes, we have to celebrate this! Tell me Emy, do you know of a restaurant with meals without your allergens? Oh yes, I do know one! There are even lots of choices on the menu. I’ll call right away to reserve a table.

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