Les allergies alimentaires lors d’un rendez vous

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Food allergies on a date Emy is a teenager who is allergic to peanuts. Emy and Penn are scrolling through a dating website and have a match. Hence, they decide to meet up in person in a public place. I’m starting to get hungry. I have a snack, do you want any? Oh no! But Penn, do you remember? I am allergic to peanuts! Bad idea… Of course not! I don’t think you can really have an allergic reaction from a kiss. Worst case, just use your auto-injector. Good idea! Oats, quinoa, sugar, chocolate, almonds, peanuts… Oh no! Emy, this snack indeed contains peanuts! What do we do? Oh, it’s ok, don’t worry. But we won’t be able to kiss this time. Oh, ok. I understand, and know that I take your food allergy very serious. I really don’t want to put your life in danger in any way. In the future, I can simply eat my snacks containing peanuts after our dates.

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