Les allergies alimentaires lors d’une activite exterieure

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Food allergies during outdoor activities Emy is a teenager who is allergic to peanuts. She is with her friend, Anna, who also has food allergies. They decide to go skiing to enjoy the last day of their March break. They wonder what they should do with their auto-injectors. Bad idea… Umm, Emy, what are you going to do with your auto-injector? Uh, I don’t really know. What about you? Are you bringing it with you? Of course not! I’ll leave it in the car, we are always close by anyways… There is really no danger. Oh… I think I’m going to bring mine with me. And where are you planning on putting it? Uh… Oh, I know! I’ll hang it on my coat zipper with my ticket! Good idea! Hey Emy, what are you doing with your auto-injector? I certainly won’t leave it in the car! That way I will have it with me, just in case we go eat at the chalet. And, oh! I’ll put it in the inner pocket of my coat that way it will be keep at the right temperature. Wow, that’s a really good idea! I’ll do the same as you, because my new coat also has an inner pocket!

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