Lesser known Spices of India: Nagkesar/Cobra Saffron – EP 08 | नागकेसर | कोबरा  सैफरन |Everyday Life

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Hello Everyone! Welcome to our YouTube channel “ Everyday Life”. Today we present you one more spice in our series of “ Lesser Known Spices of India”. Today we are sharing information on Cobra Saffron. It is also known as nag kesar and nag champa. its botanical name is Mesua ferrea. Nag Kesar is also known as Srilankan Ironwood and Indian Rose chestnut too. It is tall and evergreen tree. It grows very slowly. Here, it is Nagkesar. You may think, it is more like tail pepper. But, it is totally different spice. It is basically dried flower buds of Nagkesar tree. Its flavour is close to Sichuan pepper, but milder version of that. You will feel mild sourness and bitterness together with woody flavour on your tongue. Tree of this spice is found in Eastern Himalayas, Assam,West Bengal, Western Ghats, Travancore and the Andaman Islands. This spice is part of dishes from coastal Maharashtra and Goa. It is also integral part of Maharashtrian Gauda Masala. It is also famous for its medicinal properties. It is used to treat asthma and coughing. A lot of devotees of Lord Shiva use this as worship offerings. Nagkesar essential oil is also extracted out of it that is use for making incense sticks. Nag Champa is very popular incense stick, has nag kesar essential oil as its primary ingredient. Tree of Nagkesar is very strong and earlier it is used to make railway tracks. Nagkesar is national tree of Srilanka and its flower is state flower of Mizoram and Tripura. I hope, my this information will be useful in your everyday life. Thanks for watching

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  1. Hi mam your video is nice and info is also good but I have a question that is where is nagkesar is taken and at what price it is sold

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