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– From the frozen desert of Uzbekistan, welcome to the GCN Show! – Welcome to the GCN Show. – Coming up, it has been
a long week of waiting, but we finally get to talk about the Chris Froome controversy. – We certainly do, we’ll
fill you in on what we know, and we also discuss why you might… You definitely might not use salbutamol. – But don’t worry, it is not
all doom and Froome today. – Or Froome and gloom? – Or Froome and gloom because we have all our regulars as well, like
the very best cycling news and designer tech this week with designer pros techs to match. – Yeah and John was on the ground at the Namur World Cup
round of the cyclocross in the right place,
clearly, at the right time. (comical music) – It’s tough old game. Hopefully John wasn’t on
the ground quite like that poor lad from Slovenia. Do you have any idea where Llyod is? – I think he might be in Canada. – Are those glasses
relevant to that statement? – These are my moose glasses. – Ah okay, they’re your glasses. – Hi Dan, greetings from Ottawa. – Ottawa. – Ottawa. This is… Sorry, I could never say that right. – Ottawa.
– Ottawa. – Ottawa. But even I, as a Dane, know the proper pronunciation of Ottawa. – Ottawa.
– Ottawa. – Here in Ottawa we have
fantastic roads, excellent beer, and even a few cycling stars. We’d like to extend
you a formal invitation to join us here in Ottawa. We’ll go on some great rides,
drink some really good beer, and we’ll explain to you all about the wonders of the region of Ottawa. – Cheers. (upbeat music) – This week in the world of cycling, we learned just what it costs to make your city into a cycling paradise. 1.5 billion pounds, or
so says UK cycling legend Chris Boardman, who submitted a blueprint to the British city of
Manchester to do just that. – And he also said it would save the city nearly six times that,
so 8.3 billion pounds, yes, billion pounds. – Sounds like a value, isn’t it? And we also learned this
week that the curse of GCN really is quite remarkably strong. Two weeks ago, we said this. Chris Froome is gonna be attempting a Grand Tour double next year. – If all his preparation goes smoothly, a win there has got to be a
distinct possibility, isn’t it? – And then a week later, this. – Yeah, you can’t have missed it. Chris Froome has failed a drugs test. – And rather predictably, it
is a rather complicated matter. So let’s take you through
a timeline of Froome gate. – Froome gate? You think this is another gate? – I think it is gonna be another gate. Now, the sample was taken
on the 7th of September, which coincided with the 18th
stage of the Vuelta a España, which Froome was leading at the time with a one minute and
sixteen second advantage over Vincenzo Nibali. – September the 20th,
Froome and his Team, Sky, had been notified by the
UCI that he has returned an adverse analytical
finding for salbutamol, which is a quite run of the mill medication used to treat asthma, and it doesn’t require any
kind of formal sign-off’s, so no TUE in order for an
athlete to be able to use it. – Run of the mill maybe,
but it’s still a substance that is strongly regulated by WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, who stipulate that a rider
is allowed, in the urine, concentration of 1000
nanogrammes per millilitre,. Now Froome’s sample
was nearly double that, so 2000 nanogrammes per millilitre. But because it isn’t a substance that’s banned, per se, like EPO, they didn’t actually have
to announce it publicly. – No they didn’t, which
is why we, any of us, didn’t hear about it
’til the 13th of December when as result of adjoining investigation by the newspapers, Le
Monde and The Guardian, they published their stories and therefore we also got
statements at the same time from the UCI and also Team Sky. – One can pretty easily imagine though, since the 20th of September,
Team Sky and Chris Froome beavering away while they furiously, in fact, behind the
scenes, trying to explain how he got that concentration
of salbutamol in his urine, whilst at the same time, pretty much stating business as usual, like announcing his participation
in the Giro d’Italia. – It’s a weird thought, that, wasn’t it? So, where then do we stand now? – Well, you need to brace yourselves. This is gonna play out over a very, very long time, indeed.
– That’s right. As it stands at the moment, Chris Froome is not sanctioned in any way. So he is still free to race, and indeed, he is still the winner,
currently, of the Vuelta 2017. – Now it may be possible for him to pay to explain himself
and to escape a ban, or quite likely as well, he might not. Now his most likely defence lies in a test called a pharmacokinetic study, where basically Chris Froome
and his team have to prove that even if you took the stated dose, he excreted in his urine,
more than what was allowed. – Exactly. And if he fails to do that,
then he will get a ban. A maximum of 2 years,
although other cyclists that has suffered similar fate, have had between nine months and a year. – What we don’t know is
how many other cyclists have been in Chris Froome’s
position without us, the general public, knowing about it. – Exactly, yeah, because
presumably if the UCI allows riders to explain
salbutamol findings in private, and they’re then successful, we would never know about it. – So, leaving the specifics
of the Chris Froome case to one side for a moment, why might somebody take
too much salbutamol? Are there any performance benefits? – Well, there are studies that show that when salbutamol is ingested, there are performance enhancing benefit, leaving aside the fact
that ingesting salbutamol, so literally eating it, is
actually in itself, bad. – Yeah, a study showed the 30 seconds sprint performance of a group of males, eight trained and seven untrained, actually improved when
they took a 12 milligramme daily dose of salbutamol, which is seven and a half times the amount that you take when you inhale it. And the same results were found in a group of untrained
and trained women as well. – Yeah so salbutamol then, when ingested, could be a performance enhancer. And actually interestingly, the performance benefits are most notable when it’s taken as a one off dose as opposed to that course,
over a period of time. So theoretically then,
that would be your reason for taking too much salbutamol. – Yeah, so if you’re already
not a big fan of Chris Froome and Team Sky, there could
be some of your reasoning. So now for the counterpoint, why would somebody not
take too much salbutamol? – Well firstly, there is the obvious one, which is that as the race leader, you know that you’re gonna get tested at the end of every stage,
and given that the test for vitagonists like salbutamol
is very straightforward, you’re pretty much guaranteed then, that if you take too
much, you will get caught. – Yeah, I mean why would you take nearly 7.5 times the legal limit just to improve your 30 second
sprint power, for example, let alone, increasing your metabolic rate with only three days
to go of a Grand Tour? – Yeah, and also bear in mind
that in this case with Froome, he had twice the legal limit in his urine, so 2000 nanogrammes,
whereas if you were to take seven and a half times, you would have thought that you’d return and all for a lot more. Now, leaving that one aside for a moment, if you were gonna cheat,
you would have thought you could find something
that would actually do more for your performance, and actually have less chance of getting caught… If that was the way you played. – You certainly would,
but I think it’s also worth mentioning as well, that
just taking a few more puffs on your inhaler, has no performance
enhancing effect at all. It will of course, for an asthmatic, levelling out the airways,
but for somebody else without asthma, there’s just no effect. – It’s weird, isn’t it? Something here, for me, doesn’t add up. I have no idea what it is,
but it is a bit strange. Unfortunately, we can’t
really say much more than that given that there isn’t a
proper post to test it, there is no sanction, we just have to wait until Froome states his case, and then things will continue onwards. For all you can say, really, it’s just that it’s a crying shame, no matter what the intent,
whether it was to cheat or not, it’s just a shame. – I think for me, Si, regardless of the outcome of this case, the use for inhalers and the wider issue of medicine in sports,
so TUE’s for example, needs to be re-addressed,
’cause it really does provide fertile grounds,
this kind of grey area, this murky grey area
provides fertile ground for abuse, misinterpretation,
and manipulation as well, and it just further
damages our beloved sport. – I think you probably should
have put your moose-tacles on for that particularly heartfelt thing. I would just add one last thing, and that is to bear in mind that Chris Froome is just one man. Team Sky is just one team,
and professional cycling, just one aspect of this sport.
– Yeah. – And so what we could all do is go and ride our bikes, enjoy it, and then maybe it won’t seem quite so bad. Can I have the moose-tacles now? – Yeah.
– Thanks. – Put those on mate. It’s Christmas! (comical horn sounds) – It’s time for… The cycling shorts. – We thought we’d start
cycling shorts this week with something that
could tear them in two. Now world champion Peter Sagan has been training in Mallorca and sent this video from one
of his core training sessions. (snythetic dance music) – That does look a little
bit painful, doesn’t it? Possibly even slightly fake.
– It does, but we thought we’d have
a go ourselves, not me, I’m still recuperating from my rib injury. – Good excuse there.
– But Si, how low can you go? Just give us a bit more than that please. – No. – 46. Anymore? (Simon grunts)
No, 46. – Not very, I think, probably
the answer to that one. – In summary, that was
very very mediocre, Si. About two foot, I reckon. And check out this video
of Robert Förstemann warming up for a track event. Those amazing forms of his… (synthetic dance music) And we thought Si would
do better at this one. – Did we think that? – No.
– We thought no. – No.
– No. – Ooh we got three, and a three,
and a three, and a three… Well, there you go mate. Not good at all mate, sorry buddy. – All right, sticking
with some pro news now, and the Canyon-SRAM team have finalised their roster for 2018 with the addition of German rider Tanja Erath,
who actually secured her place on the squad by virtue of winning the 2017 Canyon-SRAM Zwift Academy. Now Matt, you were actually
there for the finals, that rather ill fated trip where
you suffered an unfortunate go-karting crash, and it broke a rib. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t smirk. But I know there’s a video of
that coming up on Thursday. Is the go-kart crash in there? – One of the crashes is in there. – Ooh.
– Yeah, it was a… It did hurt actually, but yeah, it’s gonna be a great video. But I tell you what, Tanja,
she was mightily impressive. I think she’s gonna
definitely be going places. And to be honest with
you, it’s just as well, because if she gets selected
for the Giro Rosa next year, she’s gonna have to go up Monte Zoncolan. – That’s right, ’cause the
Monte Zoncolan was announced as part of that 2018
women’s Giro d’Italia route. It’s only 10 kilometres long, but it is 12% average
which probably makes it one of the toughest climbs in Europe. That is gonna be a brute
for that race, isn’t it? – But is it as tough as the
Taiwan challenge though? – It’s not as tough as
the Taiwan challenge. Of course it’s not.
– No, no it’s not. – Anyway, Team LottoNL-Jumbo last week sent a very, very strong message. Three riders were sent home from their pre-season training camp in Girona, in Spain,
for taking sleeping meds outside of team supervision. – Yeah, it sounds a
little bit strict perhaps, but one of the riders, Juan-José Lobato, couldn’t actually be woken
up by team staff initially, and so he was then sent to the hospital along with two other
riders, Antwan Tolhoek and also Pascal Eenkhoorn. Now, Lobato has actually
subsequently been fired by the team, and the other two
riders have a two month ban. – I mean you’ve gotta take
your hat off to LottoNL-Jumbo. I mean it’s a difficult
decision, but I think the right decision has
been made, so fair play. It really does send a
clear and strong message. Sticking with Dutch news,
a recent report showed that decoy bikes fitted
with GPS place trackers reduce theft by 50% in
areas that use them, how cool is that? – That is super cool, isn’t it? So these bikes were deployed
1,612 times last year, and it resulted in 1,220 arrest, which is not a bad strike back. – That’s not bad at all.
– And organised crime saw the biggest reductions apparently. – Now, a big thumbs up for that one. We’re gonna get geeky
now for a few minutes, because a report published in FASEB… – The FASEB? Ah, the official journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology,
that is one of my favourites. – It’s one of my favourite
journals as well. Well, research has found, and the researchers were from where? – I don’t know, where were they? – The Netherlands.
– Hey, the Netherlands! They’re having a good week,
the Dutch, aren’t they? Apart from cyclocross, but we’ll come to that.
(record scratch) – That was just a little bit cheeky. But anyway, they found that the best way to improve your sprint power
and your endurance performance was basically to increase the
length of your muscle fibres and also the density of your capillaries. – That’s fascinating, did they say how? – No. – Oh. Well, I mean it is interesting, I suppose, that those are the two
things that they’ve… Latched on to all day. It feels like the job’s
half done, isn’t it? Now we know a lot of you
are into your bike packing and so this may well be up your street, ’cause we were catching up with former Transcontinental winner,
Josh Ibbett, last week and he casually dropped
this into conversation. – The Silk Road Mountain
Race, just check this out. 1,700 kilometres of epic gravel road. Now stick this one in your
diaries, gnarly dudes. 18th of August when it starts.
– That’s right. Now unfortunately, we do
have to finish cycling shorts on some really very, very sad news indeed because former British road
race champion, Sharon Laws, has died at the age of just 43, following a year long battle with cancer. She was universally loved from
within the sport of cycling, and an exceptionally
talented bike racer as well. She rode for such teams as
Garmin-Cervélo, Lotto Belisol, and also United Healthcare. And so we would of course
like to send our condolences to her family and friends. – Tech of the week this week is just unsurprisingly a
little bit on the ground considering we’re only a
week away from Christmas, but we couldn’t help but notice this. The Dior bike.
– Oh yeah, look at that. Very shiny, indeed. It’s from the French brand, Bogarde. Although if you want to
have Dior written on it, then you have to spend three
times as much money on it. Although, $3,200 doesn’t sound too bad when you put it into
context to road bikes, particularly compared to the
Louis Vuitton bike, in fact. – You mean a Pinarello?
– I mean a Pinarello, yeah. – Owned by the same company
that own Louis Vuitton? – Yeah, just without the
Louis Vuitton branding on it. – Indeed, and what about this? The Barber Brompton, two
of the most respected British brands have got together for a nice little
collaboration, although this will only set you back an extra £300, which isn’t too bad.
– That does sound cheaper, the price, doesn’t it? Particularly when you put it into context of any kind of car/ bike
manufacturer collaborations, because you could spend a casual $30,000 on your Aston Martin
bike, or how about $39,000 on your Bugatti bike.
– $39,000? Well that seems poor
fairly compared to this, a bike cab made by Dutch
company, Van Raam, called… The GoCab.
– Ooh. – Its got room for eight kids. Its got power assist to get them to school just that little bit quicker and on time.
– Nice. Well I tell you what, it
does sound pretty good. You don’t need a licence for this, and it’s the first bike,
Matt, that I’ve ever heard of to have reverse gear. – That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? – We love this bike. – I think it is pretty cool, but what do you think
Dan would use it for? Transporting beer from A to B, perhaps? – Well I admit, eight kids,
rough weight equivalent… No, no, I don’t think Dan could use it to transport his beer. – Into the first turn. – Oh shit! Shit. No, I have to stop. Oi, stop! – So, I’m here today, round six of the UCI Cylo
Cross World Cup here in Namur. It’s freezing cold, I’m
hoping I’m gonna get some more video for you later on
at the side of the track, and I’ll report back then. Stay warm in there. I’m not. – It is actually nice and warm in here. Now after a series of regular but not uninterrupted beatings at the hands of his arch nemesis, Mathieu van der Poel, world
champion Wout van Aert, stormed to victory in the sixth round of the Cyclo Cross World Cup on the classic Namur course in Belgium. – It was quite the display, wasn’t it? He soloed from the first lap, building up a huge margin of victory. A minute at the line, but
really it should have been more, because he basically showboated for the whole of the last lap. Second place was Toon Aerts, followed by Mathieu van der Poel just two seconds back in third, although we hear he was
suffering from an illness. (Simon fake coughing) – Now the women’s race saw
a really surprising winner in the form of young Evie
Richards of Great Britain. Now despite a very difficult start for her ’cause she was gritted right at the back, she picked her way through
the field and took the lead on the final lap, but remember,
she has got some pedigree because she was the world under 23 cyclocross champion back in 2016. – True, I remember you
interviewed her whilst wearing your ridiculous bobble hat.
– I did. We can probably drop that in, right now? – Is it dropped in? – Welcome to the GCN Show. – There we go.
– Yes it is. There’s the bobble hat. – Taking the lead on the final lap, she held of Nikki
Brammeier, British champion, by about 15 seconds, and Eva Lechner was third a couple of seconds back. – Yeah, all the usual
suspects like Sanne Cant, Sophie de Boer, Helen
Wyman, and Maud Kaptheijns, all finished outside of the top 10 in a race that has proved
slightly controversial from a length perspective. The women only had to contest four laps, whereas the men had nine. – That’s just a little bit bonkers that the disparity there
is absolutely incredible. Surely they can just up laps, they’re performing at the same time. It’s crazy. – Lap counter, four, five, six. I don’t know, how many
is the right length? – UCI, it’s not rocket science. – It’s time now for hack
forward slash bodge of the week, we’re at the festive
event this week, isn’t it? – I’m gonna put these on. Deck the halls.
– Very festive Canadian glasses there Matt.
– With boughs of holy. – All right, first up we’ve
got this from Rob Hanson, sent in from Leek Cycling
Club Mince Pie Ride. Now for those of you not based in the UK, Leek is actually a town.
– Not just the vegetable. – No, or indeed an activity. So anyway, there we go. What are you smirking at?
– Activity? – Well you know, going for a leak. – I know.
– Like a verb, yeah. There we go, there are two Santa Claus, one of which looks like a Grinch on a reindeer!
– His bike has been… I tell you what, top marks for that. – [Simon] Grade A Christmas hack. – [Matt] I mean the
other chap with tinsel, just piles of tinsels, insignificance compared to that reindeer. Anyway, next up is this over
on Instagram from Kieran Blair. – [Simon] That’s classy. – Look at that.
– I like that very much, I also like the Christmas tree
decoration in the background that looks very tasteful as well. – [Matt] It does. – [Simon] I wanna see a
wide shot of that tree, I think that might be a tasteful tree. Paul Bolton, he and his youngest, were
kept busy making that wreath. I like the use of zip ties there. – [Matt] There’s lots of zip ties. – [Simon] Would you say festive? Its got red on it. – [Matt] Maybe it looks
better in the dark. – [Simon] I do like the doorway, though. The gates, that looks particularly cool. – [Matt] There’s definitely
a bit of a wreath theme coming through here.
– Ooh, look at that one. – [Matt] Look at the amount
of cogsets, they’ve got a big cog in the centre, and then
cogs around the outside. – [Simon] Deconstructed cassette wreath. There’s a slight of mediaeval vibe about that as well, isn’t it? Its got heavy metal.
– I quite like that. – [Simon] Yeah no, I’m
feeling that as well. David Wayland. Well it’s, I suppose it’s festive. Extra commute visibility,
gotta applaud that. It’s always worth having extra visibility.
– Definitely sort of a nice blue hue to the bike. Look at what somebody else had done. They haven’t got a Christmas tree. This person is Naambezet. So no Christmas tree, a
Christmas bike in the window. – [Simon] That doesn’t look
rideable Matt, does it? – It doesn’t.
– Festive, unrideable bike. – [Matt] I think it’s more
fore decorative purposes, Si. – [Simon] Well, yeah, this one, this bike also presumably isn’t rideable. That’s a broken dropout
hanging from a Christmas tree. It looks quite classy. Again, doesn’t it give a…
– Not made much of an effort with the hooks there, doesn’t it? – No.
– Six out of 10 for that one. – [Simon] Yeah I think if you
have enough broken dropouts, it might create something to sparkle. – [Matt] Definitely, and
we’ve got another wreath here. That is actually something of beauty. – [Simon] That’s wreath-tastic. – [Matt] And that’s from Dale
Robertson, so that’s our best cycling wreath, I think, of the week. – [Simon] Super festive. This Christmas tree…
– Wow! – I’m impressed with, I mean
there’s not much foliage there, but there is a well decorated Scott. – [Matt] Yeah, you look closely,
it’s a bike, not a tree. – Yeah, good grief, and
it’s also still attached to a turbo trainer meaning
that the owner who is Rudda140.6, could just bust out Zwift
on his Christmas tree. – That just rolls of the
tongue, that name, doesn’t it? – Yeah it does, yeah. – Keep them coming into the new year. – Well that’s it, unfortunately no more opportunities for festive hacks or bodges. – New Year bodges though could work. Could do something New
Year themed bodge perhaps? – Just our normal hacks and bodges, Matt, I can’t wait to get
back to normal service. Not that I miss Scrooge or the Grinch like that chap at the beginning, on a reindeer bike, but you know. Anyway, GCN hack on social media. – All platforms of social media. – We have some results for you. The results of last week’s
pretty epic giveaway competition of a world exclusive, a genuine one off red Elite Drivo turbo trainer. – This does deserve a miniature
drum roll, doesn’t it? (drum roll) – The winner is Carl Ibbotson. Congratulations Carl, hopefully
you can get ahold of it before Christmas, that way you can train your heart’s content over Christmas on your very festive and
seriously cool looking trainer. – It’s probably the most
unique turbo trainer in the world, in fact. – We say probably. I mean you can’t get more unique. – No, that’s it. – ‘Cause it is truly unique.
– What an amazing price. Amazing price.
– There you go, Carl. – Straight on now, keeping things festive, caption of the week. It looks like that might
be you in that pic. It is you in that picture, Si. – It is me in that picture, Matt. – You like a nice winter
selfie, don’t you? And the winner of the caption is Juha J, who says, The moment when Si realised that all GCN’s how to
ride in winter videos were not actually shot in winter. – The reason why my clothing there is looking slightly questionable ’cause actually I’ve gone to
a destination for a bike race and had taken my racing kit.
– Ah… – And then it got cancelled due to snow and I thought I’d go for a ride anyway, and then I was like, oh no, oh dear. So I was a little bit unprepared. Anyway, congratulations, you get yourself a GCN
CamelBak water bottle. So make sure you get in touch. Now this week’s photo for you guys to get your teeth stuck into is this one. Poor old Mathieu van der Poel. Can I get started, Matt? – If you must. – This one will be good this
week, this one will be good. – Go on in. – [Simon] Mathieu van der
Poel having an off day. – You can do better than that. You set the bar, as normal, extremely low.
– An off day. An off day?
– Just park it, mate. – Falling off?
– Anyway, caption it far better than Si. – Send your captions in the
comment section down below. The winner, the best caption, receives the GCN bottle next week. – The first new bottle of the new year. Or no, it’s just before
the new year, isn’t it? It’s the Christmas show, isn’t it? You know what I mean.
– Yeah. Now before we get on to what is coming up on the channel this week, as ever, we like to take a look through some of the amazing
comments that you leave under the current crop
of videos out there. And this week of course, we had “Can You be A Vegan Pro Cyclist?”. We expected the internet to break under the weight of the comments. You didn’t disappoint, but brilliantly, everyone pretty much
seemed to love the video. – Yeah, I mean we had some really… You’re quite learning
through the comments. – Yeah, it was great. – We picked two, a couple favourites here. First of which is from Kfarms95 who says, Very good video! I’m glad
GCN took on this challenge. Personally I work in agriculture,
so I see a lot of opinions on this topic all the time. Either way you side, I feel that this information is great and useful. One way or the other, I think
this is very valuable to know, not only for vegans, but
for non-vegans as well. Great video. Thanks very much again.
– Yeah, that’s cool. And also Thought For Food
TV expressed an opinion shared by many of you,
which is that Nigel Mitchel, the nutritionist that we spoke to, actually deserves a
lot of credit for this. He said, thanks to GCN for
bringing up the subject and to Nigel for being so open-minded about plant-based nutrition. Cycling is definitely
a bit behind the times when it comes to plant-based
diets, it’s time for a shift. – Thanks for your comment and of course, keep those comments coming. – Yeah, we absolutely love
reading your comments. – Now we do have some more
cracking content coming. Even though it’s Christmas week, we’ve got some cool content
coming up, haven’t we? On Wednesday, we have a first look at the Everysight glasses,
they are super cool. – [Simon] A bit of
future tech right there. – Definitely. On Thursday, we have a video, my video. I went over to Germany for
the Zwift women’s academy, the Canyon-SRAM’s Zwift Academy. And Friday… This is banger, isn’t it?
– Oh yeah. – This is absolute banger, it’s the epic eBay challenge video. – That’s right, you’ve been
asking for a long time for this, and so here it is. The eBay challenge.
– I’m so excited. – On Saturday, it’s Ask GCN Anything. Sunday’s pro bike, it’s
a special pro bike, it’s a graduate from
hack forward slash bodge, it’s a GCN pro bike, it’s the DeLorean. (intense futuristic music) Back from the future.
– Indeed. – That was flipping amazing.
– You stole my line. – Sorry mate. And then on Monday, we
have a very, very special and quite important Maintenance Monday for you all to check out.
– I’m intrigued. – And Tuesday of course,
it’s our annual Award Show. – Woohoo!
– Oh yeah. GCN Show goes award-tastic. – With chocolates. – Yeah! A bit of champers. – And snacks, some snacks as well. – Yeah, corn stacks. A great day filming that, wasn’t it? – From Bogotta, Colombia, Welcome to the GCN Show. – We’re getting towards
the end of the show, so that can only mean one thing. Extreme corner. Now this week comes from
the evidently very talented Velochi Possi based in London. – That’s quite catchy, isn’t it? – It is, isn’t it? Check this out, very impressive. (upbeat rock music) That is amazing, isn’t it? The rollers, I can just
wrap my head around, but the catching, you know, not a lot of cyclists can do that. – And it was also a non-normal sized ball. It was the size of a small ball. – Now that remarkable… Remarkable skills there. Fair play. Right, unfortunately, that does bring us to the end of the GCN show for this week. Do make sure you give it a big thumbs up despite the fairly
difficult subject matter at the beginning that
perhaps isn’t quite as chirpy as we might have liked
for our Christmas show, but we must, so please do
give it a big thumbs up, and also make sure you subscribe to GCN if you don’t already,
just click on the globe. – Yeah, and for the aforementioned “Can a Pro Cyclist be Vegan?” Video, which is an absolute
cracker, please do watch it. How about clicking just down here? – Or if you wanna see… I really like going there, the Tetro TRP video,
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  1. https://www.bicycling.com/racing/alexander-vinokourov-face-trial-corruption Had hoped you guys would cover this topic, this week, but maybe next week then.

  2. All is good but please GCN, the fallen cyclist at the beginning was a Slovak and not a Sloven. Roglič is from Slovenia and Sagan is from Slovaki. There is a bit of a difference.

  3. I found the very different perspectives on Froome (considering all sides, giving benefit of doubt) and the Lotto team (they did right thing with zero tolerance approach) to be ironic. Froome failed a test. Lotto had 3 riders who took totally not banned sleeping meds. How is it right for Lotto to fire a rider and suspend 2 others and for Sky not to do the same?

  4. SKY are cheats,and I hate all the sucking-up(Oh,I forgot they are a UK company,owned by Mr Murdoch!).
    I knew Armstrong was a cheat,when he was winning,too.
    Everyone is on something,because if you don't you won't win!
    No one should be allowed to use any drugs,even asthma.
    How come everyone seems to be asthmatic?
    Wiggins cheated,and now Froome,yet another whitewash???

  5. This is complete bunk! The asthma drug he takes is for his ASTHMA.. there is absolutely no advantage to taking it unless you consider breathing something sinister. My daughter has asthma and is a competitive swimmer and she hates having to take this drug because it makes her dizzy as well making her legs feel numb and hinders her performance. An ongoing course for this drug will not improve your results it will actually hider it. BREATHING is the only thing it improves and that is only if you can't breathe because of symptoms resulting from asthma.

  6. It has been known for YEARS that Froome sucks on his inhaler all the time. It GCN and other cycling jurnos stepped up and reported the truth and not the baloney they have . Sky and Pinarello (owned partially by LMVH) have paid off the UCI to get an advantage. Postal and Thom Weisel did the same thing for Armstrong. Nothing has changed. The UCI personnel do NOT have to disclose their finances. No disclosure.

  7. Only a loser would call someone else a loser. Or go on youtube reply tangent rants. Or actually ride a vintage bike. But we all grow up at different times. Merry Christmas.

  8. Caption competition comment: Mathieu Van Der Poels has finally fallen off his high point of his trusty steed which has had enough of him

  9. Love GCN. IMO to say CF failed a doping test is odd. Why you say? Albuterol (salbutamol) is not a banned substance. Yes his recorded level was over the top but we are talking about albuterol after all. If you think CF wins because of THAT then I guess a very high caffeine level will give him the GIRO! PS There is no comparison to LA. LA was hated by all who KNEW him, doped with every drug imaginable, lied about for years and eventually got nailed. CF took too much albuterol, admits to its use and is willing to accept his fate, poor lad. It's sad really that some can actually make something of this, too funny. GCN the only cycling show to watch, keep going GCN.

  10. TUEs should be abolished, ALL of them. 'Grey area' gone.
    If you have asthma, then compete with asthma, drug free! If you can't, then you obviously lack the physiology that is required to compete with the best of the best. Sucks that nature dealt you that hand but that's the way it is.
    TUEs are a vulnerability, an attack vector for cheats. Ban all medications for chronic conditions then the vulnerability disappears. The peloton will soon sort the wheat from the chaff.

    Ps funny how (in cycling) the more things change, the more they stay the same.
    Winter marches on says the groundhog.

  11. Caption: Mathieu Van De Poel,
    rode on a grassy knoll,
    although he was good,
    he slipped in the mud,
    and ended up going for a roll.

  12. one thing you haven't mentioned is that is froome actually a asthmatic. I suffer from exercise educed asthma and its not nice.

  13. In 2017 trained for the 120 mile 10,000 feet climb Triple Bypass road ride over three mountain passes in Colorado, only for it to be cancelled 2 days before the event due to forest fires. Training starts now for the 2018, 30th Triple Bypass event.

  14. The fact that they felt fine keeping this secret for three months guarantees they had something to hide.  Transparency would allowed for the possibility he wasn't cheating.  Secrecy removes that possibility.  Now we know the truth.   Which is, they all cheat.  Even if he wasn't no doubt his domestiques are doped to the gills knowing they won't be tested.  Its all a sham.

  15. I've been saying this since the Armstrong doping scandal, cycling is protecting their poster boys. They're all doping, using drugs that are undetectable until it's not and moving on to new ones. They'll find ways to masked, hide the drugs in their system.

  16. Incidentally, why did Mrs Wiggo call Froome a reptile?After all he helped Wiggo win the TdF 2012 and get a knighthood, huh you try to be nice!

  17. Cheers guys. I’d been putting off watching this episode because I was so disappointed by Froome-gate. However, having read as many articles as I could on the subject to get a handle on what might have or might not have happened nothing in the press could give me anything approximating an informative, unbiased opinion. Roll in the mighty GCN show to clear up the info as it stands and possible reasons for it to have happened. Cheers guys, I don’t feel any happier but at least I have the facts.

  18. If people weren't pushing the sports limits, trying to get the littlest advantage everywhere they could then it wouldn't hold that much interest. I mean as far as Lance's announcement goes, it was a different time when the competition was a lot more serious and all the lot of them doped.

  19. Strange how you British don't want to see the elephant in the room. Yes, let' s just go for a cycle and it will all conveniently go away. Sky box dirty…….time they were given the full treatment.

  20. You are not right. An average dose of sulbutamol for patient is 200 micrograms/24. WADA allows 1600 micrograms/24 which is already 8x of average dose! He MUST have taken 16 inhalations to reach 2000ng/L and that is enough to feel the difference.

  21. Froome's dope test wasn't made public only until Sky/20th Century Fox was sold to Disney for £40 Billion. Bad news would badly affect the share price. Cycling is big business. 🙂

  22. Wow, ok to be a good competition rider these days u should have a pharma assistent education. What's next? ADHD people are allowed to take amphetamin?

  23. serves froome looks good on him talkin down about armstrong same deal take all is stuff away love to her this news this is just him using his meds to advantage meaning tour wins etc
    and life bann love your show .peace from cornwall canada truth always hurts

  24. Damn, I'm cycling to get rid of the stuff! Kinda shows how upside down sports can be when you get into professional territory. That's part of the reason why I hardly ever enjoy watching sports.

  25. Trust me, i'd prefer not to use it but I have asthma and rely on my inhaler to help. It's a horrible feeling to have especially when i'm trying to breath hard.

  26. It was always gonna be just a matter of time ti'll he got caught. He's just gonna keep denying it until he goes on a talkshow to admit his guilt, just like his buddy, Lance. Rinse and repeat for the next champion rider. Just let them do drugs and be done with this fiasco!

  27. It's becoming IMPOSSIBLE to watch this and every other YouTube video because of all of the damn COMMERCIALS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE VIDEOS !!!

  28. This is the nail in the coffin for me. My family quit being fans after Lance. The kidney failure excuse is so much BS. I've been a fan since the 60's but now it's no better than pro wrestling. All fake. Only thing that will fix this is lifetime bans, first offense. As for me I'm done. Just going to ride my bike. Don't care won wins a classic or TDF. Probably have a motor in the frame and will blame it on an evil twin. Have we not learned anything from Tyler Hamilton? Peace out

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