Let’s talk | The horses left behind in Taal Volcano’s Eruption | Philippines 2020

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this is so heartbreaking I just saw the video
actual footage in the tourist spot where the horses are left behind its so heartbreaking to see that there’s almost 1 inch thick volcanic ash on their skin they are teary eyed, they’re having a lot of fluid flow down their noses it’s so heart breaking because they are tied to a pole
they can’t run why are they tied to a pole? why aren’t they FREE? I also experienced riding a horse carriage (calesa), but at that time I did not focus on the horse, instead I focused on the beauty of the carriage I focused on the flowers of the carriage
I focused on taking photos I focused on the experience I rode a calesa in a prestigious hotel and resort here in Cebu before they have a calesa ride around the resort I don’t want to name the hotel but yeah I
was I was able to experience that and at that time, it was nothing
I didn’t mind the horse but right now ever since I found out that horses can suffer horses can feel tired horses are intelligent
horses are emphatic they can feel love they know when they are feel loved
and they also care about other horses or other animals so ever since I knew
that I just feel sorry for all of the horses who are used for human entertainment number one human entertainment or race horses number 2 human transportation it’s ****** 2020 why do we need horses to transport? we have other types of electric vehicles why can’t we use motor bike there in Taal? why do we need horses?
so that it’s posh? char char! for the sake of experience? don’t you feel sorry to the horses? if you don’t, then
I feel sorry for you I feel sorry for you for not having empathy towards other Earthlings towards
other animals and I will just leave you be that’s you but for the other people who care about the horses those who shared and said ‘please save those horses’
‘please pray for the horses’ ‘I feel sorry for them’ If you are one of those people, then I’m sure you should also feel sorry about their previous lives how they are suffering every day
they are tired everyday have you ever even wondered how many hours in a day they walk or trek just for you? or in one day, how long can they sit and rest? how many hours are they allowed to sleep? so please, think about that next time and I’m so sorry to all of those
affected in the volcanic ash and the eruption Taal volcano
I’m so sorry I do not want that to happen to you guys and this is not about hate this
is about actually helping you open your eyes and helping you how to truly love
and care for those poor horses so I know that PETA is doing their best to
rescue those horses now so thank you so much PETA Asia and thank you to other
people who volunteered without any reward to just go back and save those
horses I know there are other unsung heroes out there who helped and I also want
to say thank you to all of the people who went out of their way to help other people
those who are giving free masks those who are giving free car wash those who
are given free meals to the evacuees thank you so much to all of you to all
of you guys I hope there are more people who are like you and if you want to help
other organizations in helping rescue other animals I will put links down
below in this video so just check it out if you want to donate and yeah so I hope
that you guys will try and open your mind I just really
genuinely feel sorry for the horses even when they haven’t suffered the volcanic ash yet really, I feel sorry for them I hope you do too and after watching this video I hope you decide on yourself or I hope you take action on
learning how to say no when there is animal exploitation or animal abuse involved you are capable of saying NO because you have a voice you can actually say no the horses CAN’T SAY NO please keep that in mind that’s just me sharing to you guys my lifestyle my thoughts my opinion so SUBSCRIBE if you want to hear more about my opinions okay bye!

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