Libra Life Purpose, Career, Money Mid-February – March 2020 by Sloane Rhodes

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hi Libra Sloane Rhodes here with your
life purpose career and money reading for mid-february through March twenty
twenty through the end of March twenty twenty this is for Libra Sun moon and
rising okay so today I’m gonna be drawing one card from the life purpose
deck by Doreen Virtue three cards from the Archangel power to row in the past
present future position Libra and then one card from the miniature row by
Eugene Bennett’s key so take a look at your money I’m not a financial advisor
as you know I’m just gonna give some spiritual guidance around your money
spiritual perspective reliever so in and rising your air sign Libra
what’s going on with Libra Mars 20 or whatever you happen to symbol across
this okay artist and healer under the deck you
have the spiritual gift of healing and it is a fire to share it with others
very interesting you see a very strong medical come feel to that it’s under the
deck and we have artists right here in the center yeah that’s a central to this
reading engaging in artistic activities is beneficial to your career in every
other area of your life during this particular time frame Libra so we have
healer under the deck we have artists as a central card here the central theme
now for some of you it may be that you have been healing in some way in the
recent past undergoing some sort of healing journey it may be that you have
through the work that you do in the world been offering and expressing a
healing energy you know to others could be that you are an actual healer but it
is under the deck I’m kind of anchoring this reading and then the present here
we have this artists artistry whatever that means for you it could be you know
there’s there’s actresses and actors or musicians or singers there’s sculptors
sculptural scissors you know painters so however it works for you this is a
general reading Libra you are being encouraged that during this particular
timeframe to engage in those kinds of activities you know you’re an air sign
you can be very mental right but now you’re being you have
being encouraged to and you may even be wanting to do this yourself already
feeling that that nudge to express yourself in a more artistic way it helps
to ground you Libra especially during this time frame you’re beautiful play of
colors maybe it’s just decorating your home you know this is you know it’s not
just about careers about your sense of purpose in the world
maybe during this particular time frame your sense of purpose is to renovate you
know redecorate we’re innovate your home of your office create a more pleasing
experience in your work environment for some of you and for some of you it may
be that you are actually engaging in just more artistic activities either as
a hobby or as a way to relax the mind where you are beginning to recognize you
have these gifts within you or even just a desire within you gifted in that you
know you can play with artistry without being an expert at it you know it
doesn’t have to be your career you’re allowed to fling paint around and just
enjoy that right Libra you don’t have to be perfect
you know it’s important especially because you are the scales to have that
balance right beautiful mind and your artistic sensibilities not just the
appreciation for it through the mind but through the manifest experience the
grounding of it with physicality doing the physical thing whatever that means
to you singing drawing painting gardening even you know creating a
beautiful little you know garden on your patio or something that’s all artistic the recognition of that spending time
enjoying the beauty of an art gallery the mystery of that getting in tune with
those images more and more during this particular timeframe Libra let’s get
some additional cards it may be that there is an artist with whom you are
connecting to the during this particular timeframe
Libra who inspires you you know if you see that in someone else
it means you hold some version of it within yourself if you’re inspired by
someone else in that way that means you hold you know you hold it within you you
have a way of expressing it in the way this right for you you know so there’s a
reason that person inspires you maybe that this is particular during this
timeframe there may be an artist or healer who is who you are working with
or playing with who helps to reconnect you to self remember it’s ink it’s beneficial to
your career and every other aspect of your life this is why I say it may just
be your home or your office you know bringing in some artwork painting
painting a wall getting one of those some of those a wall tea for you the
peel and stick wallpaper or something like that is such a vast array of
options for how this may come in for you so it’s not about any one thing it’s
about recognizing the energy and playing with it and however it works for you in
your particular set of circumstances okay so let’s look at the past present
future of the Archangel power to rise me check out your cinnamon raising videos
record this as well they maybe in the recent past with that
healer that you may have been caring for someone that you love as well that’s
part of you know your work in the world let’s say so we have temperance healing
card in the recent past we have the seven of Gabriel seven of Wands here in
the present position and in the near future we have the ace of Gabriel Ace of
Wands in the reverse we have the leap of faith the fool card in the reverse under
the deck and maybe that recently you may have
been kind of with that down to the deck and it may be still influencing you you
may have taken a leap of faith but not out of innocence but out of a bit of a
jaded accessibility like I need to do something different to make a shift
sometimes we can get in that mode and that’s not neither right nor wrong but
it’s just it’s kind of showing up that way there and it may have occurred I
want maybe someone else who has done this in the recent past for you under
the decks I don’t feel like it’s super present but it may still be rolling
through your experience currently so in the recent past we have the solutions
card Archangels FGL success that comes from objective compromised self-control
and patience forgiving and healing energy again we have the sort of healing
cards as a temperance card blending more of a gentle kind of energy maybe that’s
part of what this artist card is about you know again your believer I want that
balance and the solutions card is you know the temperance bringing in the
balance blending different elements to make something new you know compromising
in positive ways and that and again blending your Friant mind
Libra with your artistic sensibilities and here you you know we have the artist
in this in the central position they have inspired you in this way and then
we have in the present position we have seven of Gabriel and the text on this
card is the seven of wands stand up for what you believe in have confidence
claim your personal power there’s a text of this particular card for you I feel
like you are starting to fly more and more you have been maintaining a
position for yourself you know you have laid claim to it you’ve had to do some
compromising you maybe you did take this kind of as crazy leap of faith in some
way oh there’s a energy of that in your life fairly recently
under the debt under underlying your life here and here in the present
position whatever the present means to be a Libra you’re kind of in that
position of flying like hey you know I’m here I got it like you know I got to
where I’m at and I want to keep it for a while you know I’m good here you know
that’s really really nice to see you flying there you pointed in a direction
there but I you know I’m in the in the near future we have the ace of Gabriel
that Yousef wants it in the reverse and this kind of goes with that leap of
faith I think a little bit in their verse for you Lieber because it’s kind
of there’s a little bit of burn out there you know at 7:00 at Gabriel it’s
not you know you’re maintaining your position but you’re not fighting to keep
it you’re just doing what needs to be done to keep it you know so you’re able
to kind of glide kind of fly so make sure you don’t veer into trying too hard
with that seven of Gabriel in the present position Libra you’re allowed to
glide for a while now you’ve made some compromises you’ve done some healing
there’s this healing energy here you’re checking in with your artistic
sensibilities you don’t need to fight you just need to maintain you know don’t
need to level up right there it’ll burn you out just maintain its okay just
maintain for a while and the ace of Gabriel in near future again we have a
little bit of burn out there so just watch that and sometimes with a leap of
faith as I mentioned in there in the underlining that the deck there you know
kind of the Hail Mary pass in some ways and that
can be exhausting you know because you feel like you is sometimes you can feel
like I need to make something change out a little bit of desperation and
sometimes that can then that adrenalin Peaks you know and then we can get
burned out so just watch yourself here Libra feel your way and again your
artistic sensibilities have all that beautiful
temperance energy and the healer you know the artistic sensibilities feel
your way in maintaining your position from a place of comfort not fighting you
know to fight for you’re already there you know okay I hope that’s helpful to
you watch your other sign your assembly rising videos as well okay so when we
get a peek at your money Libra you know the artist isn’t fighting to put the
paint on the on the canvas the artist isn’t flow you know when the artist
isn’t slow you know I think if you’ve ever done any kind of artwork you know
when the artwork is really tight you know cuz you’re trying to control it too
much and you’re trying to force it just like writing it right in a book or
writing one let’s say you know the seven of Gabriel maintain your position but
you’re gliding there you’re you’re fine you know you have to fight so hard and if you do have to fight if you do
feel like you have a fight for what you believe in as it says in this card do
what it feels right and true for you of course trust your own instincts but it
may leave you feeling a little burned out all right so we have a lot of worry and
their recent past about your money it goes that leap of faith I feel like nine
of swords are reverse and then the main card for your money during this
particular time frame is a ten of cups we reverse just not a bad card around
your money um but sometimes is a little bit of falsity
you know like it’s not you’re okay with where your money’s going yeah it’s fine
that I have to spend this much on this and this much on that but really it’s
not you know so you know just tune into yourself tune into yourself again you’re
maintaining and that may be okay during this particular time frame Libre but you
know around your money maybe it’s the way you earn your money it’s just you’re
not totally satisfied you know sometimes it’s a bit like you’re pertaining you’re
satisfied no it’s really good yeah I’m earning I’m earning enough to get by or
and you’re not or I don’t mind that I have to do this works in order to get
that money you know is that true you know you’re fine-tuning it don’t
worry about it it’s not a terrible card it’s just a little bit of again like a
sense of falsity uh around your money maybe the way you earn it with me the
way you receive it or the way that you spend it you know just when you can tune
into it and say does this feel good to me you know Drake doesn’t really really
feel good to spend my money on this maybe you’re spending too much for rent
or whatever and you’re saying it’s okay you know it’s fine
what is it only you know okay Leroy so I hope that you find that helpful I wish
you much love as always and I will see you either at your private appointment
or if you want a video recording reading you can purchase those on my website I
do do I do offer a weekly sphere so guidance videos that usually release the
ones Sunday so you can check back with that if you like and then meantime I
wish you much love as always leave right

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