Life-changing tech Made Possible by Arm

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I remember that I was 9 and I had asthma and it was painful to breathe. I was scared that it would never go away. It was very painful to see that he could not do the things a normal boy could do at his age. This is all the medicine Sam is taking and it’s not working properly for him. So, what does work for Sam? We are not sure. Sam loves gymnastics and he’s really good at it but it’s only possible when he can breathe easily. I’m afraid that when I tell my friends I have struggles with my breath then they’ll laugh at me. Sometimes I forget to take my medicines in the morning When he doesn’t take one of those 6, it’s a hell. Two years ago I met this creator of this device that has all this machine learning in it. It’s fitted with an Arm powered chip. It’s foundational IP used in up to 70% of all technology that we use on a day to day basis. It’s going to transform the way we treat asthma. For the first time, we have a machine learning inhaler that connects to WiFi and sends data back to us. We can notice that they’re not inhaling as strongly as they should We can give feedback to them so they will actually benefit more from the medication. Knowing that a patient and a doctor are connected to each other and you get a message about how to adjust the asthma treatment it’s much easier for us to handle the asthma. What we’d really like for Sam is that he can do everything he likes without his asthma. This isn’t only about Sam, this is about the future of asthma treatment for children everywhere. I am Danielle, and our future is Made Possible by Arm.

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  1. I know how it feels I have asthma too I have gone to hospital like 9 times in my 12 yrs because of my asthma

  2. This is anyyoying because my little brother had azma since HE WAS BORN now hes 9 and his azma is pernament and waaaay more painful sorry if this is mean but im only looking out for my bro.

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