Life-Threatening Food Allergies

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Now let’s turn to food allergies. They
impact, look at this, nearly 50 million each year in the United States, that’s a
lot of people. The symptoms can range from minor discomforts like tummy aches and diarrhea to life-threatening reactions like anaphylaxisI have a
friend of mine who told me when her son had, I believe it was peanut butter,
it was… jusst the way she described. She took every red light,
let’s just put it that way and it was seconds and it was near that moment,
pretty scary. -Is a life threatening these are this is a serious issue
absolutely and this is absolutely why you need to be sometimes put in the
hands of experts and that’s why being cautious with your primary care
physician being a good history taker as a primary care physician to have the
people on your team on your health care team that can partner with you to screen
you properly to think about how to prevent the reaction we can’t say that
enough is essential because you literally… probably one of the
most direct ways in in medicine affects somebody’s life and and be able to
prevent a catastrophe. -Exactly.

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