Lil Mixins Food Allergy Series – Part 17 – Are Allergies Genetic

By Adem Lewis / in , , , , , /

We always used to believe that one of the most predisposing factors for developing allergic
disease is the family history. But more and more so, we see
from the more recent studies that it’s probably less of a factor for developing allergic disease, and that we should look
at environmental exposure, such as air pollution or dietary intake. There’s probably some risk. How high that risk is is
probably not that high. Most of the peanut allergic patients that have older siblings,
those parents come to us because they’re gonna want
to see that negative test, regardless of whether the
risk is minimal or not. But we see more and more families that have no family history
of any allergic disease. The parents have no atopic disorders, no asthma, no allergy, no eczema, and suddenly their kids
have food allergies. And they’re looking at
us like, what did I do, because we have no risk factors and we still see these allergies.

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