Lil Mixins Food Allergy Series – Part 4 – The Consequences of Food Allergies

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Suffering from a food
allergy, whether it’s a peanut allergy, milk
allergy, or egg allergy. Clearly it’ll affect the individual and families’ quality of life. And earlier studies have
shown that the quality of life of peanut allergy
sufferers are much worse than children with Type 1 Diabetes. My youngest son had an
anaphylactic reaction to one of his allergy shots. You know I’ve treated
thousands of patients for anaphylaxis over the
last fifteen, twenty years. When it’s your own child,
and you get that phone call that your child just got Epinephrine because he had anaphylaxis and I just literally walked away
from him getting the shot I still remember that gut-punch that I had and that feeling. Imagine having that feeling
essentially 18, 20 hours a day when the only piece you
may have from a child not eating a food within
every two, three hours is when they’re sleeping. But we know the quality of life
is much poorer with patients with food allergy. It cost about, you know, four thousand, forty-five hundred dollars a year for a family with a child
that has food allergy. And that’s for more
expensive grocery stores that have more select foods. Having to pay for medications,
Epinephrine is not inexpensive unfortunately. That’s quite a bit of money
to have to spend every year on a disease that hopefully
you’ll never have a reaction, but you have to put a lot
of effort into preventing those reactions.

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