Lime and Tea Tree Essential Oils’ “Feel Better in the Morning” Inhaler

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(tranquil music) – Hey everyone, I’m Andrea Butje, founder of Aromahead Institute and I wanna make an inhaler blend with you that is ideal for using in the morning, especially if you fell like
you’re coming down with a cold or the flu or you’re just already in it, you’re sick, you’re not feeling well, you wake, your head is thick and stuffy, that sort of feeling that we all know and love to avoid. So, this inhaler is gonna be
a really good friend to you. It’s got four wonderful
essential oils in it and the recipe is from my book called The Heart of Aromatherapy and the name of the recipe is Feel Better in the Morning and it is really the perfect morning blend because it’s so uplifting and it will clear your head and it will just feel so good. All right, so I have an inhaler here and it’s got a couple parts, I have a purple one and this is the cover and this is the actual inhaler, so I’m just gonna put the cover on and then I’ve got a
nice organic cotton wick that I’m gonna put right inside of it and we’re gonna drop
the drops right on there and then when we’re done,
we’ll put the cover right on. It’s very easy. All right, so the first oil
we’re gonna use is lime. This is a beautiful distilled lime and it couldn’t be brighter and sweeter. It smells so invigorating, it just makes me happy, as soon as I smell it I feel happy but also, it’s really supportive
for your immune system and it’s going to help clear your head. So, I’m gonna put five drops
right into the inhaler, just right onto the wick itself which is sitting inside of this, so we’ll get five drops, there we go, five and gosh, what a burst of aroma. It’s incredible. I can already smell it in the whole room. Now, the next one we’re
putting in is tea tree. And we’ll put five drops in and tea tree, it’s a very medicinal aroma, it’s very clean and fresh and it’s so great, it’s
a great antimicrobial, so it’s going to help reduce germs and so, if you have a sinus infection or you really are getting sick, this is gonna be a great oil to be inhaling a lot in the morning, so I’ll put five drops in of tea tree and the smell with the
lime is really nice. The lime balances the tea tree ’cause the tea tree has
that medicinal aroma. Now, I’m gonna put this down for a second and I’m gonna read you a
little bit more about tea tree right from my book because I made a story, I personified all of the oils in my book, I gave them personalities, I gave them jobs, I gave them ways that they interact with other oils to help you remember their
medicinal properties. So, I’m gonna just put
this down here for a second and I’m gonna read you
the story about tea tree. All right. So, Tea Tree has a
natural cleaning business. Of course, right? ‘Cause it’s so great at
getting rid of germs. Tea Tree’s home is always spic and span and ready for guests but be prepared if you visit because you’ll be given a spray bottle and a sponge and you’ll
be put work cleaning. Tea Tree has high standards, so don’t let it catch you
sitting around doing nothing when there is work to be done. Don’t forget to take your
shoes off at the door as well. The Tea Tree essential oil motto is clean equals healthy equals happy. So, it admires what bleach can do but it prefers a more natural approach. So, it started its own
natural cleaning business. Tea Tree’s mission is to clean every home, office, massage room and yoga studio without relying on chemicals. It has a dream team of natural cleaners on its crew and it always checks their
work with a white glove. So, Tea Tree invited the citruses,
the conifers and Lavender onto its team and the good thing about Lavender being on the crew is that Lavender helps Tea Tree relax ’cause Tea Tree can be a little uptight. Let’s see. Tea Tree’s mission doesn’t stop
with external environments, it also goes after infections that make their way into your body giving your inner environment the same white glove treatment that it gives the cleaning crew. It loves clearing any
inflammation and congestion. It thinks mucus is messy, and it has no patience for it, so since it’s so good
at cleaning up messes that can cause discomfort, Tea Tree has got a reputation as well for relieving pain. All right, so I hope
you enjoyed this story. Let’s keep making this blend and I hope the story helps you remember a little bit about tea tree’s properties. That’s the goal of the stories. Okay, now we have lavender and I’m gonna put in
three drops of lavender. And lavender’s just so
nourishing for our bodies if we’re not feeling well. There we go, three drops. It’s balancing, it’s calming
if your sinuses are swollen. It reduces that inflammation, it is very supportive for
your respiratory system and your immune and it just smells great. And then we’re gonna put
in two bursting drops of peppermint and the peppermint is also going to help to reduce the germs and it’s so perfect for the morning, it’s uplifting, it’s bright, it’s gonna clear your
head, you know, Menthol, Menthol just clears your head. So, it’ll help if you’re
congested or stuffy or it feels stuck or maybe
there’s a sinus headache. It’s ideal. All right, well, what
a combination, right? This is such a great inhaler. I think you’re gonna love this recipe. So, I just popped the bottom on and then I’m going to open it up and I’ll just put my finger
on one side of my noise (Andrea inhales) and breathe it in. Wow, that is just so
fabulous, what a smell. Not to mention immediately
it’s just clearing my head. You’ll be able to feel it right away. I’m sure of it. All right, well, I hope you
don’t ever need to use it but if you do, I hope
it’s very helpful for you. All right, take care,
everybody, bye for now.

21 thoughts on “Lime and Tea Tree Essential Oils’ “Feel Better in the Morning” Inhaler

  1. How appropriate Andrea my son has started a head and chest cold from fri so I’m gonna make this up for him thank you so much lv jan ❤️🍀👃🏻

  2. Such a nice and calming video with great information. I make a blend similar yours for the prevention of illnesses. In the event that someone in our household comes down with a cold(very rare), we consider it the body's own natural cure. In other words we dont try to cure the cure. Instead we assist the body with fighting off the infection and allow the cold or flu to run its natural course. The oils featured in this video are some of my favorites.

  3. Can you please put a link down in the description box, or reply to my comment with a link, to where I can find one of those inhalers?

  4. Hi I am trying to stay away from tea tree and lavender… what would I substitute them with and would the number of drops stay the same with the other eos?

  5. You are FABULOUS! I absolutely LOVE the stories in the book, it has REALLY helped me to remember the general specifics of each oil. It certainly is my style of learning and I THANK YOU for that!

  6. Thank you so much Andrea! I loved the story, and this channel. I always learn something new about whichever oil you’re talking about. I watch all of your videos before bed. I find them to be soothing, relaxing & educational, but most of all, I love how upbeat & gentle you are. You can tell how passionate you are. Thank you again!

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