Link Between Skin Allergies And Gut

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Eric Bakker, the naturopath here. Thanks for coming back to my channel. I always appreciate people looking at my videos,
and it’s for you guys I make these things, ultimately. I’ve always worked, always worked on the premise
that, if you get the gut in order, you’re going to get a person’s skin in better shape. Now finally, science is validating this. A very interesting study was conducted. In fact, I think it was last year, in September
or October, this was published, and it was conducted through a couple of different universities. I think the Louis Pasteur Institute, in Paris,
in France, and also the, I think it’s the Bernard Institute in Leon. So it was a conjoint. Basically, they’re working together, and what
they discovered was most interesting indeed. So they got hold of a bunch of mice, and they
deprived them off a particular antiviral, kind of a protein called the MAVS gene, M-A-V-S,
the MAVS gene. So these mice basically didn’t have the MAVS
gene. It was taken out of them. So what happened is, these mice developed
quite an interesting skin condition. So the microbiota got altered and, of course,
then they weren’t protected by this antiviral protein anymore. Okay, because that, genetically, was taken
out of them. So basically, their skin got attacked at remote
sites, further away from the gut, and they developed eczema. So what they decided on doing was then to
take the gut microbiota. So the bugs out of the gut and those mice,
deprived of that gene, into normal mice. And what they found is, that normal mice also
developed severe eczema. They developed major allergies against different
substances. So they finally cracked it. They finally worked out that the microbiota,
when it becomes disturbed, particularly if proteins are lacking, for a bit of a wonder,
who knows why, that reactions can occur further afield from the gut, especially severe reactions
like eczema. So a study was also conducted here, in Otago
University, in New Zealand, about three years ago with infants. And they discovered, low and behold, when
they gave probiotics to infants, the eczema cleared up much more rapidly than any other
therapy that they could use. So I’ve been well known in my industry to
treat really difficult skin conditions, and I’ve been very successful treating many of
them. And I’ve always worked on the fact, if you
get that gut in right shape, if you alter the diet and make the diet significant in
terms of its ability to feed the bacteria. I’ve been talking about this for 20 years. Long before they talked about that microbiota,
I knew that if you could feed off those bacteria, they could then, in turn, induce great health
to the skin and to the rest of the body. As an interesting aside, they also discovered
with these mice, with the MAVS gene that was taken out of them, the gut the kind of famil
permeable, more leaky. So as the microbiota changed more and more
and more, because viruses were attacking it more, the small intestine became much more
permeable, allowing again food proteins to leak through the intestinal wall and affect
the spleen and the lymph and all parts of the body, and making the person sicker and
sicker. Unfortunately, these people end up going to
the doctor and they get steroid creams, and they get steroid pills, and they get injections,
and they get told that they are fools, and they need to go and see a psychiatrist and
all this sort of junk. All this nonsense will all be gone in years
to, come because they’ll finally have worked out which bacteria need the most attention,
and they’ll be doing advanced stool testing on everybody. I can see that coming up well in the future,
And it’s a matter of getting the diet in line with getting the bacteria pumped up, good
levels of particular bacteria, and then the body’s health will take care of itself. All coming up in the future. Have a great day, guys. Don’t forget to click on the link below for
my free 17 page candida shopping list. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. How can I help my 11 year old daughter who eats junk and candy and every three hours food with her father 🙏🏾 What can I do ?

  2. hey my psoriasis has gotten worse after taking probiotics (thrive probiotics) and oil of oregano capsules. also I take betaine hcl and digestive enzymes with my meals. my skin and healthhas been worse for the past 6 months even after stopping the oregano. I'm on grassfed meat , sea salt and water diet as it helped a lot. but I got worse after the protocol. do I need to detox other organs?

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