List Of Allergies, Cause Of Allergies & Allergy Symptoms: What Causes Allergies To Develop

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Types Of Allergies, Causes Of Allergic Reaction,
And Symptoms Of An Allergy. Welcome to our channel, in today’s video,
we are going to explore different types of allergies, common causes of allergic reaction
and symptoms of an allergy. In our next video, we will explore 20 effective
home remedies for allergies. If you have not subscribed to this natural
healing and motivation channel, consider subscribing now by clicking the subscribe button. According to research, about 30% of America
adults have at least one type of allergy. To put into perspective, 1 in every 5 Americans
has an allergy. Apart from this, it is estimated that about
$25 billion is spent each year in managing food allergies in children alone. What is an allergy?. An allergy, or allergic reaction, occurs when
the body�s immune system reacts to an antigen (usually in response to a first time of exposure)
or a foreign substance that may be harmless to other people. This type of reaction is called a hypersensitivity
reaction because the immune system overreacts or becomes oversensitive in such a situation. The substance that triggers the allergic reaction
is referred to as an allergen. Examples of allergens are pollen, and dust. These allergens are mostly found in foods
and drinks. Types of allergies .
Depending on the cause of the allergy, the time of the year when the allergy occurs,
or the severity of the allergy, we can classify allergies into the following categories. � Food allergies like nut allergies. � Pet allergies such as dog allergy. � Drug allergies. � Allergic sinus infection. � Seasonal allergies. Also called hay fever or seasonal rhinitis,
allergies of this type usually occur during Spring or Fall when the pollen levels are
high. � Skin and eye allergies. � Perennial allergies. These are allergies that can occur at any
time of the year. � Anaphylaxis, which is a severe type of
allergy that may be caused by exposure to various allergens. Causes of allergic reaction. As previously explained, allergies are caused
by the body�s reaction to antigens. An antigen is any substance that triggers
the production of antibodies in the immune system. Antibodies are part of the body�s defense
system against harmful substances. One particular antibody called I g E (immunoglobin)
has been identified as the main trigger for allergic reactions. When I g E is produced in the body, it stimulates
the production of chemicals such as histamines. Histamine production causes muscular contraction
in the airways and vasoconstriction that leads to the symptoms of allergies. Causes of allergic reactions (allergens) include
the following. � Pollen. � Certain medications like penicillin. � Dust. � Animal dander. � Insect sting. � Mold spores. � Certain types of food like nuts and fish. � Latex. The following are factors that contribute
to the development of allergies. � Children who were delivered by C-section. � Asthma. � Family history of allergies. � Presence of another allergy. � Childhood. � The season of the year. � Insufficient exposure to sunlight. Symptoms of an allergy. Although the symptoms of allergic reactions
may vary from one person to another and depending on the cause of the allergy, there are common
symptoms that characterize the condition. Some of the common symptoms of allergies include. � Sneezing. � Itching, especially in the nose, skin
and eyes. � Skin rashes. � Nausea and vomiting. � Runny nose. � Swelling. � Wheezing. � Coughing. � Stuffy nose. If you have an allergy, our next video about
home remedies for allergy will be of great help. Stay tuned. Don’t forget to like this video and click
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