List Show – 7 Unexpected Allergies Are More Common Than You Think

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According to more than 50 million
Americans suffer from allergies each year. Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic
illness in the U.S. with an annual cost in excess of $18 billion The most common allergies include pollen,
dust mites and mold but there are a few unexpected allergies that are more common than you would
expect. Number 1 Leather Allergy Do your leather shoes give you a rash? You
may be allergic to the chemicals in the tanning leather process.”This type of allergy is called
contact dermatitis (a form of eczema), and you can diagnose it by doing a patch test.” Number 2 Water Allergy A water allergy, known as aquagenic urticaria.
We all need water to survive but some people get hives or urticaria after coming in contact
with water. The symptoms usually go away after 15-30 min. Number 3 Semen Allergy This a very rare allergy but symptoms include
hives and swelling in the vaginal area after sexual intercourse. The best treatment is
to wear a condom or get an allergy shot. Number 4 Exercise Allergy There are two types of this allergy. One occurs
after eating food before you exercise and the other occurs without eating food. In mild cases, exercise allergy causes only
urticaria, or hives, but in a more severe form, it can lead to anaphylaxis, a dangerous
condition in which your blood pressure drops suddenly and you have trouble breathing. Number 5 Allergy to the sun “Solar urticaria is another of the physical
urticarias. Symptoms include hives, stinging and itching. It appears with within 30 minutes
of exposure to the sun and can clear up minutes after getting out of the sun. Number 6 Allergy to coins Some people get a rash after handling coins.
The are most likely allergic to nickel, one of the metals from which coins are made.This
is another type of contact dermatitis. The best treatment is to avoid exposure. Number 7 Allergy to cold Cold urticaria can be life-threatening if
a person is suddenly exposed to extreme cold, such as diving into very cold water. This
can cause a massive release of histamine, which can severely drop the blood pressure.
If you experience any of these symptoms you may be allergic to something you did not know
about. Speak to your doctor about an allergy test. For dailyRx, I’m Kylie Badgley.

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