List Show – Distinguishing Signs of Allergies, A Cold & The Flu

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Have you ever asked yourself: do I have a
cold, the flu, or airborne allergies? It is often difficult to diagnose without a test
at a doctors office. However, there are a few tell tail signs that can help you distinguish
between the three. Number 1: Have a fever? A flu will often be accompanied by a high
fever, usually 100-102 degrees F. This can last between 3 to 4 days. Number 2: Aches
and Pains. Allergies will never be associated with general aches and pains. The flu is often
associated with aches and pains and a cold has slight aches and pains. Number 3: Chest
Discomfort. Chest discomfort is rare for those with allergies, with the exception of allergic
asthma. A cold and flu however commonly have chest discomfort associated with the illness.
Number 4: Sneezing. Sneezing is usually associated with allergies or a cold. However, occasionally
sneezing will be accompanied by the flu. Number 5: Runny Nose. A runny nose is very common
with both allergies and a cold, however a flu sufferer will occasionally have a runny
nose as well. As you can see it is very difficult to distinguish the difference between a cold,
the flu, and airborne allergies. When in doubt speak with your physician for guidance.

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