Livan Mesh Nebulizer MN 325

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Livan Mesh Nebulizer MN 325 has a Giftbox A Carrybag The devce (Liquid tank & main device) Mask & Mouthpiece Adapter & AA battery And a User manual ( IFU) If you want remove the liquid tank from main device. You need pull down the liquid tank lock holder and Hold Then pull back the liquid tank to divorced Insert the liquid tank You just put the liquid tank into the main device. When the liquid tank insert into main device well The liquid tank lock holder will hold well If you want operation the device by battery. You need use 2 AA alkaline batteries. You can found the battery cover under the device Push down the battery cover holder and pull up the cover Insert the AA batteries. Please pay attention to the battery polarity Then close the cover. You need open the liquid tank cover to fill the liquid The liquid tank cover holder is back of the cover Open the cover and fill liquid After fill the liquid, make sure close the cover well Operation MN 325 is very easy. Press the ON/OFF button in front of the main devcie then device will start atomized You also and use MASK or Mouthpiece to inhalation After inhalation, just press the ON/OFF button again. then the device will turn off You also can operate the device with Adapter You can confirm the power supply from the indicator light on the adapter Then remove the adapter jack cover under the device Plug the cable into the adapter jack socket on the device then you can turn on the device now after inhalation, you need remove the adapter from device Turn off the device first, then remove the adapter cable from the device Stuffed back the adapter jack cover to adapter jack on main device Remove the adapter from electrical outlet MN 325 can use the reverse atomization function to exclude the mesh holes from clogged First, Hold the mesh nebulizer and place the vapor outlet facing up Add some DISTILLED water into the vapor outlet Then turn on the device. Continued operation to the device begin to atomizer. After reverse atomization, please clean the liquid tank IT is important to clean the liquid tank, mouthpiece & mask after every use Pour out the residual solutions in the liquid tank Pour some distilled water Turn on the device for 1~2 minutes to clean the mesh remove the liquid tank from main device Use mixed soap liquid to clean the liquid tank, mask & mouthpiece Rinse all pieces (liquid tank, mask & mouthpiece) thoroughly under running warm tap water Shake off excess water and allow parts to fully air dry on a clean, dry towel Put these items out of the reach of children Keep the device clean is very important Use the 70% ethyl alcohol to disinfect these items Only Liquid tank, Mask & Mouthpiece can soaked Soak the parts in 70% ethyl alcohol for approx. 10 minutes When soak liquid tank, please open the liquid tank cap And make sure the parts are completely covered with ethyl alcohol. After soaked, shake off excessive alcohol from the parts and put the part on a clean, lint free towel for air dry Then remove the alcohol from the mesh Put the liquid tank into the main device Fill fully liquid tank with distilled water. Turn on the device to atomized the distilled water for 10 minutes Turn off the device then shake off the distilled water from the liquid tank Let liquid tank air dry on a clean, lint free towel Disinfect the main device & adapter by wiping them off with a lint-free cloth with 70% alcohol DO not soak main device & adapter in the alcohol Then allow the Main device & adapter to sit for 5 minutes

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