92 thoughts on “LIVE: Coronavirus Task Force members hold a press briefing

  1. Bernie is our only non-politicking hope. Bernie cares about all of our health care, not just those who can afford Obamacare, who by the way, also stay away from the doctor because of the ridiculous deductibles.

  2. Yes sell them to hospitals but let us pay for them and let the trump play golf and travel on us too a win win for you and the cult Pence

  3. Says they take it seriously yet they're all standing super close and touching their eyes and faces, coughing into hands as habit.

  4. fake American Media always covers the b***** news it's all about ratings weather at CNN Fox ABC NBC they're only interested in ratings why are they giving Republicans free air time during an election year?

  5. Dr recommends taking extra pills when I need one…….dr can only order 30 tabs bc of Insurance policies and rules. HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO STOCK UP ON MEDS? When the rules for prescriptions only ALLOW A CERTAIN AMOUNT A MONTH? LIES…..

  6. Let's get real!

    With all the hate talking on the Internet does anybody really believe we can contain the coronavirus? If you are a cashier at a supermarket and your healthy and get sick are you going to inform the government or just sit it out at home hoping to get over it. These days you almost have to believe that Democrats and Republicans would love to give the coronavirus to each other. My bet is it will become the new flu if not this year than probably next. As the saying goes an eye for an eye and what goes around comes around.

  7. It must be hard for the physicians having to listen to Trump & Pence, as they are normally a conservative group, but that is likely to change….

  8. Coronavirus ‘worse than a bomb’ on Italy, says doctor coordinating response https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mrPHO-nkVE Krisenradio 11 – Die tödliche Arroganz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d27bvRg_g4c Our Authorities' Poor Response To The Coronavirus Is Just Making Things Worse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0HYh6zjTUo Peak Prosperity 286.000 Abo Tuesday 10th March Research and update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZV9z0RVhy4
    Dr. John Campbell
    406.000 Abonnenten

  9. This a load of crap propaganda! Yep we believe everything what China said. We are in trouble guys! Our government are getting their information from China. WTF?!

  10. Trump can't spell Science, let alone understand it. He uses the same 20 words, saying nothing, mostly. Trump stinks as the leader of the USA. Vote him out.

  11. Pence and Trump have to have their fat faces on TV to get free airtime and squeeze some politics out of this tragedy… And once again the media can't get enough of their BS

  12. What about more access to the public for buying 3M masks…why are we not making these ourselves in bulk right now for all of our citizens?

  13. The trump administration murdered all our elderly.

    All I keep getting from them is we dont know what to do throw some more money at it.

  14. Even the National Review has a problem with Trump's lame response to this major threat to Public Health:

  15. Some investigating Journalists need to find out what kind of sweetheart
    deal the Trump Administration made that is causing the delay in
    producing test kits. Some corporation is making a bundle of money while
    Americans are becoming infected. Everything is for sale in America!

  16. Some investigating Journalists need to find out what kind of sweetheart
    deal the Trump Administration made that is causing the delay in
    producing test kits. Some corporation is making a bundle of money while
    Americans are becoming infected. Everything is for sale in America!

  17. Some investigating Journalists need to find out what kind of sweetheart
    deal the Trump Administration made that is causing the delay in
    producing test kits. Some corporation is making a bundle of money while
    Americans are becoming infected. Everything is for sale in America!

  18. Whatever amount of time you spend watching these NO NOTHING idiots is how much time out of your life that they've wasted.

  19. SO WHY… ARE SICK PEOPLE in WA … especially in the nursing homes still not able to get tested? Why not tell people the truth that you have more swabs kits .. but still very scarce on the test kits you need to test the swabs?! Stop trying to minimize this to avoid the President having one of his meltdowns over numbers that he thinks makes him look bad. There would be a lot LESS unnecessary fear if people felt they could trust the words of the administration. Why is it that the few being tested are found positive with local/state labs… but they can't be officially said to be infected until the CDC verifies it? That seems to be an unnecessary extra week or more.

  20. they look terrified… so much for the "dont panick" rhetoric
    btw, even if you survive this, u will be left with permanent scars on your lung and life time respiratory issues, they just released this info also, all teh cured ppl who take a second exam after 2 weeks were found with permanent scars on their lungs, trachea and more
    and its not flu, its SARS+HIV (thats why some HIV meds help with it also)

  21. Exactly the reporter is correct, US government is so unique that they give the rights to commercial labs and make money from disaster

  22. Take note, all the test kit is coming in too late already and can jump straight into countrywide lock down like Italy. Obviously US government still considering economics and not health and well-being of society.

  23. If they delay longer, the problem will even become worst when more people gets infected and the whole of America run short of protective gears and therapeutic drugs. It's stupid plan.

  24. Why even say you will decide on rallies day by day? Just say that they are suspended until at least the peak is over. Otherwise is just selfish and foolish. Rallies can wait. Big groups like that just exposed more people to possible infections that they then take back to their communities. It's stupid.

  25. Even if they want the Chinese to faster manufacture drugs, there is always peak capacity and if everyone wants the same drugs, how to meet such demand? It will be horrible to delay a complete shutdown. It's better to shutdown sooner then later.

  26. Luke.21: 10 Then he said to them: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. 11 There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.

    Isa.55: 6 Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:
    7 Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

  27. They have so much goals that are unrealistic when implemented. Setting unattainable goal, might as well not have them.

  28. This is not 45s doing he could careless about anyone! this is VP letting 45 take props. Still I won’t vote for him ever. He put US at risk for nothing! Just being stupid

  29. You flatten the curve with quarantine stop air travel for leisure stop gatherings work from home school from home via internet more testing employers take responsibility to stop or curve beccasry work. Then you might flatten curve and you know it we saw wuhan. They didnt do it treating it like flu

  30. What about people that have to go to dialysis every other day? They can't quarantine. Then the staff has to go to run the dialysis centers. Will there be enough staff to replace those that get sick?

  31. Trump created this epidemic
    We need the chinese to take over Now to show us how to get it under control!

  32. Did anyone else notice Mr Acosta put his finger to his mouth in the same breath he questioned the President's hand shaking practice?

  33. Millions of SSI Recipients have to see a Shrink in a Crowded Waiting Room once each Month to Keep their Healthcare . EBT and SSI check coming in . It's Over .. 🙁 QC

  34. Here's what I observed, There is no true out beak because I live in nus and there is not 1 case where I live and that's one of the biggest borrows and that Brooklyn NY!! It's a scam to get days off and mini vacations for the elite! Come on now!!!!
    It's not even rampid in Africa like you people wish it was!! Ahhhh haaaa! We good!
    You want to spread it in Africa but all attempt has failed!!! Once again..
    Ahhhhhh haaaaaaaaa!
    Try as you will with your man made sicknesses but we don't die we multiplie!!!
    Ahhhhhh hàaaaaaaa!😏😏😏

  35. Just a FLU, no panic, go to the rally, Trump needed your support, regardless symptoms. Flu………
    You guys changed your tone so fast, telling the truth?

  36. What about the availability of the damn tests?! Pence keeps throwing out numbers and dates. Then still nothing, and he proceeds to throw out another date, then another date! All lies!!!! America, we are in trouble!!! And our government, as well as the CDC and FDA……none of them care!! All that they are doing is feeding us BS!!!! It's horrific seeing how incompetent they all are! They can take their BS coronavirus virus website and stick it!!

  37. Pence can just just up already!!! Lies, LIES, and more LIES!!! Where are all these supposed tests at? Hospitals, Public Heath, and doctors offices don't have them!!!!!!!

  38. China should be held accountable for the people they've killed and businesses they've harmed with their negligence handling this. The CCP knew about the virus at the end of 2019 but didn't think it was something they should tell anyone. Doctors spoke out and the CCP silenced those doctors and containment would have been possible at that point in time as well but the CCP shows it had no interest in saving human lives and I believe China is actually the number one human rights violators in the world so maybe that should have been expected. The fact that %90 of pharmaceuticals comes from China is a national security problem. China doesn't even need a military to take down the United States all China needs to do is not ship medicine to the United States and watch everyone die. China hates the west so let them find their own route to prosperity instead of piggy backing off nations. Why send our jobs to China that hates our country, culture, and tries to undermine us every way possible? Shut down all of the factories there and bring home the jobs. We have people that can do all of those jobs. There are plenty of citizens looking for work and immigrants that want to come to the United States and make a new life with their families that are available to work.

    China willingly did NOT contain the virus when their own doctors reported the virus to the CCP at the end of 2019. Send China the bill for every person with medical bills from this and for every business harmed by this and stop relying on China they continually show that they are not reliable and can't even be counted on (yet again) to tell the truth.

    The difference between the seasonal flu deaths and this coronavirus is that we are able to prepare for the annual flu and understand the limit of what we can do whereas this coronavirus —– COULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED BEFORE IT SPREAD AT THE END OF 2019 BUT IT WASN'T. None of these deaths had to happen. I would almost call this negligent homicide. This virus could also have been stopped from even coming to the United States had this country been prepared. It's a war we didn't have to find ourselves preparing to fight at the 11th hour.

  39. Run as an independent in Bernie. We got to get these ridiculous clowns out of office. Look at them control freaks won't step aside and let the scientists and doctors take over to solve this coronavirus crisis.

  40. Until there is sufficient tests being run in every community all this means zero lol you cant contain when u cant identify

  41. I have travelled through several states in crowded places over the past 4 weeks and I have not caught this FAKE virus! I will not hide in my house and I am not scared because this is a bunch of fake hysteria hyped by the fake news mom. just like I never caught ebola, or Sars, or Zika, or swine flu. they stage a fake epidemic every 2 to 4 years to funnel aid money into their pockets! there is no covid19 virus.

  42. Peeps I know y'all don't like the truth much but this virus is the climate change we slowed down the carbon monoxide I'm warning y'all proceeding and not looking at the benefit if y'all can't control it Allah can this his warning

  43. Just hearing y'all talking I know y'all don't prayer the lord have the cure in a will be and it is y'all not looking for that

  44. How about giving financial assistance for those who cannot afford or don’t have the opportunity to work from home? If my husband and I get sick we don’t have remote jobs. I’m an RN and he’s a heavy equipment foreman. We are of the 99% here people…. as for masks? That’s a joke! “Out of stock” online and in stores! Where I work the masks are on back order! We don’t even have e Pugh PPE to protect our own! But I’m sure the elite 1% will surely survive!

  45. Companies are telling the employees that they don't need masks if they're not infected however the vice president just said the hospital workers need the mask even though they're not infected. What's really going on here

  46. Do not lose to coronavirus
    Watch for a body, everybody
    Thank you very much, everybody of medical personnel
    So that everyday life returns early🌏

  47. So even if you are asymptomatic….your doctor makes the decision to test …anyone can be tested in a doctor's indication, so you have to beg your doctor?

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