LIVE IT: Reduce Cholesterol with Nuts

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(lively dance music) ♫ Live it ♫ I’m gonna live it ♫ Live it – When it comes to your
health, it’s okay to go a little nuts, especially
since heart disease is so prevalent in our country. – [Dr. Reeves] In fact, one
third of Americans have high LDL cholesterol, the
bad kind of cholesterol. Those with high total
cholesterol have twice the risk of heart disease compared to people whose cholesterol levels are under 200. – With heart disease being
the number one killer in the United States,
researchers advise us to go nuts with our health. – Back in 1993 Loma
Linda University Health made a landmark discovery that
reversed the health advice from the American Heart Association. Up until then the organization
advised the public against eating nuts because
of the high fat content. – However Dr. Joan Sabaté
discovered that adding one to two servings of nuts
to our daily diets could actually cut our risk of
having a heart attack in half. During the initial study,
the researchers put subjects on a two-month diet known as
the American Heart Association Step One Diet to lower cholesterol. – Half of those subjects
were fed the same diet with 20% of the calories
coming from walnuts. The following month, the group switched. – The walnut diet lowered
much more the cholesterol particularly the LDL
cholesterol that is considered the bad cholesterol,
without changes in the good cholesterol, the HDL cholesterol. – Nuts are rich in unsaturated
fat, a healthy type of fat that our bodies need to reduce LDLs, the bad cholesterol in our blood. In addition, walnuts have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s help lower
levels of triglycerides, a type of fat in the bloodstream. Nuts are also loaded with protein. – Percent-wise and
quantity-wise, it’s even greater than the protein that is in meat or in many other animal products. Besides fat and protein, nuts
have many other micronutrients such as minerals, vitamins. – [Patricia] For more than
20 years, Dr. Sabaté has been studying the effect of nuts on our health and summarized that one to
two servings of nuts a day lowers cholesterol by 10%. – So what are today’s health tips? Eat a handful of nuts
a day to cut your risk of heart disease in half
and reduce your cholesterol. – Every morning that I have a smoothie I put whatever is the ripe
fruit that is available and then two or three handful of nuts. That is the perfect smoothie. – Other ways to incorporate
nuts into your diet include topping salads with
nuts instead of croutons or adding them on pizza and pasta. There’s your tip for the day on how you can live healthier, longer. (lively dance music) ♫ Live it ♫ I’m gonna live it ♫ Live it

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