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all right so we’re going to a burglary
in progress, it’s actually out in the county but it was a priority one call so
we’re gonna respond to it and we’re gonna be the closest unit. Two people were seen
jumping a fence to a vacant property and nobody is supposed to be there so we’re
gonna go check it out and see what’s going on. it’s gonna be a fake tag looks like it’s
Romeo India it’s just a piece of paper
written on there. Come out! Come out of here now! Tallahassee police, if you’re in here make yourself known! Come out, are you by yourself? I’m 1012 with a white female claiming that she’s by herself. Come out here to me now. Put the shovel down. Turn around. You were here by yourself? Yes. I’m pretty sure there’s another person inside, I saw somebody wearing a pink shirt, we probably need to try to clear this residence. Hey, look at there, pink shirt, roll over get on your stomach. Why are you laying in the grass
then? Why are you on this property? Is this your property? We got EMS coming for me okay? Where’d you get stung at? Your back? Do you have an EpiPen? You don’t know where it is? In the car?
Okay. Come on. She apparently has been stung by several bees which she claims she’s allergic to so EMS is here just to check her out and make sure she is not having any allergic reactions to the bee stings. The property owner has decided that he
does want to press charges for burglary, they were in there inside of a
locked gate with the intention to commit a crime, so they will both be going to
jail tonight for burglary and the sheriff’s office is taking primary. We
will clear this as a backup to them and get out of here

100 thoughts on “Live PD: The Banana Bandits (Season 4) | A&E

  1. Going bananas 🍌 stung by bees 🐝 lol 😂 and carried out like a bride 👰 off jail I think the real question is that a female or male I thought it was a male

  2. I like how the lady somehow thinks that she can just take a tree off of property she doesn't own. The way she said it was like its a normal daily thing.

    I'm guessing meth heads.

  3. Woman: Listen, I've been stung three times by bees . . . I'm allergic to em.
    Officer: Why are you laying in the grass then?


  4. That cop picked her up like she weighed nothing, technically she doesn't weigh much, now if it was the other woman who couldn't breathe he would have second thoughts about carrying her. 😏

  5. This sucks because the home owner didn't want press charges so there is no injured party so now the city or county will press charges and they were not inured. this is an unlawful arrest. Our great Pres. will soon be changing this type of thing. I'm not saying they were not wrong in what they did but the cops and city/county is breaking the law too, but they do it all the time.

  6. they arrive to a place to burglarize…. get this some bananas….. && the owner presses charges!! 4mins of unbelievable —zzler

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