LiveWest supports pioneering allergies project

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So having a child with intolerances with
you know reactions to foods not knowing what they are, you now have to be very
careful with the way we approach eating we have to make it a very much a game
it’s very isolating because you know you can’t just go to a soft play you can’t go
out and about it’s really difficult meeting people, so that’s why I wanted to
set the group up so that not only is it you know a massive support for myself
and other people in my you know situation but so that I can learn how
best to parent my child. So LiveWest helped me set my play group up, they provided me with funding, they were also very supportive, they have
publicised for me. Facebook is amazing the forums on Facebook there are loads.
You just find out you know how common these things are you know how common it is to have intolerances, how common it is to have allergies, thinking where in
the future I’d like to open up more baby and toddler groups in the area
and you know further afield really because I think it’s something that you
know a lot of families out there would really benefit from and we don’t know
how many families because these families keep to themselves. Had people from America and Australia say like how amazing this is they have nothing out there like that.
These children today they didn’t feel alone they didn’t feel isolated they
were able to play in safety. I think this group will be amazing for parents lives
I think it will really change them I think today they’ve been able to sit and
talk with one another and not even maybe get advice from someone else but just
that listening to that you are not alone out there and that someone else is going
through what you are going through. It’s just, it’s powerful.

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