Living with a PEANUT ALLERGY | Caroline and Olivia

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– Hi, I’m Caroline. – And I’m Olivia. – [Both] And we are your
totally teenage twins. – And you’re watching Squared. (scribbling) (chiming sound) – So if you’re new here, I’m Olivia. – And I’m Caroline. – And we post here on Squared – [Both] Every single Thursday. – So for this week’s
video we’re gonna be doing – What it’s like having a peanut allergy or a nut allergy or being
allergic to anything. – So before we get into this video, as usual, be sure to give a – [Both] Big thumbs up – And be sure to click – [Both] That subscribe button down below. Let’s get started. – Okay, so I think the very first thing that’s the most significant major about having a peanut allergy is you have to carry an
EpiPen around with you. This is our EpiPen pack. Olivia and I each have one, here you go Olivia. This is mine, so basically they have our names on them. So basically you have this EpiPen as like a shot, like medicine so if you are having an allergic reaction you take it out of its case. – You pull this blue cap off. – I think I’m a flight attendant. Fasten your seat belt, and pull down your air mask. No, then you take off the blue top and then you put it in your thigh and you kinda stab it in there so you get a bruise.
– And it goes through all your clothes and everything. Even jeans.
– And you hold it there for ten seconds. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s painful. Olivia and I– – We’ve never had, fun fact, we’ve never to use an EpiPen. – Yes. – So, that’s like another thing. In case you’re wondering we both have peanut allergies. Caroline was diagnosed like
when she was really young and I was diagnosed
like maybe last summer. We went in just for a health thing, or an allergy test just to
make sure we’re all good and then apparently I have high allergies, Caroline? – So that’s crazy, we never knew that she was allergic all along. I think the most other significant thing about a peanut allergy is you can’t have anything
that has nuts in it. So on Halloween, you have to throw about half of your candy
cause they all have those Reese’s peanut butter cups. – Snickers. – Butterfingers.
– Babe Ruth. Butterfingers. – Whoppers, Almond Joys, not Whoppers, Snickers. You said that.
– Yeah, there’s so many. Okay, so that’s that thing. – And then when you go
to like ice cream shops, or bakery shop, or fudge shops, any place that might
have baked it with nuts, one you have to ask if there’s any nuts or peanuts in them, and then two, if you’re eating ice cream you have to ask if they either wash the spoon in the back, that way you don’t get peanut butter from another ice cream then into your ice cream cone. And sometimes they have to wash the spoon, sometimes they have to go in the back and get fresh ice cream. Sometimes it can be kind of a pain when you’re trying to order quick. – Another big, significant thing about having a peanut allergy that you might not think of is like whenever you wanna drink
after somebody else, like whether it’s just a
water bottle or something, you have to ask them “hey, have you had peanuts today?” because maybe they– – Share a snack, if they touched all the chips in the bag. – That’s another, yeah. – It’s kind of a pain, yeah. The next thing about
having a peanut allergy is everyone who’s allergic, they might have a more significant case of having allergies so like for example, Olivia and I are the, we’re almost at the highest level, we’re stage four. I think the highest level is stage five.
– Stage five you can’t even breathe in. – Stage five you can’t breathe in . Some people have to stay at home and be home schooled. We can breathe it, we just can’t eat it. So it’s really serious
that we don’t get any piece in our mouth cause even a little of a half of a peanut that will do it for us. We will have our lungs swelling up and we’ll lose breath. Air, oxygen. – Another, I think this
is like the last thing is another like huge
annoyance of a peanut allergy is you always have to
carry something around. Instead of just carrying your phone, and like a wallet, and like a bracelet, you have to get another bag to carry your EpiPen around because you know like wherever you go you might touch something. – It’s just never like a
whole grab and go phone thing. It’s like a whole bag. And then if you’re gonna have an EpiPen you might as well have ear buds. You might as well have sunglasses. There’s no end to it. And I think the last thing
about having a peanut allergy is a common misconception. People always ask Olivia, how are you guys able to eat Chick-Fil-A? Well Chick-Fil-A, they have peanut oil so lots of people think “Oh, you can’t eat that.” Well it turns out, peanut oil, if it’s 100% refined, you can have it because the protein in the peanut is what people with peanut allergies are really allergic to. They’re actually not allergic to the oil. So if all that protein’s drained out, and it’s 100% pure peanut oil, well then you’re good to go. – Eat more chicken. – Give this video a big thumbs up if you learned some new
somewhat cool things about having a peanut allergy. – And if you want to see more of us you can be sure to click all down there, we’ll have all of our socials. And if you want to see more
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76 thoughts on “Living with a PEANUT ALLERGY | Caroline and Olivia

  1. Ok I also have peanut allergy so um I'm gonna die because soon the whole world will have everything food have peanuts and I can't eat so I eat it and die the end the peanut allergy is true but it's real bad Read more

  2. I'm allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. My level is 4. I am not homeschooled. But if I smell it I COULD get hives. If I touch it I WILL get hives. If eat it my throat will close and I won't be able to breathe.

  3. i didnt know that about peanut oil. i knew that the allergy is from the peanut protein. have you ever wondered why they call peaNuts Nuts? they are really Legumes!

  4. Cardiac arrest, 2 seizures, flatline experienced peanut allergy that was my last and worse experience with use of epinephrine pen also pretty bad pea allergy refuse to test garbanzo beans and mildly allergic to avocado and can't have peanut oils lucky for me I don't have the luxury to wander and come close to the line and wouldn't want to anyway

  5. I have a severe allergy to egg. I am 16. I have used an epic pen 4 times. It does not hurt. It's like a cold rush going through your thigh

  6. You two r just like me because I have severe anaphylaxis so I could go into cardiac rest with in 30 seconds with me having an reaction thank you to share awareness!

  7. I have a peanut allergie to I have had it since I was in kindergarten so I have never had any peanut butter before or reeses pieces I can't have any of Tim Hortons (only really in canada but it has great food) food or any thing from dairy queen and I already knew about all of this stuff but thanks for making this video any way

  8. I have a stage 4 peanut allergy and i'm allergic to all other nuts.THIS VIDEO DEMONSTRATES MY LIFE Because on halloween I trade with my sister for all the reese's,milky way,almond joy,snickers,etc.Also I used to not eat chick-fil-a when I was 4 or 5 because my mom thought i couldnt eat it because they had it refined.So when we found out I got a whole grain bun,but we didnt know there was flaxseed in the bun so I had to go to the hospital.

  9. Peanuts are a legume and not a nut. If a person suffers only from peanut allergy they can have nuts. By law all food should state if it has nuts and peanuts as both are different from each other – the peanut is a legume and nuts are nuts. Also groundnut oil is dangerous for peanut allergy sufferers as well as lupin four. Please educate yourselves on this information. It’s unknown too often and needs to be taught. Take Care

  10. Everyone please do not completely trust the chick fil a thing. I would definitely check with your allergen before you eat it. Half of kids with a peanut allergy have a peanut oil allergy. 💕

  11. Ahh I have a severe peanut allergy!! I know how it feels to carry around an epi-pen EVERYWHERE!! Thank you SO much for this video! And for the girl on the left (sorry I don't know your name) I was diagnosed at a young age too!! It's is so cool to see that you guys understand what I go through 🙂 my friends except one of them don't understand me, but she only has a mild allergy.

  12. I have a peanut allergy too it could kill me my I’m trained in how to used and epi-pen and it’s hard to find high school that will take me in as I have a allergic also I’m allergic to ever nut btw I found out I was allergic when I was 3 since den I have never had a allergic reaction thank God stage 5 and yes I do going to middle school last year there I hate Halloween bye ❤️❤️❤️

  13. I have a peanut allergy 🙂 I hate it but lots of people i know HATE peanuts 'cause they apparently they're greasy and fatty. So i'm kinda glad im allergic to them.

  14. Hi! Im allergic to peanuts to😞 I’m deadly, not minor☹️. Thing that sucks the most is that my name is Reece🙄, and I actually had a reaction to a small sip of a coffee that had Reese’s peanut butter cups in it at school and I had to use the epi-pen. I feel your pain it is NOT fun leaving with this!

  15. When I was 7 I rubbed a peanut on my lip (because that’s normal😂) and the next bite wasn’t pretty but that’s how I found out!

  16. Wow didn’t know that about peanut oil!! But I guess it makes sense! I have celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disease in which gluten causes damage in th small intestine. Vinegar is made with gluten but it’s fermented and all the proteins come out so I’d say that’s pretty similar to peanut oil!

  17. Is this a joke😂. Do they know they just put a lot of kids at risk for an allergic reaction? If you have a peanut allergy you can’t eat peanut oil😂 having peanut oil put me in the hospital so…don’t eat it

  18. excellent video girls. Just a warning please—-Kids and adults have reacted to Chick-fil-a ! So happy you all are ok with it. But many people are still allergic to peanut oil no matter how it is processed. New findings are that it doesn't have to contain the "protein" for a reaction and sometimes peanut oil can still have traces. Also try not to drink after anyone if you are anaphylactic sharing glasses, bottles and silverware is a very dangerous and risky habit.

  19. The worst thing: Everyone eating Nutella in my face and asking “ ya want some? It’s soooooo good!!!" and I have to say no. BECAUSE I'M ALLERGIC TO FRICKIN HAZELNUTS!!!!!

  20. I’m allergic to Clorox cleaning stuff which really sucks because you never know if your friends parents use it or something so any where I go it’s a risk for a reaction luckily it’s not to severe and I’m super allergic to honey dew and other melon

  21. Ive got a tree nut allergy, and it came quite suddenly. Id always had minor symptoms but last christmas it resulted in full scale anaphylaxis. Its frustrating, but im learning to manage

  22. I had to use my epi pen about a week ago and it didn't hurt that bad and i have a phobia of needles lol i have an allergy to peanuts, tree nuts and almond. It sucks tbh

  23. It’s annoying, because everyone wants to see your épi pen, and if your allergies are severe and you have anaphylaxis like me you need a medic alert bracelet and people always ask why you have it, and last but not least your the center of the show because of it.

  24. Hey hopefully you'll never need to use them I have a allergy peanuts and tree nuts thanks for info about Chick-fil-A Chick-fil-A very helpful

  25. I'm allergic to nuts I have asthma and I have dyslexia I'm allergic to cats and dust

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