Lỡ hít phải Covid19-Cách cứu cánh cuối cùng |How to get rid of Covid19 If it is accidentally inhaled

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The epidemic of COVID-19 is becoming increasingly complex. If you accidentally inhale the virus, do not worry, because there is still an extremely important and effective remedy. The implementation of measures to protect the health of themselves and the community such as avoiding crowded places, staying far away from people suspected of being infected over 2 m, wearing a mask, regularly washing hands … like the Ministry of Health The announcement is very necessary. But what if the above measures are ignored, what do we have to do? According to Dr. Le Quoc Hung, Head of the Department of Tropical Diseases, Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, who directly successfully treated the Chinese father and son with Covid-19 we still have an important huge block. Studies of the mechanism of infection and pathogenicity of Covid-19 have shown that: After entering the oropharynx area, the virus enters the mucosal cells and replicates, from one to hundreds. They grow and go deep into the body. That is the incubation period. Therefore, to prevent virus infection or transmission to others, we must try to prevent the virus from reaching our oropharynx. By following some basic principles, we can eliminate the virus when accidentally inhaled: 1. Use an antiseptic solution to gargle, not only mouth. Try to get the solution as deep as you can in the throat. 2.Just about 5ml solution for one rinse. There is no need for too much as it is more difficult to bring the solution down to the throat area. 3. Each time about 2 minutes, including three times down the throat, each time about 15 seconds. After finishing, leave, not rinse with water. 4. Rinse your throat before going out and as soon as coming home (or as soon as you have close contact with others). If on the plane, you should rinse every 3 hours (with chlohexidin) or immediately after eating. 5. In epidemic areas, rinse periodically according to the time of effect of each solution. 6. Don’t be subjective. Coordinate all measures to prevent disease effectively.

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