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this is easy but how? it did not know it! herbonautas loved ones, today I realized that this channel already exists 7 years ago with 31 million views I thought, I will summarize in twenty points the most important thoughts of this channel what is what need to know any herbonaut registered in this channel? 1. Let your food be your medicine and thy medicine be thy food not 2. something basic: health can not be bought in pharmacies or in hospitals, on the contrary, there frequently are bought and acquired diseases and unsolvable problems 3. all diseases except surgical, for example when you broken leg or slipped on a banana peel all the diseeaesw originate in the head from what we feel and what we think and after spendining some time, the disease happens to the physical plane 4. the best natural remedies are often at your fingertips not there in distant countries or in very expensive shops but in your kitchen, in your garden, in the park, around you we do not know exactly what are the remedies and this we learn about 5. distrusts and you will be shure, do not believe all the nonsense that sometimes are published on the internet Learn investigate and distrust 6. for more good a natural in some remedy can not and should not be perpetuated forever in your life It should be alternated with other remedies with the idea of ​​restoring harmony in the body 7. check contraindications of any natural remedy any remedy for more good it is, have some contraindication for which we must be careful 8. before taking any remedy sure well the plant that you eat is really authentic Make sure the scientific name of the plant coincides with the popular name and coincides with photography and the plant you are preparing 9. However good intentions have someone on the Internet including me, it is not possible prescribe online 9. prescribing always depend on a naturopathic doctor my videos are only informative illustrative, of knowledge and difusion comment on natural remedies with your naturopath or with your trusted physician looking doctor with an open mind 11. avoid eating industrialized food meat, milk, eggs, dairy products, alcohol, Avoid cigarettes and keep your body clean 12. be happy and smile smile costs nothing and improves health laugh at itself is one of the signs of good health 13. coexists with nature, love her and respect her 14. Learn to listen to your body Your body speaks through erruptions, using small pains through sensations, listen to learn from them and take them into account 15. perform moderate exercise Moderate I said, this is very important is not good win world marathons and then spend weeks with pain or sick 16. sleep minimum 8 hours per day, sleep is the basis of the good health 17. eat organic fruit and vegetables since it does not contain residues of pesticides is not advantageous eat plenty of fruit and vegetables if it has been previously contaminated 18. Make at your home living pharmacy even in little pots, plant plants useful for your state of health 19. Share your knowledge with others since no one can be completely happy if you learn not to share your happiness with others 20. Never be a fanatic of anything let be patient and tolerant with the rest. with those who are learning and taking its first steps in herbalism and healthy living a hug for everyone and congratulations!

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