Locations of competitions; anti-doping and audiogram testings

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Hello from Chiavenna, Italy! Time is nearing to
the Opening Ceremony tomorrow for the 2019 Winter Deaflympics. There are six sports
that will be contested in 35 different events. The competitions will
happen in four different areas. The hockey and chess
competitions will take place in Chiavenna. The curling competitions will
take place in Madesimo. The alpine skiing,
cross country skiing, and border cross
(four-way snowboarding racing) competitions will happen
in Santa Caterina. The other snowboarding events
of big air and slopestyle were originally planned to
happen in Santa Caterina, but it was moved to Chiesa
in Valmalenco due to insufficient snow. There’s more snow over there. Now, Callie will explain
about two very important sporting-related tests. Today I had the opportunity
to interview two different officials for anti-doping
and audiograms. Hello! My name is Artemiy and
I am the doping control person for the International Committee
of Sports for the Deaf. I was appointed for this
position three years ago. That’s where I started. See this? I’m under the World
Anti-Doping Agency. I also deal with European
and regional championships. I asked him how
the anti-doping process works. He said he works with national
anti-doping associations and they take care of
the testing on their athletes. He gets involved with
international sporting events. He will decide the amount of
random testing by athletes by looking at the total
amount of athletes and choosing a specific number. There is an extensive list
of banned substances. For example, people think
doping means drugs. But it could be from
your regular medication that you have to take
for your health. It could be ADHD medicine,
asthma inhaler, sleeping medication,
or from supplements. There is a wide
variety of possibilities. So it is important to talk with
with your sports team doctor and your family doctor to find out
and be mindful of what you take. The testing is done
by urine samples. The athletes aren’t
called alone, as they can have
a representative from their team accompany them
to the anti-doping area where there is medical staff
that can do the testing. Yes, in the past, we’ve had
some Deaflympian athletes who failed anti-doping tests. What happens to them?
They can be suspended. For how long depends
on the situation. It could be two years,
four years, or sometimes a lifetime ban. Who makes the decision? The anti-doping commission,
the Board, and they will communicate
with the WADA who will make the final decision. The athletes can be called
to take a test anytime from the opening to
closing ceremonies. The audiogram tests will
follow ICSD’s criteria, which is to have
a dB level of 55 or above, which is either deaf
or hard of hearing. Below that means
you’re hearing. I’m Kalani Cox. I’m the head audiologist
for the Deaflympics. I’ve worked for
the ICSD since 2010. It’s my fourth games. My name is Zoe from Australia. I’m a deaf audiologist.
It’s my second Deaflympics. The first one was
in Samsun, Turkey. To qualify, the criteria
requires 55 dB in your better ear. All athletes must submit
their audiograms either before or when they arrive
for the Deaflympics, then they can compete. If they are disqualified,
they have two options. They can go back home,
or stay and support their team. It’s not easy to disqualify
an athlete. It breaks my heart. But it’s the rules. We have to make the games
good, fair, and equal. There were instances of
people being disqualified because they were
just under the threshold — but they are not
qualified to compete, or some might have
normal hearing levels, or some are CODAs
but try to slip in. Participants and
athletes can, at any time, can report to
the audiogram office to say they suspect an athlete,
and that athlete will be tested. If an athlete is disqualified,
they have a right to protest. USADSF said they have
a good system of cooperating with audiogram tests. They have their national
sports organizations and if their deaf athletes want to
play on the international level, they will collect their
audiogram results about four months in
advance of the events. Is Alex from Daily Moth
qualified for the Deaflympics? Let’s test. Every time I hear something,
I must raise my hand. Am I deaf or hearing? You’re completely deaf. I am deaf. I passed the hearing test
and now I can ski! Tomorrow is
the Opening Ceremony. But there were already
competition today with curling. Team USA played today
and lost to Switzerland 8-5. The U.S. will play
Ukraine tomorrow. I’ve learned some new
Italian Sign Language. I will teach you. How are you? (shows sign). If you want to say “I’m fine,” (shows sign). That’s all for today. See you tomorrow! Captioned by

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