Lose Weight & Weight Loss TRUTH/TIP/SECRET #1

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good morning Dr. Lori Puskar here.
you’re gonna join me on my way to work I wanted to talk to you about weight loss
because I think after 25 years as a doctor I’m still quite amazed on when I
do a survey almost the number one answer of what you’re trying to handle or if I
could improve something in your life over to be its weight loss and I’m like
wow so I go back to the drawing board and like they’re stumped something must
be missing that after all these years and all of this scientific research that
if this is still pretty much the number one complaint or concern of most people
there must be more to the story and so I think the first place to look is
probably what I call doing quote an undercut looking below what you’ve been
looking at before because apparently there must be more to the story or you
probably would have handled this weight situation already so here are my four
tips or secrets that are universal and I hope these help you out in starting on
your weight loss journey and the first one is is number one there’s something
you don’t know and just not because you’re not a smart person but there’s
something about you trying to lose weight with your body that you just
don’t know that if you know to do that you would just do it and then you would
lose the weight so okay great the next one possibly is that you don’t
know what to do and or how to do it but you are willing to do it and so great so
we just need to find out what that is and you go and do it the next one is
maybe you’re not willing to do maybe you do know but you’re not willing to do
what it takes to lose the weight and that’s always a possibility so we need
to take a look at that one and I think the last one is basically you think you
know what to do and you’re trying that but it’s not working
but at the same time you insist that it’s still the right thing to do so
they’re probably the four biggest errors or mistakes or problems or areas that we
have to look at as far as why you’re not losing weight now a few of them are
solvable and the other ones you will be stuck with a weight problem for the rest
of your life and that’s why these are the secrets and the tips
so number one if there’s just something you don’t know great then we need to
figure out what it is you don’t know that let’s say for example something as
simple as that in order for your body to lose weight you need to eat four cups of
broccoli a day and you’ve only been eating one or zero or whatever you’ve
been doing so okay good so now you have the information you’re done now the
second part of that is now that you have that information the second secret or
Perl was basically are you willing to do it so good so you have a weight okay so
great so you have a weight problem we know that you need to eat four or five
cups of broccoli per day you would just start losing weight and then now you
just have to go and eat the four or five cups of broccoli per day and hence
weight loss okay good the next one that’s going to get you in
trouble is your willingness to eat the four to five cups of broccoli per day
and this is probably the one I see most people struggling with is that you know
what to do but you’re not willing to do it and I totally get it but as you know
most things in life that are worth doing are never fun or easy and weight loss
can be taking a look at much like financial planning or financial success
or you’re looking at long-term wealth so it doesn’t start with just saving money
one day and doing it right one day and then you look in the bank account and
then you’re a millionaire what it takes is planning discipline and ethics every
day to save to save to save well interestingly enough the body works the
same way is that if you give it broccoli today and broccoli again tomorrow and
broccoli again the next day and the next day and the next day when you take a
look back at your quote health bank account you’ll have a lot of money in
there so this willingness is a big one and if you’re not willing to do what it
takes you’re just you have to come to terms with the fact you’re gonna have a
weight loss problem forever so this whole planet is set up kind of
on awards and rewards and penalties scale that there are definitely rewards
and there are definitely penalties and if you’re cool with the penalties and
aren’t interested in willing to do the work to get their rewards then I’m
totally fine with that for you as well if you’re not of course that’s where I
would come in and then the last one is thinking you know what to do doing and
it’s not working and this is going to require a little
bit of a paradigm shift on your part is that you’re going to have to kind of be
strong on the inside as a person and realize that whatever you’re doing is
not working and you don’t know what you’re doing
so let’s say for example you’re insisting upon based on your internet
research and the books you’ve read that eating four to five cups of broccoli per
day is absolutely what you have to do but yet you’re doing that day after day
week after week month after month and you’re not losing weight it doesn’t
matter what the scientific literature says you’re gonna have to go with your
own personal observations and realize that the secret to you losing weight is
definitely not eating broccoli maybe for your sister your next-door neighbor your
best friend maybe but we’re gonna have to take a look and find out what is the
real reason for you and how you’re going to lose weight so it’s going to be
you’re at middle that despite all of your hard efforts you still don’t know
what you’re doing and I can tell you you’re not alone in all of this I have
other areas of my life where in a very honest way I have no idea what I’m doing
I can’t be the expert at everything so I work with advisers and coaches and
counselors to help me through those areas so you can only have one or two
key areas in your life where you’re really the best at and then someone else
is going to need to help you with the rest who has time to be the expert and
everything so if you’re not the weight loss expert because you’re too busy
being the best mom or the best entrepreneur or the best boss then great
go beat that thing and continue to be the expert in that and then let me take
care of the parts of your life that you’re not the expert because I’m doing
the same with other people in my life and they’re the experts for me and I
don’t question what they tell me or tell me I just do what they tell me to do
because I don’t have time to figure it out or why it works all we want to know
is that it works so if you’re looking to handle your weight loss situation once
and for all I’d love to help you with that and if you go online to my website
wwlp.com you can check out how I do programs they are a year commitment and
I do need you to promise me you’re actually going to do what I say and that
program actually is on sale now through the end of February because basically
we’re looking at the new year a lot of people already want to try and lose
weight and or tried with some news New Year’s resolutions maybe they didn’t go
very well and you’ve already given up but in keeping with that I just want to
see you get well and take advantage of our weight loss sale that’s going on
right now thanks and have a great day see you later Bye!

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