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(lighthearted music) – [Narrator] Welcome to Tech Nomad. Each week, a member of our Inverse team travels to a new city
that’s using technology to improve the lives of
it’s citizens and the world. This week, we’re in Lou– – How do you say it? Is it Lou–
– Lou ul vul. – Lou ul vul. – Lou ul vul. – Lou ul vul.
– Lewis-ville. L-O-U-I-S-V-I-L-L-E. – [Narrator] This week we’re
in Louisville, Kentucky, best known for a baseball
bat, a horse race, and bourbon whiskey. But it’s also known for this. – Louisville, Kentucky is one
of the worst places to live in the United States if you
have a breathing disorder. – Can you give me any context to the pollution problem in Louisville? – So, in the ER, it’s
probably the number one reason that we see patients. – I sleep with oxygen, two liters, and I take a breathing
treatment four times a day with my nebulizer. – It’s not just the
air, but it’s a bad spot for allergies too. But yeah, there’s certain
times when the air, when they give those alerts. – An Air Quality Alert has been issued. – We do have an Air
Quality Alert for today. – Yesterday, Ozone levels
reached unhealthy limits. (playful music) – Most cities, they’ll
have a Chamber of Commerce that collects bests lists. So, Louisville’s the best
place to get bourbon. It’s the best place to, you
know, long list of bests. There’s also worst lists. When I just asked around in the hallways, why are we the worst at this, I didn’t get satisfying
answers is the truth. How do we get off the
list is really the goal, get off the list. – It says, do not eat the
fish in Chickasaw Park Lake. These fish are potentially a health risk as they may be contaminated. This is a temporary ban while
additional testing is done. Additional testing? Brandon Wesson, how are you man? – I’m alright. – Do you mind if I ask
you a couple of questions? – [Brandon] Go ahead. – You’re not concerned about this stuff? – No, not really. I don’t really eat the fish out of here. (laughing) I just do it for sport, really. – Air Louisville, really
started as a way to answer the question, is the
entire city of Louisville, and the entire region of
this part of Kentucky, toxic in some way? – We enrolled 1,100 people and
collected 250,000 data points about asthma in Louisville, Kentucky. – So we’re able to just
take censors that fit onto patient’s existing inhalers
and they don’t get in the way of their use. When I push down on the
inhaler, it captures, date, time stamp, and then
that, through Bluetooth, syncs to the app on your phone. For providers and for
clinicians, this is information that we never had access to. – Yeah, so it would always
be like an estimation and now we have like specific data. – [Woman] Exactly. – Talking to Dawn, she’s studying
to be a nurse practitioner and she actually uses the
Air Louisville technology, the tech we’re gonna see today. – Asthma nearly killed
me, it almost took me. I have five children, I’m fairly young still and it
almost took me from my life. It was the very first
time a doctor had had a patient bring in
everything that they’d done and all of their symptoms in real time. – Data’s come back, what
do you do with this data? – So, when the pilot data
came back, and we actually saw a heat map, we went to folks
who actually are making decisions about where people live, how development can occur,
how transportation works. – We could, sort of, put the
air in a different context and say this is what’s
happening in our city, these are some places in the
county that it’s really bad. And let’s talk about policy, let’s talk about transportation policy, our trees. – Once we saw the connection
to air pollution, we actually looked for solutions that
we could implement locally that could remediate air quality. – Their data is that they
decreased asthma symptoms when all of their 1,100 participants by
80% in a couple of year span. It’s amazing.
– Yeah. – I think it really has become a model. I know that other cities
have reached out to us, trying to figure out how do we model what Louisville has done. – This is kind of an
active form of pubic policy that I think is the best way
to use technology like this. – Rest of the day today,
you need to go down to Feast and you’re gonna have barbeque down there with some bourbon slushies. I don’t know how long your
day is but Evan Williams has a nice bourbon tour
right there too, as well, you can do. – How much do you all
know about prohibition, just in general? It sucked, amen! No, A plus on that one. – [Narrator] While the bourbon slushie was pretty underwhelming
and not great at all, Air Louisville, is truly remarkable. I think Dawn says it best. – I feel better about the world. There are good people
trying to do good things and that’s what Louisville’s about, we’re just one community. And if we can keep Louisville
this amazing place, then there are other places in the world that are just as amazing. (soft music) (static)

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  1. great video but i missed the primary source of asthma causing pollution and feedback loop to reduce the pollution. health data being used by citizens and policy makers to address root causes could be really powerful

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