Love and Allergies

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

Hi, I’m Emily. Now you want this song. Lipstick, dress, romance! Love, marriage! Now you wanna know what it means. It’s a riddle, you may never know. But if you can crack the case, now here’s
the answer so you can crack the case. ………. DANANANANANA! *sniff* Meaning: love He asked you out on a date, you said yes. Little did you know, little did you knoooowww. *sniffs softly Little did you knoooww, little did
you knooowwwwww ohhh ohhhh *sniffs softly* He was in love with you, you were in love with him,
so ya got married. He asked you to marry him, you said yes. *sniffs loud* Meaning: you’re now a couple, you’re
now a couple, YOUR’RE NOW A COUPLEEEEE *sniffs* Lipstick, dress, shoes *sniffs* Roooooeeee
*sniff* Lipstick, dress, romance. Meaning: love, romance, love *sniffs in obnoxious* MARRAIGE!
marriage. meaning: he’s now yours, you’re now his. And he has you to look up to *sniffs*

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