Low cholesterol is dangerous  – Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

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So, the idea that fat and cholesterol cause
heart disease comes from 1952, from the diet-heart-hypothesis. A hypothesis is not the truth. It’s only an idea. It has to be proven. To prove a hypothesis takes a long time; science doesn’t work fast;
and while science was working on this hypothesis, the governments in the western world have
fully committed to it. The media thought it the new break-through,
that this is the truth, and all sorts of commercial
companies jumped on the bandwagon. Pharmaceutical industries are making billions
on this hypothesis; the food industry is making billions; the medical industry is making billions; western governments
are making billions. It has been proven wrong for
the last 30 years, but because our political and commercial machine
has committed to this hypothesis, they work very hard not to allow
the population to know the truth. That dietary cholesterol and animal fats
have nothing to do with heart disease. Low blood cholesterol is dangerous. LOW blood cholesterol – we will talk more
about it – not high blood cholesterol. Old people, who have high levels of cholesterol,
have 100% here – no dementia, no Alzheimer’s disease – they are healthy, they are sprightly,
and they look after themselves, these people. So when you start reducing
blood cholesterol levels, you are putting the brain
in grave danger. Because the brain has self-regeneration processes
going on all the time – cells in the brain do die, and they get replaced
by newly born cells – these processes are very active. And these
new baby cells need building materials to be made from. They have to be made from cholesterol, saturated
fats, proteins, glyconutrients, and some other things – but the LARGEST percentage
is fat and cholesterol. And if the blood cholesterol is low,
the brain is not getting enough to maintain its structure, and to function properly. People with low blood cholesterol have
aggressive personalities, and poor self-control. Because – in order to form
memories in the brain – synapses have to be formed. The cells in the brain have looong arms,
they grow long arms to communicate with each other. And when the two arms of the two
cells come together, they have to do ‘this’. They have to create a synapse here,
a synapse here, and they have to connect. Now, the synapses are almost
exclusively made out of cholesterol and saturated fat. If your blood cholesterol is low, that is
the only place your brain can get cholesterol from. It CAN manufacture some, but not enough. Then the brain can’t form
these synapses. So the cells cannot connect
with each other. As a result, the person cannot
create memories. And it is the short term
memory that suffers. The person might remember what
happened in their childhood, because those synapses were
formed in their childhood, but he doesn’t remember
what he had for breakfast. And where he put his car keys. And where he left his hat,
or his shoes, or something else. The short term memory
is not being formed, because the brain doesn’t have enough
building materials, resources, to create memories. People with low blood cholesterol
suffer from infections three times more, and they die from infections
much more often than people with normal and
high levels of cholesterol. We cannot fight infections
without cholesterol. Every cell – about 70% of every cell –
are membranes. So you can do the calculations yourself,
what percentage of your body is actually cholesterol, and saturated fat. It is more than 50%. You are MADE of cholesterol. It is a structural element of every cell
in your body. And you are made from saturated fats. And because the cells
in the body constantly die, and get replaced by newly-born cells, building materials are required to build those
new baby cells from. To give birth to them.
So our bodies require large amounts of cholesterol all the time
for that process. And saturated fats as well. There are people in whom this factory
in the liver is broken. Because they are too toxic;
or they have nutritional deficiencies. And these are GAPS people. Many, many GAPS people have low blood cholesterol
because they are too toxic. And this machine is broken in their liver. These people cannot handle stress;
they have nervous breakdowns, they start crying and weeping
and are inconsolable. Children, adults, these people.
They fly off the handle, they become aggressive, or they attack – and that is a part of any
mental illness. In my experience, in order to
heal people with multiple sclerosis,
they must have at least 6 eggs a day. Lots of butter,
lamb fat, beef fat, goose fat, duck fat. The fattiest bits. That is their food. Only then can they recover,
these people, because they need to rebuild their myelin. When your factory in the liver is struggling,
and cannot produce enough cholesterol, it’s a good idea to give it some help,
by eating high-cholesterol food. Which foods are rich in cholesterol? Cod liver oil provides fish oils,
it provides a lot of vitamin D, and vitamin A,
in the right proportions. But the richest part of it is cholesterol.
It is very rich in cholesterol and without doubt, that is the major immune-boosting part
of cod liver oil. Because, the more cholesterol you eat,
the less your body has to work hard to produce it. The LESS cholesterol you eat, the more your
body will produce to compensate. It will just have to work harder. In order to have children,
we need sex hormones. In order to procreate. Every sex hormone is made
from cholesterol. People, who go on low-fat diets,
and reduce their blood cholesterol levels, become infertile. They cannot produce children.
We have an infertility epidemic in the western world. Many couples can’t produce children
in the western world. What these ladies and men need to do is
eat cream every day. Butter, eggs, fat – and they will have a child. How does healing happen in the human body,
with any wound? Whether you’ve scratched your skin, whether
you’ve bit your tongue, or anything else has happened to you? Or you had surgery;
your tissue was cut? There are two partners in healing in the body.
One is inflammation, the second one is repair. What is inflammation? The immune system comes –
immune cells, they are like an army, like soldiers in an army. They kill the enemy, and they clean away the debris.
They clean the site. Once the place is clean,
the second partner comes in, called ‘repair’. What does repair do?
Repair, first and foremost, grows collagen. Remember, your body is made
out of collagen, to a large degree. These are the molecules,
that hold us together. It will grow collagen, a network of collagen,
like a network of wires, across that wound, to seal it, like a bandage,
across that wound to seal it. So, what is arteriosclerosis?
It’s an inflammation out of control. What we human beings have invented – we invented processed carbohydrates. We invented things made out of sugar, flour,
soya flour, and vegetable oils. All your breakfast cereals are poisons. Nobody should be eating them. Sugar is a poison. THE most addictive
substance in the world. Modern bread, pastries, pasta –
all these sorts of things. What are they? They are processed carbohydrates.
When these things come into your stomach, into your digestive system, they are pre-digested in the factories,
by the food industry. They require virtually no digestion.
They get broken down very quickly, and they absorb in the form of
molecules of glucose. Glucose is in our blood, but the human body
controls it within certain limits. Because too high, too low can kill. It’s dangerous.
Glucose can be very damaging. Because every cell in the body
has little doors on it – glucose itself cannot open those doors. Insulin is the key that opens
these little doors, and pushes the glucose into the cells. In normal amounts, the cells can use glucose
for production of energy. In the vast majority of the human body,
the cells use fat for the production of energy, actually. Contrary to the mainstream propaganda, which
comes from the manufacturers named by Lucas. It’s not Glucose that produces energy for
you, it’s fat. If the person has sugar and these sorts of
things only occasionally, insulin will be produced, it will remove all that excessive glucose
out of your blood stream, into the cells. The cells will process it –
and the body can cope. But – what do people do?
What do our children do? From a very young age? They have sugary breakfast cereal in the morning, then they eat sandwiches for lunch,
crisps in the middle, and they eat pasta in the evening, and lots of sweets, chocolates,
and soft drinks in between. A bottle of Coca-Cola has eight
teaspoons of sugar in it. And it absorbs in seconds.
It’s pre-digested. Your digestive systems have nothing to do with it, it just floods
into your blood stream. So, if that situation continues,
day after day, week after week, year after year – the cells in the body say, “I’ve had enough. I can’t take this glucose anymore,
it’s too much!” The way they say it
is by destroying those little doors on their wall. That insulin opens.
They become insulin-resistant. They stop responding to insulin,
these cells. That is the beginning of diabetes. Insulin is a master fat-storage
hormone in the body. The person finishes up with
a high level of insulin all the time. They store everything they eat
as fat as a result. A piece of lettuce will go into your thighs. Apart from that, there’s another function
insulin does, when there is too much insulin
in the bloodstream – inflammation is initiated in the body, but insulin will never allow it to stop.
Because insulin is a pro-inflammatory hormone. It causes inflammation in the body,
and it will not allow it to stop. So the person finishes up
in a pro-inflammatory state. Their body is constantly inflamed. Every organ, everywhere.
And that is the basis now, we know, with our recent scientific studies –
that is the basis for the formation of cancer; cancer is an inflammation. Formation of mental illness – these people
are in a pro-inflammatory state; diabetes, obesity and all the other degenerative
diseases. A pro-inflammatory state. The majority of the western population is
constantly in a pro-inflammatory state because of what they are eating. So, the real cause of the heart
disease epidemic is SUGAR. Bread, breakfast cereals, pasta, vegetable
oils, biscuits, cakes and soft drinks. The human body has not been designed to get such huge amounts of
one particular molecule. If you eat carbohydrates
in their natural state, the way Mother Nature gave them to us – raw fruit, raw vegetables, raw grains – they are very difficult to digest. In fact, they are indigestible for the human
digestive system. And most carbohydrates that are
in them, are indigestible. It goes through us, it doesn’t absorb,
doesn’t digest, finishes up in your bowel – where the microbes in your bowel
work on it. THEY digest it,
and they manufacture, they convert all those carbohydrates – more
than 75-80% of them – into short-chain fatty acids, which are fully
saturated fat. So, when we eat natural plants,
in their natural state, we digest them as saturated fat. They absorb, they feed our immune system, they feed our brain,
they support us between meals. Sugar is not a natural molecule; it isn’t
a natural substance. Because, in order for the human body to
metabolise one molecule of sugar, we need 56 molecules of magnesium. We need dozens of chromium, we need zinc, we need enzymes, we need proteins,
we need fats. When we take a piece of fresh sugar cane, or a piece of fresh sugar beet,
analyse them in a laboratory, we find that indeed, every molecule of sugar
in these natural foods is equipped with 56 molecules of magnesium. And all those molecules of chromium,
and zinc and enzymes, and all the other things. When we chew sugar cane as it is,
we get it in a complex, and it does us only good, it is healthy. But we don’t do that, do we? We take sugar cane, and sugar beet,
to a big factory. We take the sugar out of them, and we throw
everything else away. And this sugar comes into your
body like a villain; like a highway robber. It needs those 56 molecules of magnesium – where are they going to come from? From your muscles, from your brain, from your heart, from your bones, and every one of those tissues will suffer
and develop disease. Let me introduce you to the real cause of
the heart disease epidemic in the western world. In the so-called civilised world. It isn’t cholesterol, it isn’t fats.
It is metabolic syndrome. What is metabolic syndrome? – A high level
of insulin in your blood. That is metabolic syndrome. In fact, I recommend to people: never test
your blood cholesterol. If your doctor suggests, “Let’s test your
blood cholesterol.” Say, “No, thank you.” Whatever it is, that is good for me.
Because if you do allow the doctor to test your blood cholesterol, then there will be pressure
to but you on statins, pressure to do more testing,
and there will be fear-mongering, scare-mongering –
our doctors are trained to do that very well. These are the common side effects of statins;
they are well-known, but doctors won’t tell you about them. Heart failure through co-enzyme Q10 deficiency. This is a chemical, that every muscle in the
body requires in large amounts. It cannot function; muscles cannot function
without this chemical, particularly the heart. Many wives of men, who started taking statins,
tell me that his personality changed. He became cantankerous.
And difficult to live with. And that happens to women as well. Cooking oils and vegetable oils – they cause cancer, diabetes, neurological
damage and immune problems; cause arteriosclerosis and heart disease
– this has been proven. They CAUSE arteriosclerosis and heart disease. They are not just associated;
they actively cause it. That is why Mother Nature wisely
locked these fats within the structure of plants. The lettuce leaves, the apples,
nuts, oily seeds, and other plants. When we eat these plants, in their fresh form,
we get all of these polyunsaturated fatty acids in the right amount, and in the right
bio-chemical shape and form, and they are good for us. But what do we do? We take all that plant material back to our
big factories, we chop it up, and we subject them to high heat, to oxygen, to chemical solvents,
to pressure, to all sorts of things. So all these fragile,
polyunsaturated fatty acids get mutilated. They are chemically mutilated molecules,
which have no place in the human body. This is pollution. Poisonous pollution
coming into your body. Never, ever buy these oils;
never cook with them. And there is a big risk in eating out
because all our food in restaurants – take-awaymeals, and everywhere else – are cooked with these poisonous oils. Prevent heart disease naturally – what do
we need to do? Stop eating processed food! Difficult, isn’t it, for many people? Stop polluting your body! With man-made chemicals. And look after your digestive system! If you do these three things, you will have
no metabolic syndrome. Your insulin will be normal
in your bloodstream. This is my book, which is written in a language that anybody
will understand. But it is fully referenced for the medical
doctors. So, if you want to give a book
to your medical doctor, please give them this book. They can’t argue with it because it has all
the scientific studies in it. It’s all referenced, but it’s written in a
simple to understand language, so anybody can read it, not only medics. And these are my contact details. Thank you very much for listening.

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