Luft Qi Open Box Review – Allergies – Nan Gao

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Hi! My name is Nan, and I live in Dallas, Texas Last year, I got tested for allergies and I’m allergic to certain type of trees and to dust mite I received this product from Luft and I love it, because it’s small You just plug it in the wall and you don’t have to change the filter or anything so you just plug it in
and just leave it wherever you want So, I have it in my classroom I have it right next to me
next to the hand sanitizer I’m a speech language pathologist
I like to have things close to me so my kids won’t touch it, or play with it and it has helped with my allergies I used to take Zyrtec for my allergies and I haven’t taken it lately I really like the product, and having something
that’s filtering the air in the classroom especially since I work with kids all day And I just love it

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