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Hi, my name is Natalia Gaplovska and I am
the founder of LUMINIA. Unique, natural candles with a sparkling wax
in a Bohemia Crystal glass. We talked to Natalia about her brand, how
it’s different from all the other candle-makers and why it’s important to burn your candle
the right way. So, Natalia, can you introduce us to LUMINIA? We make world unique candles – we blend
5 different kinds of natural waxes, which burn 3 times longer than any other candle
and they don’t harm the health of children, asthmatic or allergic people, because we don’t
use paraffin, colorants, preservatives or any synthetic ingredients. Candles are natural. They have this amazing structure of the wax
which sparkles as a fresh snow in a sunlight. How did your brand come about? My uncle was a candlemaker for many years
and he was the first one who ever told me why do I have a cough and sore throat every
winter. And he said, “because you have such a healthy
lifestyle, and you’re a happy person, [you] sleep a lot, eat a lot, it might be because
you burn paraffin candles.” And I didn’t want to believe that something
so beautiful as a candle can be so harmful, so I tried it on my own. In a week my health problems disappeared and
never came back. So I started to study it more and I found
out that it’s known that paraffin, made of crude oil, is health harming. Here in Slovakia, we never even heard of that. I started to spread the enlightenment and
was telling my friends, like “did you know that something like a candle can be causing
all these health problems like headaches and migraines, and allergy, asthma?” And nobody knew [that] and they wanted to
try the candles as well, so we started to make candles for people and it spread, very
organically, very naturally. People just wanted to use them, so we decided
to create a brand that will guarantee the highest quality in every single detail. That’s why we got all these waxes, which
are unique, which have amazing burning features – like they burn so long and clean. And they have this amazing texture which at
the first sight looks different than the other ones. And when we had that, we decided we wanted
something local to pour the candles into – Bohemia Crystal. It’s worldwide-known, it has timeless elegance
of the purity of the glass. So, I was looking for a glass maker in Czech
republic, in Moravia, who blows our glasses. It takes two days and six people to make every
single glass. It’s an absolute perfection of the cut edges
and of the perfect ‘clean’ lines – that there’s not a like round bottom – and it’s
not really easy to make by hand, such a perfect glass. But if you see it, compared to the other glasses,
which are made from the technical glass or built by machines, you can tell from the first
sight that this is different. Does the name LUMINIA mean anything? My very good friend came up with it, he has
his ancestors in Israel. So it means ‘light’ in old Hebrew. And the logo, why we use the ‘V’, it’s
because I love Rome. We go to Rome with my friends for many, many
years and with this font, all the buildings have their eternal sayings on the top written
with this old Roman font. And because I love it so much I didn’t have
to go far to decide how my font and my logo will look like. What are the main ingredients of your candles? We use mainly coconut waxes and apricot seed
wax. And how do they differ from other candles? There are many candles which use natural waxes,
but mostly used ingredient is paraffin, because it’s the cheapest one and it’s easy to
work with. There are many natural candles – soy candles
or beeswax candles – but we use five kinds of waxes which we blend in a very special
way; that’s our own, secret recipe, which allows us to create this amazing wax structure
and the burning features of three times longer burning time and clean burn. It takes us two days to make every candle
by hand. Besides candles you also make perfumes, can
you tell us the secret behind a powerful and good smelling perfume? We use also natural essential oils, we are
not pure synthetic. That’s why the perfumes react differently
with every body’s skin, depending on how your skin is. And also they are stronger than regular perfumes. We use much higher concentration of fragrance
oils, so the perfume lasts longer and it’s enough to spray one or twice. So even a small bottle of 30 ml [1 fl. oz]
can last much longer than a regular perfume which you need to spray 5-6 times and you
need to reapply during the day. You can just apply once or twice in the morning
and it ‘stays’ for the whole day… and some of them for more than a day. How do you come up with the individual scents? Intuitively, I would say. I decide what I want and I am trying to achieve
it. And I also listen to our clients a lot. Myself, personally, on most of our events,
and whenever we launch a new fragrance, first I introduce it to people and ask about their
opinion. If they like it, then we put it in our collection. If they don’t, we just go further and mix
and try and… It’s a process of a lot of trying and mistakes,
and success and another mistake. It’s a long process, but it’s really beautiful. Can you tell us how the candles are made? The most I can describe is what you’ll see
in our video and the rest of it is a secret. Okay, so, all of your candles are hand-made
in Slovakia. Why did you decide to manufacture them this
way? It was a very natural process as my uncle
started our family tradition, we just decided to continue. Unfortunately, [our] uncle is not with us
anymore, but his son is the one who is still the only person responsible for making the
candles. He has helpers, of course, now, because the
time needed to produce every candle is large, so we wouldn’t be able to satisfy the demand. And there is no way we can keep our quality
[high] if we would have those candles produced somewhere else where we can’t reach every
single detail of the process of the making of them. One of LUMINIA’s ethos is “refuse, reuse,
recycle”. What should customers imagine under this? We’re trying to refuse plastic and paraffin. We’re trying to get rid of every plastic
part in the process and also, we refuse to throw away something that can be reused or
recycled. That’s why we are also shipping our orders
in most of the packaging we receive our materials in. And also, the filling materials, we are recycling
[them]. And we created labels which we put on the
packaging encouraging our customers and other people we sell the candles to to do the same. Just to rethink. Also, our crystal glasses, our clients can
return them back to us. They get a discount for the next purchase
and we clean them and use them to make new candles. Same with the perfume bottles. And also, they are really nice to reuse at
home. So basically, as we say, if you cannot reuse
it – bring it back to us or recycle it appropriately. You put an emphasis on the entire ritual around
candle lighting and its care. Why is it so important? It’s basic physics, which people sometimes
don’t know, as I wasn’t aware of it [either]. So, we are just educating them. If you want a candle to burn as long as possible,
there are certain steps you need to follow – or if you follow – you will have the longest
burning time. And that means, if you burn a candle for a
short time, it needs a longer wick. And the longer wick, the higher the flame. The higher the flame, the faster it burns
the candle and liquids the surface, which enables the candle to burn completely ‘clean.’ If you burn the candle for the whole day,
it’s good to cut the wick, because the smaller the wick, the smaller the flame and the candle
lasts longer. If someone would cut the wick and burn the
candle for a short time, the flame would be too small and would not be able to make the
whole surface liquid and it could create a ‘tunnel.’ It’s simple little things which make such
a big difference in burning a candle and that’s how we are teaching people how to burn
any candle, not only our, in the best possible way. Do you have any plans in the future to design
other LUMINIA products? We are going step-by-step. We started with candles, as natural process
of the family tradition and we added perfumes, because the clients were insisting that they
want to smell as the candle because the perfumes I was using were so beautiful. And after we had the perfumes, they were like
“yeah, now we want interior diffusers.” So we were trying for a long time to design
a perfect diffuser bottle which will match our candles and our glassmakers will be able
to make it. Because our diffusers are hand-blown Bohemia
Crystal as well, it’s not easy, or even possible, to blow out everything – which I
imagine – and will be also useful. So we were creating the diffusers for a while. And yeah… I have an idea to go into cosmetics maybe
later, but it’s… it’s in the future. We’ll see. Where can customers buy LUMINIA candles, perfumes
and diffusers? We ship in the whole world through our website
and we have other stores which sell our candles. We choose many luxury hotels to cooperate
with. We have Kempinski brand, Park Hyatt in Vienna
and other places which we cooperate with and which I make exclusive fragrances for. Because the scent is so directly connected
with our memories that anytime you smell some scent, which you smelled somewhere for the
first time, anytime you smell it again it brings you back the emotions which you felt
that way, the first time you smelled it. So even the hotels would like to now try to
connect their experience with a fragrance and put it in the products people can carry
home. So if you are looking for the perfect gift
with natural ingredients and the finest quality in a beautiful design… You can order all of our products at LUMINIA.COM


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