Lying about my age in clubs

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Hey everyone, I’m Lauren Elloise and welcome back to my channel. Welcome back to another Tea and Talk video. Today I’m
drinking peppermint and lime tea. I actually like this one. So in this video
I want to share with you guys all about my June, and I encourage you to share
with me (and with all of our little community) what you did in June
because I’m curious. I love hearing from you guys. You already know this.
Yeah let’s get started with June. Number one, and this I’m just really happy about because this happened twice in this June, I played netball and I didn’t need
any Ventolin. So no asthma reliever medication. Which is great. It’s a
huge change. It’s just a big relief to be able to play and not be suffocating. My
next one is a little cute one. My little brother, he’s 14 at the moment, he made a
tire swing down the back of our house. He knows that I’m a big kid at heart
and he invited me to like go down there and play on it. And I did. It was fun.
My legs were all bruised for the next few weeks. I don’t know. Something
else that helped me a lot, I think up until this point is, I bought myself an
air purifier. It’s basically just a machine that sucks in allergens, dust, gases from paint fumes, and stuff like that, and then it spits out clean air. I think a
lot of my asthma problems were due to being in this room and having all this
formaldehyde (I can’t say that word) around here. And the air purifiers supposed to take that out of the air. So I said in my last video that this should be the last time that you hear about my asthma. I’m gonna talk about it again, but this time
it’s just positive. So I went back to the specialist for a review after
taking steroids. So I went back and I smashed the breathing test. Yeah, my
lungs have just reset. I can f–king breathe. I can breathe!
I also got stabbed in the arm with a flu shot. My next one I wanted to mention
cuz this was just so scary. Looking back it turned out fine, you know? You know
when you’re building yourself up and overworking yourself for something
that’s so small but you don’t realize it’s so small until after the fact that
has happened? So in June I had a Great Gatsby themed party to go to. And you had to dress up in the Great Gatsby kind of 1920s or 30s (I forget) dresses or
suits if you’re a guy, you know that kind of thing. It’s the middle of winter
so I really didn’t want to wear a dress. I didn’t want to be uncomfortably cold.
Shut up if you’re from somewhere where it snows because I know that you
have a colder than me. I ended up wearing jeans and a men’s shirt. It was actually for
my brother to wear but he didn’t want to wear it. I have never worn men’s
clothes before. The point is, I wore this men’s shirt and I wore those things that
go over the shirts and clip onto your pants (those kind of things) to this
party. I knew other people would be dressed like this and then I turned up,
after freaking out, I was wearing heels just to make sure that I do look
like a complete lesbian. Nothing wrong with that I’m just– I think I wanted to
blend in. I don’t know. It was just stupid. I was just thinking “everyone’s
gonna know I’m gay” that kind of thing. Which is just stupid but I did something
that scared me, and it was fine. It was completely fine. I took five minutes
to feel comfortable and then I was like yeah, you know, I’m rocking this. Like, hi!
Anyway it was a good night. It was fun. We played a lot of blackjack. The next one
is the dentist. I went back to the orthodontist just for a checkup for my
Invisalign. They are on track. Currently from the day
that I’m filming this, I have only eight weeks left. I’ve said it before but I am
very happy with how they’ve turned out. Not sure why I wrote this down but I
wrote that Dan Howell came out. Even though that’s not my tea, it affected me a
little bit because I used to watch Dan back when I was 16. I’m talking like 2012 kinda year. And I used to really look up to him and I loved all the stuff that he makes.
I still love him now. I just don’t watch it as religiously
anymore. It just meant a lot that he finally felt ready and open enough to
share all of that. And of course there was parts of the story where I related to a
lot. It’s just always nice to hear other people’s experiences. It just makes you
feel more human I guess. It just had an impact on me and I f–king love that man. I went to a baby shower this month. My cousin’s wife is having (or has had a baby now). I enjoyed the day
because one, I got to spend a lot of time with mum which was really nice, just me
and mum. Also I really liked seeing my two older cousins. They’re two sisters. When they interact with each other it’s so interesting because it’s like
watching me and my sister interact. It’s just funny watching
them be like that and going yep that’s totally what me and Leah are like. Then I
filmed some drunk-ass videos with my sister. We ended up filming, I think, three
videos in here on the weekend just drinking wine. I think one of them isn’t
gonna work out as a video but the other two you’ll see at some point. The only
bad thing is that sometimes we go overboard and we film for an hour
so they’re very hard to edit. I enjoy making videos like that cuz I think we
work well together in video format. Like it’s it’s funny to me. I’m
always having a good time, but yeah. I think there’s a nice balance that I
would like to explore more in the [hiccup] future too. Did I burp or hiccup? I don’t know. I
did some more shopping. I bought more clothes. I promise I’m not materialistic
or anything like that, I just don’t have a lot of clothes and I wear clothes every day … So does everyone Lauren. I wear clothes that aren’t uniform every day to work so I need to mix it up a little bit. Oh and I got
these sick-ass, what do you call them, Nike shoes. And they look really cool, and
they’re a kids size because they don’t sell this style in adults, but I fit into
the kids. So I saved 20 bucks and they’re amazing. A fun one. Me and my
sister went into the city. We stayed in another backpackers place. The room was the size of a fridge. It was cheap, whatever. Anyway the reason why we went into the city was because Alright Hey! I’ve mentioned him before but he does deejaying on the side, so we’re like “hHey he’s having an event
let’s go.” So we went and we got drunk and we had a great time. That’s all. It was
just good. One more thing I wanted to mention about that was so many times
guys would come up to me that night and they were saying “You under 18” I’m
like f–k this, we’re not going through this again. This happens so often that
people say you don’t look your age, and you guys did this to to me on instagram
as well, but these guys would come up and I was like I’m not having this, so I
started lying just to see how far they would go before they realise
I’m just bullsh-tting. But they believed me and me and my sister were just
pissing ourselves about it. I would say “Oh nah mate, I’m actually 17. I got
in with a fake ID.” They’re just so stupid. Next up is a bad one, and I want everyone
to really concentrate and listen to this one because I need to listen to myself too. Sleep is so important. I started losing sleep because, one, me and my
sister went out to the city that night so I couldn’t catch up on that sleep. So
that loss of sleep just roll– keeps rolling over into your next few days. You
can’t really recover from that. Anyway I just didn’t sleep long enough for the
next few days. So back at work, we were having a lot of hard deadlines and I was
also working extra time too, and I ended up having a migraine. But it was like a visual migraine. And I looked this up, I don’t
know the correct term, I can’t remember but you start to see wavy stuff in
your vision. And it’s like someone’s pressing on a computer screen, or if you press on your phone screen really hard, you know how it gets
all those colours around it? That’s what we’re starting to happen. And I couldn’t
concentrate. I’m like oh my god, if this turns into a massive headache, what
am I gonna do? Because I can’t take any painkillers because I’m allergic to them
all. I’m really scared about that. I need to go and have a test to deal with this
drug allergy thing. But luckily it didn’t turn into a headache, and then I focused
on getting– like being in bed for nine hours for the next three days. It’s just
a warning I think. You need sleep. You can’t live without it. If you’re
someone who’s getting around on six hours sleep you’re really damaging your body and I’ve been researching sleep recently.
Please just get a lot of sleep. Get eight hours. That’s all. Just eight hours. Also
in June I posted another rat video. I haven’t posted one for a whole year.
That’s because my rat had passed away and I couldn’t watch back on the footage
for a long time because it would hurt. I thought it would have really made me
upset but I think I’ve healed to enough to be able to watch it back. And smile
at it, because they were just so cute. And I was able to get those moments on
footage and I’m so grateful that I was able to do that. Because now they can
visually live forever, I can still see them if I want to. But I just wanted
to mention that the support that you guys gave me on that video was more than I thought that I would get, and more than I deserve, and I am very grateful to have
you guys here and still support me even though I’m not making that stuff anymore.
And to finish the month off, my good friend had a 21st birthday party and I
got sloshed. I got messy. It was great. I also went on
the bucking bull ride, and I don’t think that’s something that I would have done,
but I did it, and I fell off in five seconds, but that’s beside the point.
I had tequila shots as well. It was just amazing. I just had a really good
night and I’m grateful. And that’s the end of June. I’d love to hear how your June went. Please let me know down below.
I love reading that. Give this video a big thumbs up if you like these tea and
talk videos. I kind of really enjoy being able to recap the highs and lows of each
month. I think it’s gonna be something I’m gonna be super appreciative about in
the future, when I look back on them and and go ‘wow I’m glad that I captured all
of this detail’. I hope it’s gonna show me growing, and learning, experiencing things, and going out of my comfort zone. I think that’s deep down my goal with these things. That got deeper than I thought but anyway, if you aren’t already please
subscribe. Come join the family. We would love to have you here. And until my next
video, stay safe. Bye guys! I swear to god, this comment … I just want to give you a massive hug. Thank you so much! If you guys aren’t already, you can follow me @LaurenElloise on Instagram. And check out my last video in case
you missed it.

12 thoughts on “Lying about my age in clubs

  1. ☕The tea we'll be spilling in June's tea and talk video is about Dan Howell coming out, lying to boys about my age, wearing a mens shirt for the first time and having a visual margarine. Yup. Yikes.

  2. Sounds like a dope month for the most part at least 10/6. My june was pretty good i had a lovely weekend in the mountains and spent alot of time just relaxing it was chill.

  3. You look so good on the drunk video you show a little part of. You look really good in the video like always.

    Stay you.

  4. Lauren, drinking alcohol makes your face warm, too? I feel that facial warmth when I'm drinking also, it must be a Virgo thing, lol!!!😂😂🍻❤❤

  5. I actually went rock climbing on the 24th. It was quite an adventure because we hiked up to the damn place lol. It was also the first time I've ever wore a crop top shirt as well(biologically male, identify as genderfluid so it was understandably awkward for me) when me and my friends went out for dinner. I must say that my summer have payed off so far.

  6. Have you ever listened to this lesbian singer called “girl in red” if so you should she’s a incredible singer

  7. hi lauren, i havent watched you for a while and i am soooo supriesed that you havent got rats any more i was woundering if you were going to get any more rats or pets soon

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