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*Sound of Knife on the wooden Cooping Board* *Instrumental Music* John: Good Wednesday Morning everybody *sounds of a nebulizer Um, Already been busy cleaning up this morning with Stacey. She is currently over here on the um, laptop. Working on The blog that’s going up today *Coughing in the background* We had lots of fun yesterday which you will see in the vlog, the um, vlog yesterday for you. For this video. She is currently doing her, Lovely Dragon impression! Say Hello to the Viewers. Well kinda say hello to the viewers. As you can see, yep she’s working
on uploading the video *Stacey Coughing in the background* I’m going to go bring some stuff to the dump and get the van cleaned out because it needs to go to its first ever um, maintenance. *Stacey Coughing in the background getting worse* Because it’s been two years since we got the Van now So that goes away for a little bit. *Front doorbell goes off & Stacey
is being sick in the background* and care just got here so have to let you be now Stacey: Hello *talking in a silly voice to misty* Yours’s Dribbling all over me *talking in a silly voice to misty* Now you’re going to lick me to death you’re licking me to death! He’s like, DON’T come near mummy! I’m Guarding her oh owwhhh *laughs* *John laughs behind the camera* I’m going to scan the paper Misty We scan that one We scan this one now, Scan this one?
Shall we find the code and scan it? *talking in a silly voice to misty* *sounds of a nebulizer* That’s going all the way up. Its like *Stacey Coughing* And yes that’s her getting better>It may sound terrible but it’s actually her getting better. It’s getting the crap out of her chest. That’s she has had there for way, Way, Way too long! I know what it is! It’s your Dragon Impression. She’s puffing her dragon smoke all over the place Yeah The Lounge is getting cleaner *sounds of a nebulizer in the background* My desk is not clean, but that’s just something entirely different! *Stacey Coughing in the background* Explain what we, going do with the chair *talking through Neb mask* That chair is going to go to the dump, another chair over here. That still has all her meds in it From Yesterday. *laughs* I’m going put this chair. In That Hole. Then we going have that hole empty.And we will put my desk, we will move my desk. Over here. So we have this wide open. To make it more assessable. You may actually get a tour of the flat one day! It’s 6 o’clock in the evening. And I finally feel with it enough to do something. Um, I have done somethings today but I’m not been much help at all. Johns been really busy cleaning the lounge. I’ve helped a little bit I think I have been more of a hindrance than help. I haven’t checked the clips that John did this morning, um because I haven’t been well enough yet to do it. And I am going to check them in a bit when I start editing the log. Um, the vlog Sorry. *laughs* I’ve gone from Blog to Log. No is vlog. I know I probably didn’t sound too well and I know that John probably cut really quickly at one point, on the first one because I started, um, getting really really poorly. And I’ve been waiting for that. I’ve been, I needed it. Um, It sounds really bad and it sounds really horrible.
And I know my carer had arrived and it sounded, she got frightened. They don’t like it. It really worry’s them when I am struggling to breathe or I’m being sick or bring up all the mucus. That’s just got to come out. It has to come out. I know this is probably not what you want to hear, I hope you’re not eating. But um, it’s reality with my life. It has to come out. It needs to come out for me to be able to move past the mountain to getting better. My body just likes storing it and storing it and storing it and I struggle to get it out. Finally managed to move some of it today and that was brilliant but with it came a couple of really big asthma attacks. So it’s been a tiring day because of that. But I finally feel OK right now! And I am going to make something for tea for us. But it’s too late in the evening because it’s 6 o’clock it’s too late in the evening for me to eat. I won’t be able to stomach it this late. Um, but John needs to eat still and he’s been working really hard cleaning the lounge and looking after me. And yes, it is Wednesday, he should have been at work. But he could not go to work because I decided to be poorly. And he can’t go to work and leave me when I am that bad with my asthma and deciding to throw my gits up everywhere. So he decided to stay home with
me today and looked after me after me and Misty looked after me and um,now I am going to make them, well I’m going to make John a nice little treat to say Thank you! And he is going to have some spag bol! Without onions. Because he doesn’t like onions. Although I think the onion make it taste better, but he doesn’t like the onions. So, I Have my awesome Chopping board that John brought me a few years ago. He posted over. You probably see, there’s sharp little pins there. That holds my vegetables when I’m chopping. And I got two little things at the side there that helps hold things in place. I have my awesome L shaped knife which helps me. And I have a little knife and I am just going to start with my mushrooms. I got a one run away half *Sound of Knife on the wooden Cooping Board* You could do serious damage with this Knife. *Sound of Knife on the wooden Cooping Board* Pretty sure you could do serious damage with any knife *Laughs* Probably So, I’m not going to bore you with chopping all of these up. I’m just going to use a simple easy sauce tonight because I am tired and it’s been a long day. And we are going to. Mince Mushrooms, Sauce into the slow cooker. Which is going to cook it nice and slowly. Awesome Mince from Tesco’s. And I think the sauce is a Lidl’s It is. *John Sings*
Lidl’s Lidl’s Lidllllsssss>*both Laugh* Awesome Lidl’s Awesome Tesco’s Get off my Knife! *John Laughs* Good Catch That’s smaller so I’m just going to do that in half. Plus I’m getting tired now. *both laugh* The Mushrooms get bigger as I get tired. It’s amusing aaahhhhhh Mushrooms in. I love these new pots from Tesco’s that the mushrooms come in they are bio degradable. Which is really cool, because I can plant my seeds in this, well, I still can. I was thinking for the allotment, but, huh, that’s out the window now isn’t it! But I can still for it for home! And put my seeds in here and then I can pop this straight into the soil in my raised beds and this will degrade. *sound of packaging being opened* I will make sure we save these from now on then. Have you been throwing them away? I threw 1 away yeah! Mince always remember to take the paper bit off! Now my mince to make it easier for me to swallow it, I will either boil my mince, I would Rather boil it than fry it. But I don’t like frying my mince because it makes it to tough and then I will choke on it. So to make your mince super soft, boil it. It also makes it healthier because you can strain all the fat out! And you’re not adding oil to cook it. You just boil it in water, then you strain all the water with the fat from the meat out. I do not do well with fried and fatty foods. My stomach goes NOO *No said in a funny voice* I think I might need another pot of sauce John. This is not very saucy. *In a silly voice* It’s not very saucy Now this will go on the slow cooker. And it will heat up, and it will be ready. John likes to eat a lot later in the day. And I can’t handle eating then. Um, I prefer to eat around lunch time but I wasn’t well enough then to eat. So, you kinda like to eat around, after I have had my evening meds don’t you? Yeah About 8:30 *noise of Stacey banging spoon* So by that time this will be, really nice for him Nice and Yummy because it will just sat there for two, two and half hours. Cooking slowly on the slow cooker simmering away so. Just going to add that now. See, I am magically adding it to the slow cooker using John’s hands. That’s it Raw It’s a bit raw there! and John doesn’t like the long spaghetti you would normally have with Spaghetti bolognas, so he will have normal pasta or rice depending on how he feels. Considering we have no rice, I can’t have rice! OK, No rice apparently so he’s having pasta but he doesn’t like the long pasta so he will have just normal pasta. And that’s fine, it’s his dinner. He can put the pasta on to cook whilst he is doing up my meds and then after he has done my meds his dinner is ready. So that’s something little I’ve done just to try and help him out. Again I’ve probably been more of a hinder than a help! But that is what I do best! You need a shave Love you Love you to
did I stop you having shave this morning? Yes Sorry It’s alright! I think I’m going to be having an early night tonight, what do you recon? I think so to I do love what’s going on in the lounge though. It’s starting to look really nice. I want to get my Love Picture back up there. Yep, I can do that now the sofa is cleared of now. Our van went in for servicing today and passed. It had to have the windscreen wipers replaced. Yep But it passed, so that was its first ever service because obesely we got it brand new and now it’s 2 years old. It passed that’s good. I think now I am just going to go have a shower & chill out! We’ll see you tomorrow! Thank you for joining us in our crazy world. Que Misty>*Instrumental Music to end*

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