Man Can’t Stop Sneezing – Allergic to Jacob Sartorius!

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Sweatshirt *Voice Crack* *Sneeze* *Sneeze* *Sneeze* *Sneezing*

69 thoughts on “Man Can’t Stop Sneezing – Allergic to Jacob Sartorius!

  1. smiley face emoji. sorry I can't do any emojis cuz I don't know how so please forgive me. Otherwise I'll never watch videos from you again and the airport of scribe what is an Empire

  2. There are individuals who’s sneezing reaction is triggered by certain noises, places or things. Not necessarily because they are allergic to that thing, it’s a psychological process. It’s just like a chain reaction when someone yawns, the person next to them will most likely yawn as well. Not because they are sleepy, but their yawn was psychologically triggered by the yawn of the person next to them. Some people experience this exact same phenomenon with sneezing. The person recording is intentionally trying to make this boy sneeze as she knows that the noise she makes physiologically triggers the boy to have a sneezing episode.

  3. Can you please shut the fuck up?? Holy fuck you sound like a fucking autistic kid. Stop having your autism fits on camera OK? That shit isn't welcomed here.

  4. 0:52 – the poor boy looks so helpless he even says "ah! It hurts!" and she kept doing it. His nose is all red and chapped and the color was draining from his face. He should go home and just sleep and get well.

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