Man Claims Wife Is ‘Allergic To Everything,’ Including Having Sex With Him

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my wife’s obsessive behavior is destroying our relationship debbie claims that she’s allergic to almost everything she won’t touch money her credit card is in a jar full of water actually their gift carts I put him in the jar and that’s how I keep them clean we’re in our backyard this is my door she won’t use it and it’s the only one I can use I’m contaminated to my wife I’m not allowed to cook in my own house I have one plate two forks one knife and one spoon in the dishwasher those are what I use to eat on every evening W washes everything in the pool then she’ll take it out and rinse it off it’s like you’re washing dishes and then put it into the dishwasher the biggest problem is the air conditioner in her room Debbie’s vents are all taped shut this is a brand new air conditioner it has a light that’s supposed to kill 98 99 % of all hours and during the winter she sleeps in the living room this is where she sits and sleeps there’s plastic under the sheets so you should always show me what you’re talking okay can you show what he tells I can’t once I put that sheet on there like that I can’t lift that up and and because it’ll it’ll upset all the allergens and the goods underneath there so I can’t I can’t wash clothes in my own house I actually used my son’s washer and dryer Debbie feels that just about everything around her has the potential to cause her pain there’s her bedroom it’s pretty clear she doesn’t want me touching yet or anything in another room and I know it’s gonna come he’s in another room Debbie is essentially allergic to everything including having sex with me 2017 I think we had sex four times Debbie’s problems have had an effect on both of her sons our oldest son lives right next door but we’ll only come over if he absolutely has to my mom’s behavior is just bizarre and it’s just I’ve never written to deal with it’s making my dad’s life complete health I know my father doesn’t want to be around her I don’t want to be around her we’ve been to 28 doctors cat scans MRIs blood tests allergy tests skin tests her last contested 78 Prix every single one of them came up negative for allergies debbie is overly medicated she’s been on hydrocodone for over a year and a half now she’s lost her hair had teeth issues her feet were so swollen you couldn’t even get bootie socks off I’m totally fed up things have got to change

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