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Good morning from Bali. Good morning.
We will start this vlog with a Question of the Day. Ninja Nino wonders if we can surf. – I don’t know.
– Neither do I, I’ve never tried it. Me neither. Neither have I. People surf everywhere
here in Bali, on every beach. We chose this question
because today we will try to surf. Tickle, tickle, tickle. We know nothing about it. I just know you need a good balance,
and that might not be your strongest suit. My balance isn’t very good. – You roll your ankles quite often.
– And I sprain my ankles quite often. Harry is a little powerhouse.
I think he can stand on a surfboard, but who knows. – I think you could do quite well.
– We will see. We found an instructor in the Facebook group
“Swedes in Bali” – a tip if you are coming here. It’s an Indonesian guy… Calm down. …who used to live in Sweden. Time to go to the beach
and meet him. Join us! We are at Kuta Beach, a lovely beach
with nice waves. It’s perfect for beginners. This is Andrew,
our instructor for the next two hours. Harry, you should
wear your swim vest. – Is that a surf shirt?
– Yes. – Looking good.
– Cool. – Time for school.
– Surfing theory. He will speak in English
and Andrew will translate. All right, all good? Yep. This is the nose,
the front of the board. This is the tail,
the back of the board. The bum. This is called
a leash or a leg rope. It goes around your ankle
so that you won’t lose the board. – On the foot?
– Exactly. – So, if you fall you are still attached to the board.
– Yes, you won’t lose it when you fall. Just pull the rope. …and right foot.
Bend your knees and look forward. – Okay?
– Yeah. – Can you do this?
– I don’t know. – Can you do this?
– I think so, I think I can. Of course! You will have this one
and Alma will have this one. One… two… three. Great! This will go so well. – Great job! One more time.
– Try again, come on! – How does it feel?
– It feels good. Fun. – I think it’s gonna be easy for you.
– You think so? I saw you in the beginning, how you stood up.
It’s gonna be easy for you. Lower. One last time. One… two… three. Exactly. And lower. High five! It’s so fun! – You are so good at this!
– Yeah. What the heck! Stand up! Not my best wave. – What do you think?
– It’s so fun! I never want to stop. And the water is so warm.
You don’t need a wet suit or anything, you can just go. It’s wonderful! Stand up. The vlog mom is running around here
with a camera and a phone. It’s hard to not get one in the frame of the other.
I think they just saw me snapping away with my phone. Oh, that’s funny. The pictures are on our Instagram page,
THE_SWEDISH_FAMILY. Check it out. Was it fun? Nice! You are a natural! You are so cool,
you are standing on the board! Yes. – The surfing was so fun!
– Yes! – Most fun thing I’ve done.
– Yes, in a long time. – What did you think?
– It was super fun. The kids were exhausted, we had to go home and rest.
And it started to rain, so it was good timing. – We did get a few bangs.
– The board hit my chin. This sport is not for the sensitive.
But if you like adrenaline, fun, water. Just go for it! And if you like scratches and scrapes,
because I got lots of them. Me too. – Did you feel it while you were surfing?
– I did, I felt it a lot. – I didn’t think about it because it was so fun.
– That’s a great review. We are on our way to the center near us
to eat sushi and shop for groceries. – Hello!
– Hi, guys. – Will Iron Man have a bath?
– No, that’s a bed. – This one’s mine.
– Put it there. – I will make a bed for the cat and the dog.
– These can be the beds. Yes, but Harry… What’s happening?
The playing started right away. – Dad, I will sit next to Alma.
– Yes, he will sit next to me. Okay then. I now see why Alma and Harry wanted to come here.
It’s a play-friendly restaurant. They sit here and take care of their little toys.
Captain America has gone to bed in the… With his shield. When we said we were going here they said that
they had to bring things. I didn’t get it, but now I do. Look, this is where
Captain America’s shield sleeps. See? Mom… This is where Captain America’s shield sleeps.
Captain America, you must sleep on the pillow. His pillow looks very hard. This is where
the cat and the dog sleeps. This is incredibly good. Thank you. – I love sushi.
– I will also dip mine. – Now we will shop for groceries.
– Yay! It’s always interesting to try to find
what you want and need in a foreign grocery store. Alma wants macaroni,
and we know that those are there. No, those. It’s mostly noodles here,
but Alma wants macaroni. – Hey, what did you put in there?
– Something yummy. – Pudding. And it’s spelled with a double d.
– We can make pudding. – Pudding Flan, and…
– We want pudding! – What’s this? Oh, help…
– Oh no. No, no, no. What is it? – This is blackcurrant jelly.
– What’s wrong with that? You mix it with hot water
and it turns into a jelly. Pick one of them to try. – You guys choose.
– This one looks the tastiest. – Do you think that’s good, Harry?
– Yes, maybe. When we were sick we lost all good bacteria in our gut,
so it’s important to fill up on the right bacteria. People who have also been sick
recommended this to us. It’s Japanese
and it contains lots of… …probiotics from fermented milk. Fast, mommy. Go fast! – What are you two doing?
– We are playing mom and mischievous child. Mommy, I want to drive.
Let go, let go! – Grapes!
– I think it’s best to buy grapes at a market. – Why?
– Then they are from here. I mean, this announcement, do you hear it? Well, it didn’t smell that good. – I think it smells like medicine.
– Yeah. – Now you just put it in the fridge.
– And wait until tomorrow. Look. I mean… I’m not too sure about this. One… two… three. – What does it taste like?
– Nah… It’s very gross. Thank you for watching this super video! Please leave a thumbs up, or down. Recommend, subscribe
and take care until next time. Bye bye!

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  1. Dagens fråga : går Alma eller Harry i någon sport isåfall vilken? PS ni är bäst😇🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😂😂🙂💓🙂🙂🙂

  2. Å vad kul och härligt det ser ut!
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  5. Hej jag älskar er jag har en fråga vill ni bli vän med mig jag heter Emilia och bor i Vinslöv i åraslöv ute på landet ock är 10 år

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  7. 0Afrika for 0afrikanere, 0Asia for 0asiatere, 0EUROPA FOR ALLE?
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