Man Resistant To Cold & A Man Allergic To Cold (Weird Medical Conditions)

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The world is a strange and wonderful place,
and unfortunately for some, the world of medical disorders is just as strange and a whole lot
less wonderful. Most of us take our health for granted, and
yet there are millions living amongst us with medical conditions that are not just debilitating,
but truly bizarre. Hello and welcome to another episode of The
Infographics Show- today we’re going to tell you about some of the most bizarre medical
conditions in the world. Non-stop Hiccups Hiccups are a pretty benign reaction triggered
by an irritation of the diaphragm caused by the stomach, and typically occurs only after
we eat or drink too much too quickly. Yet in 2009 Christopher Sands had been battling
hiccuping for over two years. Stating that the hiccuping started out of
the blue and for no apparent reason, Sands at first did what most of us would do- a whole
slew of random remedies gleaned from family, friends, and the internet. Yet despite special drinking cups, hypnotherapy,
yoga, and even herbal remedies from the far east, the hiccups wouldn’t stop. Doctors investigating Sand’s condition looked
for a source of irritation on his diaphragm or possibly a perforation, and yet test after
test discovered nothing wrong with him. The only possible culprit was a damaged valve
that connected his stomach to his esophagus, but this was a condition he had been born
with and other than frequent heartburn and vomiting, had not caused any hiccuping previously
in his life. The hiccuping can strike completely out of
nowhere and plagued Sands for hours, making sleep, eating or performing on stage with
his band impossible. According to Sands, he could hiccup for 14
hours nonstop or go through periods where he was completely free of them, though he
always felt that he was about to hiccup at any moment similar to the way you might feel
when a sneeze is on its way. Sands traveled across Britain for almost three
years before a Japanese company making a tv show about him flew him to Tokyo, where an
MRI scan diagnosed him with a small 1.2cm growth on his brain stem. Despite being warned that the tumor was inoperable
by the Japanese doctors who discovered it, Sands immediately flew home for a complex
brain surgery. The surgery was a success, yet left Sands
with difficulty coordinating his movements and some numbness on his left side. Still, for the man who had hiccuped nonstop
for three years, it was well worth it. We suppose it was truly lucky that Sands was
British, and had the rapid and life-changing surgery without also going bankrupt from medical
bills. Now You See Me, Now You See Nothing For Three
Days Some nights Natalie Adler of Melbourne, Australia
will feel her eyes getting quite heavy, and not with sleep. Yet when she eventually does go to sleep,
she wakes up unable to open her eyes. The strange affliction generally lasts about
three days, after which she’s once more able to open her eyes normally and see just fine. Flown to doctors both in Australia and the
US- where she must have incredible insurance- neither nation’s physicians have been able
to diagnose a cause for the condition. Per Dr. Dean Cestari, a neuro-ophthalmologist
at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston, “There’s nothing that would cause
symptoms of a woman to close her eyes for three days, and open her eyes for three days.” Cestari believes however that the physical
condition may be the manifestation of a psychological one, with her mind converting some internal
conflict into a physical ailment. Now aged 30, Adler has had 99% of the muscles
in her eyelids removed to keep them from closing shut, and yet her eyes will still squeeze
shut at least once a month. She relies on constant botox injections to
help keep her eyes open, yet says that the treatments are losing their effectiveness. Constantly Turned On Persistent Sexual Arousal may seem like a
funny joke to some, but for the women who live with PSAS, it is a daily nightmare. Not formally recognized until 2001, PSAS sees
women living constantly on the brink of an orgasm, and yet the symptoms are only partially
relieved through an actual orgasm. Sex itself can often not help quell it either,
and in fact might make it worse. Research into the causes is still rudimentary
and has left doctors baffled, with no obvious underlying physical or psychological cause. Yet when the topic is brought up, many snicker
and laugh at its mention, which leads to doctors to believe that thousands of women may suffer
from the condition yet never seek treatment out of embarrassment. For those afflicted, despite the jokes they
see the condition as a curse, and one woman who’s suffered it her entire life says that
she would rather never experience an orgasm again than continue to live like this forever. The Real Ice Man Wim Hof has a pretty strong resistance to
the cold, yet for a native dutch man that’s no great boast- the Netherlands sees some
pretty cold winters after all. What makes Wim Hof unique though is just how
resistant he is to the cold, which borders on supernatural powers. In one stunt he immersed himself completely
in ice water with just a pair of shorts for modesty, and stayed there for an hour and
12 minutes, at temperatures similar to those that killed the passengers of the Titanic
in minutes. Then in January 1999 he went 100 miles north
of the Arctic Circle to run half a marathon in his bare feet. In 2002 and dressed only in a swimsuit, he
dove under the ice at the North Pole and earned a Guiness world record for longest distance
swimming under the ice: 80 meters. He has even scaled Mount Everest in just his
shorts. Hof explains that he discovered his supernatural
abilities over thirty years ago, when while strolling through a park as a teenager he
saw the ice-covered water and thought to himself, “What would happen if I go in there?” For most people the answer would be instant
hypothermia, followed by possible death, and yet feeling an insatiable desire to strip
naked and dive in, Hof hopped right into the frozen water and said he felt amazing when
he got back out. He immediately turned the stunt into a routine,
and years later, has developed superhuman abilities to withstand freezing temperatures. With most people unable to survive such exposure
to extremely low temperatures without at least losing a few toes to frostbite, Hof has explained
that he believes his powers come from nothing more than a specialized set of breathing techniques. Marketing the techniques around the world,
Hof has drawn some consternation from the relatives of at least two people who died
after trying to follow his exercise program by replicating his cold water immersions. Allergic to Cold Wim Hof may have a superhuman ability to withstand
the cold, but unfortunately for some their superhuman power lies in being super-susceptible
to the cold, to the point of being physically allergic to it. And no, we don’t mean the excuse you make
up when you’re tucked in under a warm blanket and your alarm rings to get ready to go to
work- these people suffer physical ailments from exposure to cold no different than what
many would display as allergic reactions to materials, food, or insect bites. Known as cold urticaria, these individuals
can develop huge welts if for instance you place an ice cube on their skin, and exposure
to winter winds and cold can prompt these debilitating symptoms. Having a few snowflakes land on their face
may elicit a response in the form of itchy and uncomfortable bumps, while diving into
a cold swimming pool could induce a potentially lethal allergic shock. Dr. Gerald Gleich of the University of Utah
says that some of his patients have even experienced full-blown vascular collapse and ended up
at death’s door just from the act of going outside in the winter. He goes on to explain that the reaction to
the cold is brought about by an inappropriate immune system response, in this case an antibody
known as immunoglobulin E is the prime suspect. While no cure exists, the good news is that
the same allergy relief you may seek out for spring time’s heavy pollen blooms is also
effective for sufferers of cold urticaria, and antihistamines provide relief for those
afflicted. But I’m Not Tired! It’s natural for most 4 year olds to resist
bed time, yet in 2009 for Rhett Lamb of the UK, going to sleep was impossible. Per his mother the boy would stay awake for
nearly 24 hours a day, and his sleeplessness manifested at birth. Concerned that her baby wasn’t sleeping, his
mother went on frequent visits to the hospital, but the doctors assumed she was just being
a nervous mother. Only after a year of little to no sleep did
medical experts begin to take the condition seriously, but it would take a further three
years for a diagnosis to be discovered. Rhett was diagnosed with a very rare condition
called chiari malformation, in which the brain is squeezed into the spinal column. This causes compression and strangulation
of the brain stem, which is where vital functions that control sleep and speech are located,
along with areas responsible for regulating our circulatory system and even our breathing. The boy, who had been sleepless for
years and had grown extremely irritable and unsociable, underwent immediate and very risky
surgery, with the doctors removing a portion of the bone around the brain stem and spinal
cord. Initially they expected 50-50 odds on seeing
any improvement, but a year later Rhett was once more able to sleep and his behavior has
dramatically changed as a result. If you think you’re cranky when you can’t
get a nap in, try and see how cranky you’ll be after four years of no sleep! You’re Not From Around Here… Or Are You?! Everyone knows that severe brain trauma can
have long lasting and serious effects, everything from landing yourself in a coma to losing
partial or full control over your body’s functions. Yet for some people severe brain trauma can
have an altogether and very peculiar effect- the development of a completely foreign accent! Canadian Rosemarie Dore suffered a stroke
on the left side of her brain in 2006, and very quickly after developed a strong Eastern
Canadian accent, despite living in West Canada and having never visited the region or even
knowing anyone from there. Visited by a nurse from Newfoundland while
recovering from her stroke, Dore recounts that the nurse came into her room and asked
“Who’s the Newfie here?”, in reference to Newfoundland. Dore replied that there was nobody there from
that region, to which the nurse said, “I think I’m talking to her.” That’s when it dawned on Dore that her speech
had radically changed. Extremely rare, Foreign Accent Syndrome has
only had 60 verified cases in medical history, with one of the first known sufferers being
a Norwegian woman who during World War II was hit in the head by a bomb fragment. After recovering the woman began to speak
with a strong German accent, which led to her being targeted by those with strong anti-German
sentiments. Yet the condition remains to this day, with
a Florida woman developing a British accent, a Japanese woman developing a Korean accent,
and a man from rural South Carolina developing a strong French accent. Doctors remain perplexed as to the cause,
but are convinced that it is the result of neurological damage suffered after trauma
such as that experienced during a stroke. While it may not be truly debilitating for
its sufferers, it is certainly strange, and no treatment has been developed yet. The world really is a strange place, and life
can be difficult enough without developing one of these abnormal and extremely rare disorders. While medical science constantly makes new
breakthroughs, it seems that the complex machinery of the human body still confounds scientists,
and at times baffles our expectations of what should be physically possible, or impossible,
for the human body to do. Hopefully in time science will learn to treat
some of these most serious medical ailments, and maybe even give us some of the rare benefits,
such as being able to withstand extreme cold or perhaps switch our speaking accents at
will! Which of these problems do you think would
be the worst to live with? Also, check out our other video, Most Painful
Things A Human Can Experience. Thanks for watching. See you next time!

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  4. I have cold allergy, it's very common tho and most are severe. What happens is that if I don't wear enough layers during cold weather my skin gets dry, cracks and may start to bleed, so you gotta usually cream your hands and legs during winter to keep them not dry. Even more since I like of cold, it's annoying during summer when you are feeling super hot but you can't take a cold shower without your skin going dry, itchy and hurting.

  5. One winter I randomly got a cold/virus and after it went away, it left behind a horrible reaction. Anytime I was cold, got goosebumps, or had poor circulation..I would get hives. This lasted over a year. With hives all over my feet, hands and arms. I could barely walk and the only way it would go away is if I took a hot shower. It was the strangest thing and then it just disappeared. Anyone else ever had that happen after picking up a virus?

  6. What if the weird accent change is actually the brain activating racial ancestry? I know that sounds confusing but think about it, these are all people who most likely have these ancestors in their DNA. Maybe the Norwegian woman has a German ancestor she doesn't know about. When she suffered head trauma, the body activated that genetic information about her bloodline by affecting her accent and speech. Same with all the others. Seems like a cool theory honestly.

  7. My family jokes I have the foreign accent one because we’re from New York but I have a Boston accent that can even sound British as times. The only problem with that theory is I’ve always talked like this. But my mom says maybe it’s because my cord was wrapped around my neck when I was born or because of my autism. Don’t think that can cause it but it’s all I got 😕

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  10. You forgot the one that makes you hear random voices and noises while going to sleep. And it us called exploding head syndrome. (I have it) it taught me that your concius isn't a real thing.

  11. I have a allergy to the cold, it’s not overly severe but if I touch snow or it’s cold I break up and if I’m in it to long l go into shock, it’s not uncommon

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  20. I was allergic to the cold last winter. I would have hives that woul be so painful and cause me to scratch. I took antihistamine and kept warm. Its winter again but I don't have the allergies I had last year😍

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  23. Cool- I get hives when it’s pretty cold outside when I’ve been walking, on my legs and abdomen, and have always assumed they’re because of cold and pressure. Happy to put a name to a face, so to say. And I’m also very happy I don’t break out in bad hives when I’m just exposed to cold.

  24. Ik the Florida woman with a British accent. Her daughter said her mom though it added a level of class to her and she really like it

  25. If western medicine doesn’t work why not try eastern medicine? Try traditional chinese medicine for example

  26. an old friend of mine is going on a trip with wim hof. i find it insane because cold is probably my worst enemy…. i hate hate hate freezing. i just cant compute how anybody can go through that

  27. I have a similar condition to Hof, although not as extreme. I am able to last in temperatures most would find extremely cold.

    One example of this is when I was out in the snow one day. I was only in a pair of pants and a T-shirt when I fell asleep in what was supposed to be a snow igloo. I woke up later buried from the waist down yet I didn't even know I was buried till I tried to get up. When I realized that I was buried I just laughed, I didn't even shiver. I haven't gone any further with it yet I probably could survive much colder.

  28. eating peanut butter stops the hiccups instantly. learned this from a nurse, after a surgery i had. works every time! i swear!

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