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Glynn you seem to be struggling right now are you having trouble with that you have an anxiety attack first of all you owe my aunt and my family an apology okay you guys don’t understand how this works I’ll get to you in a minute are you having an anxiety attack right now are you having trouble breathing I’ve asked you to sit back so you can open your lungs up because you’re closing them down right now so if you’ll kind of sit up in the chair and sit up straight and sit back you’ll open your lungs up where you can breathe a little bit yep this is what he does those damn if if if you want to take a break would you like to take a break would you like to take a break yeah okay Matt will you come help him and you can go backstage and it will come this way just hold on I know you’ve seen this before okay okay let me have your hand that we sit up here a minute sit up a little bit here there we go all right now if you’ll stand we’ll take you backstage where a nurse can attend to you you want to do that all right here we go one two three you can stand you can stand you anxiety doesn’t take your legs away you can stand I got you I got you well these it’s his his his symptoms are inconsistent with what he’s reporting but it’s endemic upon me to call medical personnel to examine him every new job he starts with in a month I get a phone call we’ve had to take your husband by paramedics he’s had a major panic attack it’s consistent well I understand and that’s part of the pathology I don’t know if he’s doing this as a avoidance mechanism because he feels like he’s sitting across from a firing squad here 3 2 1 or if in fact he hyperventilates to the point that he gets ischemic EPOXI can you know loses some focus and falls over I don’t know you say that this is a very common practice with him but if he gets confronted or gets under pressure or wants to avoid something that he feigns an anxiety attack and goes to the hospital all the time and there’s never anything wrong with him then he comes back but you understand doing that let’s say he’s doing that totally manipulative that in and of itself is pathology the fact that you do that rather than confront and deal with your circumstance and situation that alone is pathological right and change worthy

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