Managing Adrenalin at Work

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Hello, Dan Stevens FCP Training. Today I’m
going to show you a breathing technique. Now I know that sounds a bit odd in the context
of my other videos but bare with me. If you work in the frontline in the NHS, in Care,
in Education and you deal with challenging and extreme behaviours very often you are
going to feel that stress, that pressure, and very often your adrenalin is going to
be triggered. Now when you adrenalins triggered your heart beat raises, your breathing becomes
more shallow and this is preparing the body for fight or flight or freeze. Now, that is
really useful if you are fighting for your life, run for your life, or hide. Not so useful
when we need to remain rational and calm in order to oversee difficult interventions,
both de-escalation and physical interventions. So, this breathing technique is easy. If you
can count to 4 and you can breathe you can do it. This was taken from Dave Grossman who
wrote books like On Killing and On Combat where he was using it in order to help people
manage symptoms of post traumatic stress, post conflict, soldiers frontline military.
I use this, and I find it really helpful either in preperation for for dealing with those
difficult conversations, or when we know that we are riding our adrenalin and things are
getting on top of us, or post situation. When after an incident this is a really helpful
way of bringing our heart rate down, bringing us back to our calm. So we’re going to breath
in for 4. And hold for 4. Breathe out for 4, and hold for 4. and breath in for 4, and
hold for 4, breath out for 4, and hold for 4. So that’s a really simple explanation around this breathing technique. It can be really
helpful if you are preparing for those difficult conversations, post incident, to gather your
self, to return to a more rational state of mind, or to remain in a more rational state
of mind so you are calm and collected, and can manage those more challenging and extreme
behaviours much more easily. I hope that is useful for you. Please look at our website
for details of our training courses. We are looking forward to 2018, have a great Christmas
and I will speak with you soon, I hope. Many thanks

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