Managing Allergies with the Asthma & Allergy Center

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the following portion of daytime Blue Ridge is sponsored by I’m here at the asthma and allergy center with dr. saju epin thank you so much for having me thank you for having us so I’ve been a little curious about the allergies that I might have and there’s something that you all do allergy testing and so tell us a little bit about that and what the process of that is yeah so we do what’s known as skin testing and it’s a relatively simple quick and easy way to find out what you’re allergic to you get results within about 15 minutes oh and you know it helps the allergies to know and the patient’s know what they especially allergic to and then tailor the treatment according to what the allergy saw well I have to imagine that that makes things a lot easier for everybody involved so in the process it’s just like little tiny like pin pricks that’s right okay and in fact it’s commonly known as for testing okay yeah and it’s relatively painless yeah you may feel a little itchy at the site but other than that is pretty simple and it’ll help you in the end so let’s talk about fall allergies what are some of the most common fall allergies typically it’s the ragweed the other weeds and this is few also fall molds okay with the decaying leaves and those things and that’s what those are commonalities and what can people do to manage their allergies at home so if they have fall out see symptoms what they can do is if they’re spending a lot of time outdoors especially make sure that they wash their hands their face in the eyes and better still take a shower and change clothes or severe at what point should we maybe think about looking to talk to an allergy absolutely if symptoms are not controlled with simple avoidance measures and over-the-counter medicines then it’s time to see an allergist and then you know the allergist can didn’t do is testing and determine what the person is really allergic to and then once we know what you’re allergic to we can use that to do allergy shots because then what is in the allergy shots it’s what you’re specifically yellow so it’s tailored for you oh really so are there generic allergy shot no not at all they’re just like this is what you’re allergic to this is what you need absolutely that’s great okay and so you do allergy shots what other services do you all offer here in addition to allergy shots people who are scared of needles and actually get allergy drops is that like under the time that’s right yes other services obviously being in our ASP analogy scent of the other patients with asthma it’s just often tied with allergies and then food allergy patients with food allergies hives eczema all of these things that you take care of and one thing which probably is more of a problem in the spring is the venom allottee it’s people with bee sting allergies which is life-threatening and that can actually be treated well with allergy infection sauces okay so if somebody wants to come see you all where you located we located at 1 505 Franklin Road in that Roanoke we can find you online as well absolutely wwws mentality Senate Matt great thank you so much for welcoming us

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