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>>Brought to you by Penn State Hershey Children’s
Hospital. [ Music ]>>Asthma is a disorder that affects the lungs,
making breathing difficult for millions of children. It’s a problem that has more than
doubled in the past 20 to 30 years, and doctors say there is no cure.>>In tonight’s “Building Blocks,” how managing
asthma can help children live normal, healthy lives.>>It’s basically inflammation in the breathing
tubes, and what happens as a result of this inflammation is that there’s actually narrowing
of their breathing tubes.>>I begin to cough, might feel a tiny bit
tight, and then I start to cough a lot.>>Can I have you take a deep breath in and
out?>>Diagnosed at a young age, nine-year-old
Evan Smith is learning how to manage his asthma.>>He can do pretty much anything. He skates.
He plays hockey. He hikes. He’s very active.>>And how about your chest? Are you having
any trouble wheezing or coughing?>>No.>>Asthma isn’t always easy to pinpoint. Parents
should look for signs appearing two or three times a week like a chronic cough, shortness
of breath, and wheezing.>>If any of these symptom occur during exercise,
in younger children, sometimes, if they just have problems keeping up with the other kids.
They get winded more easily. They’re having difficulties in gym class.>>Doctor Ishmael says allergens and infections
can trigger asthma symptoms. Managing these factors can help.>>Not sleeping with your windows open or
not washing your clothes and drying them outside. So there are covers you can put over pillows
and mattresses that may help. Things like stuffed animals may also have dust mites,
so we always limit how many stuffed animals might be in the bed.>>Not being around second-hand smoke can
also help. So can proper medical treatment.>>Sometimes we have to put them on a controller
medicine like one of the inhalers on an everyday basis to control symptoms. And so it’s a combination
of both medical treatment as well as avoiding the triggers when we can. Great. Sounds nice
and clear.>>And for more information on asthma or other
children’s health information, you’ll find it on our website,

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